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Trading with Price Action and Volume Profile

Learn an effective daytrading and swing trading methodology to help you become a profitable trader in any market

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Build a solid daytrading/swing trading strategy around Price Action and Volume Profile

Learn the basic principles of Technical Analysis using Candlestick Charts

Risk Management, Trading Psychology and Discipline

My all time favorite Price Action Trade Patterns applicable to all markets including Forex, Futures and Crypto

I'll share years of experience and knowledge that I am sure will help you avoid a lot of the pitfalls that traders have in their early careers

Teach you how to use the TradingView platform (all the concepts and tools taught can be applied in any other platform you prefer)


*2021 Update - Added a new video going into more advanced Volume Profile Concepts and reinforcing all the basics that we went over in the original course section with all new charts and diagrams*

This course will teach you everything from the basics of Technical Analysis using Japanese candlestick charts, reading Market Structure, my favorite trading patterns, principles of Risk Management and Trading Psychology and Discipline, how to read Price Action without the need of indicators and how to integrate the Volume Profile tool for an extra edge in your trading strategy.

I will be sharing years of experience and lessons learned along the way and give you real actionable tools to use and avoid the pitfalls that many traders make at the start of their trading journey.

All the concepts taught here can be applied to any market including Forex, Futures, and Crypto. All the concepts also can be applied to all different time frames depending what type of trader you are. So if you are a day trader that likes to open short term positions and only focus on lower time frames you can apply all these concepts for intraday action, if you are more a swing trader that maybe has another job and cannot dedicate so many hours a day to be in front of the screen, you can develop a good hands off system to hold swing trades for days or even weeks. All the concepts can be adapted to the type of trader you want to be.

After you've been signed up in the course for at least 30 days (you get lifetime access), you can join my private Twitter account feed where we can share charts and analysis, and you can send me communication and inquiries more directly. This is NOT a signals group, but rather a continuing mentorship where I can keep helping you with further questions or input you may need in your development. After 30 days of the course sign up date, send me a message here and I can give you instructions to follow my private twitter account.


Trading with Price Action and Volume Profile
Trading with Price Action and Volume Profile
Trading with Price Action and Volume Profile
Trading with Price Action and Volume Profile


I) Introduction


II) Trading Basics

Types of Charts, Japanese Candlesticks and Timeframes

Market Environments, Market Structure and Swing Points

Support & Resistance, Trendlines and Channels

Candlestick Patterns

Classical Chart Patterns (Part 1)

Classical Chart Patterns (Part 2)

Classical Chart Patterns (Part 3)

Fibonacci and Volume

Indicators and Divergences

Trading Styles, Trading Markets and Orderbook

III) TradingView Platform

How to use TradingView, Pros & Cons

IV) Advanced Price Action Trading

What is PA, Technical vs Fundamental Analysis, Market Structure and Swing Points

Accumulation vs Distribution, Liquidity, Proper Support & Resistance

My Favorite Trading Patterns (Part 1)

My Favorite Trading Patterns (Part 2)

My Favorite Trading Patterns (Part 3)

My Favorite Trading Patterns (Part 4)

My Favorite Trading Patterns (Part 5)

My Favorite Trading Patterns (Part 6)

My Favorite Trading Patterns (Part 7) and Open/Highs/Lows

V) Volume Profile

Volume Profile Definition and Types

Identifying High Volume Nodes, Using Volume Profile in Trading and VWAP

VI) Risk Management & Psychology

Importance or Risk Management, Risk/Reward Ratios

Setting Targets and Stops

Market Correlations and Psychology of Trading

Good & Bad Trading Habits

VII) Build Your Strategy

Top Down Analysis

Combining Volume Profile with Price Action

Time of Day, News, Trading Around a Job, Record Keeping and Backtesting

VIII) Conclusion



Arunavo13 July 2021

If you want to learn price action from the very beginning to advanced level...enrolling in this course is recommended from my side

R27 December 2020

I have recently opted this course, this has added so much valuable information for my learning experience. The content of the course is very clear and Gabriel has provided number of examples at every step. Thank you very much Gabriel for providing this wonderful course.

Gustav24 December 2020

Definitely can't complain about what I've paid for the full course! He gave me a huge amount of reliable information that I can, from now won, start backtesting on my own to get closer to being a profitable trader. He explained everything will examples and also i haven't heard anything like:"You'll get rich after this course!" Just because of that, it's worth it!


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