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Professional Retouching Course in Photoshop

Photoshop Non-destructive Retouching Techniques. Learn Portrait, Beauty and Outdoor Retouching in Photoshop.

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9 hours


Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Use Retouching Tools In Photoshop

Works With Masks in Photoshop

Retouch Portrait Images in Photoshop

Retouch Beauty Images in Photoshop

Retouch Outdoor Images in Photoshop

Work with Shadows and Highlights

Do Color Grading on Images

Set up Contrasts for Images

Work Selectively with Colors

Process Images in Camera Raw

Process Images in Capture One


Do You want to Learn, Portrait, Beauty, and Outdoor Retouching?

You are in the right place. I am Marcin Mikus, Photo Retoucher and Photoshop instructor. For Years I have been exploring photoshop to finally settle in retouching area. I know how difficult is to find the right course where You can learn retouching for different kind of Photography - that’s why i came with this course where i cover different retouching with different images.

In this course You will get over 80 lessons and 6 hours of content. What’s best - You will also get high quality raw images - so you can follow me and my retouching process, as well as practice retouching on Your own. And of course - great actions and other resources which allow You to speed up Your workflow!

Don’t worry if you are beginner because we are going to cover whole process from very beginning till the final touch ups. I will show You how to do raw processing using camera raw as well as capture one. And also, if You are a little bit more advanced user, I believe You can find a lot of new informations on processing and retouching Your Images and color grading techniques. 

The course is separated from different sections, leading You from basic Portrait Retouching to Beauty and Outdoor Image retouching. 

1. We will discover great software as capture one, I will show You pros and cons of this software of my choice for Raw Processing. Don't worry if You don't want to use capture one - I am also showing how to do Raw processing using Adobe Camera Raw.

2. We will be analysing each image before we start our retouching, so You will know what need to be done on specyfic image whether it's portrait, beauty or outdoor image. After that we will start retouching process - where I will show You the best tools for skin and hair retouching without any confusing techniques that might lead You in the worng directions.

3. One of most important retouching technique is dodge & burn. In this course we will truly master this technique! You will see how You should dodge & burn different images. How much need to be done on specyfic image - to not overdo or underdo Your retouch! I am not presenting You many different ways, I am choosing one - most effective to make Your retouch easy and comfortable.

4. Through the lessons I will teach You different methods working with lights and shadows so You can know what works best for any image! We will compare and see reall examples of applying contrasts to the Images.

5. Every single retouch will be finished up with final color corrections. I will show You most effective adjustment layers for color grading. How to work with specyfic color as well how to select specyfic area for Your color corrections - which is going to give You most satisfying results!

And of course, You will get High Quality Raw Images, Actions, and other resources, so Your retouch will be fast and easy as never!

If You want to become retoucher, or just retouch images as a hobby. This is Your chance,

And I will see You - in the first lesson.



Professional Retouching Course in Photoshop
Professional Retouching Course in Photoshop
Professional Retouching Course in Photoshop
Professional Retouching Course in Photoshop


Camera Raw

Introduction to Camera Raw

Camera Raw Colors

Camera Raw - Smart Objects

Introduction to Capture One

Capture One - Bonus Section

Capture One Basics

Capture One - Local Adjustements

Exporting Images in Capture One

Processing and Preparing for Portrait Retouching

Processing Portrait Image in Capture One

Preparing for Portrait Retouching

Graphic Tablet

Cleaning up the Image

Cleaning up the Image - Introduction

Cleaning up Portrait Image - Part 1

Cleaning up Portrait Image - Part 2

Dodge & Burn Portrait

Introduction to Dodge & Burn

Flow vs Opacity

Dodge & Burn Portrait Image

Portrait Dodge & Burn - Resume

Contrasts and Colors

Building up the Contrasts on Portrait Image

Improve Eyes

Color Grading - Portrait Image

Beauty Image - Processing and Preparing

Beauty Image Introduction to Colors

Beauty Image Raw Processing

Preparing for Beauty Retouching

Supporting Layer for Cleaning up

Skin retouching Beauty Image

Cleaning up Beauty Image

Cleaning up Facial Hair

Clean up Hair

Dodge & Burn Beauty Image

Beauty Image - Skin Retouching Resume

Beauty Image - Colors and Contrasts

Improve Eyes on Beauty Image

Improve Contrasts on Beauty Image

Color Adjustments for Beauty Image

Outdoor Image - Preparation

Outdoor Image Raw Processing

Raw Processing Outdoor Image in Camera Raw

Preparing for Retouching Outdoor Image

Skin Retouching - Outdoor Image

Clean up Outdoor Image

Dodge & Burn Outdoor Image

Lights, Colors and Final Touch Ups

Work with Lights on Specyfic Colors

Working with Contrasts on Outdoor Images

Make Eyes Pop

Color Editing for Outdoor Images

Bonus Section - Beauty Retouching 2

Raw Processing in Capture One

Raw Processing in Camera Raw

Cleaning up Process

Dodge & Burn Process

Contrasts and Colors

Final Touches

Natural Light Outdoor Image Retouching - Whole Procces

Camera RAW Conversion

Clean up Process

Additional Frequency Separation

Dodge & Burn

Mastering Lights


Final Touch ups

Studio Beauty Retouching - Different Approach

RAW conversion - Camera Raw

Healing Brush Tool

Clone Stamp Tool

Clean up Image

Remove Body Hair

How to work with FS

Dodge & Burn

Saturation Shifts

Additional Dodge & Burn

Intruduction to Light Adjustment Layers

Creative Lights and Contrasts

Adjustment Layers for Colors

Color Adjustements


Final Adjustements


Niki9 August 2020

I wanted to skip a few lessons, thinking I already mastered it, but decided to watch it anyway, and I am so excited, because I learned something new and can’t wait to try this myself !

Shah5 August 2020

This was a very good learning experience. It is a great course if you are interested in photofinishing and retouching. | recommend this course.

Husain9 May 2020

This course is phenomenal! I've been learning retouching for the past six months and I can safely say this is the most comprehensive guide on professional retouching that I've ever come across. The instructor covers everything you need to know to start retouching professionaly. He always gets straight to the point—No shortcuts, no fancy tricks that give less than ideal results. I'm completely blown away by the quality of this course. If you want to learn professional retouching techniques and workflow without breaking the bank, this is the course you're looking for. To make the most out of this course, you should have at least some basic knowledge in Photoshop. Intermediate Photoshop users will appreciate this course even more.

Thais8 May 2020

This course was very well explained and opened my view on photo editing, took away the fear of using photoshop (and see that is not that complicated). Thank you

Jeremy5 May 2020

This instructor goes too fast and doesnt show you how to get where hes at. He also wants you to download other software other than Photoshop. I paid for Photoshop Retouching course not all these other software.

Irina16 December 2019

Marcin Mikus, Thank you very much for the course! It is really informative and I'm happy to pass it. I was thinking to make a video of my retouching for you in a speed up version))) But I'm still in the process yet... And in the moments where you were thinking about the colors of the ackground - the second variant I liked as well. I really appreciate the way you explain the schemes. The color adjustments and contrasts - really helpful for me as I'm a beginner :) Hope I will be able to send you the video later! My best wishes, Ira

Veronika5 December 2019

To be honest I was not completely satisfied with the first part of the course but I really enjoyed the second part (which is actually the bonus section), so I am glad I made it till the end. :) I learned a lot of great tips and techniques and I got enough value as a whole to give the course full 5 stars. Thank you, Marcin!

Valentina13 November 2019

I loved this course. It is really well done: the teacher explains lessons very clearly and it's perfect for who wants to improve the retouching technique in Photoshop. Marcin gives you a lot of informations and "secrets" about professional retouching as well as a lot of material to exercise. Thank you!

Mo8 October 2019


Melissa30 August 2019

NOT PHOTOSHOP! Completely misleading, this is for use with Capture One, I don't even know how Udemy even allows this type of class to be offered. Not what it says it is. I listened to the first 5 chapters, and then was traveling, could not get back to the course until after the refund period was over. Just now getting back to it, and realizing it is not what I needed. Never again.

Daisy11 June 2019

he taking slow and keep saying "because" and "but", he didn't teach how to use some fast key (like add layer mask).

Tania16 May 2019

I review different websites before I decided to purchase a course here with Udemy. After I watched a preview of the different parts of this course, it helped me to know for sure that this was the class I was looking for of because the content. The instructor is easy to follow and understand, and very knowable. Also this course offers images that you can use to apply the new skills that you learned. I really enjoy taking this class; it was very affordable and I really enjoyed it. Great content, really covers the most important parts for learning new retouching skills in Photoshop. I totally recommenced it!

Sonia9 April 2019

This course is amazing, all the information is there and Marcin takes special care on reminding you the important things to bear in mind while retouching. I would completely recommend to anybody, great job.

Larissa21 February 2019

It's very good to learn different ways to approach certain effects such as dodge and burn. This course is more color oriented than I have had in the past and I am learning new ways to apply them. Thank you.

Aurore19 December 2018

Nice and slow explanation. Just look like a bit of struggle to talk and need a glass of water, keep hearing him swallowing a lot.


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