Practice Exams : Professional Scrum Kanban (PSK)

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Practice Exams : Professional Scrum Kanban (PSK)
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What you will learn

Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) Practice Exam Questions and Detailed Explanations.

All Questions and Answers based on the Latest Scrum Guide. (November 2020)

Compliant with the Latest Kanban Guide. (January 2021)

Kanban Definition, Kanban Values and Principles, Kanban Workflows and Value Stream.

Pull and Push System, Service Level Agreement and SLE.

Kanban Practice (Kanban Board, Limiting WIP etc.).

Detailed Explanations - Basic Metrix (Work in Progress, Cycle Time, Work Item Age and Throughput) & Summary Tables.

Batch Size, Little Law, ScrumButs, Flow based Events and Roles.

Metrics (Work in Progress, Cycle Time, Work Item Age and Throughput) Questions and Detailed Explanations.


Welcome! Congratulations on taking the first important step towards preparing for the Professional Scrum Kanban (PSK) Exam! Professional Scrum Kanban (PSK) is an advanced assessment created to test your knowledge about the Kanban and its application in the real world.

This course contains questions and answers created for the Professional Scrum Kanban (PSK) Examination. Information in this course references:

  • The Scrum Guide. (Nov 2020)

  • The Kanban Guide. (Jan 2021)

  • Scrum Forums (Scrum .org).

  • Other Kanban Sites.

The actual PSK assessment is structured like the PSK I Exam. It comprises of 45 multiple choice questions. You would have 60 minutes to complete the assessment. The score to achieve the certification is 85%+. You get only one attempt (upon payment of fee) and you would get the choice to decide when and where to the exam. There is no expiration date. You are not required to attend an assessment center and can take it from the comfort of your own home. If you do not pass the exam, you can retake the exam, however you would have to pay the fees again. This course contains questions and extended explanations / answers which will help you prepare for the following topics:

  • Kanban Definition, Kanban Values and Principles, Kanban Workflows and Value Stream

  • Pull and Push System, Service Level Agreement and SLE

  • Kanban Practice (Kanban Board, Limiting WIP etc.)

  • Basic Metrics ( Work in Progress, Cycle Time, Work Item Age and Throughput). Summary tables to help summarize and memorize the same.

  • Batch Size, ScrumButs, Flow based Events and Roles

  • Little's Law

Note :

1. This course contains Questions and Answers which will help you prepare for the Scrum .org exam. This course is not a replacement for the Scrum Guide, the scrum learning paths or the scrum. org assessments.  One has to read the Scrum Guide and go through the learnings paths found on scrum. org (multiple times) to understand the concepts well. This is not optional.

2. The Questions and Answers in this practice exam are not a replica nor a replacement of the Open Assessments found at https://www.scrum .org/.

3. Based on the guidelines provided by Scrum .org, none of the questions are copied from the Open Assessments found at https://www.scrum .org/. If similar questions exist, then it's merely a coincidence. The underlying concepts however are similar if not the same.

4. The Questions which appear on the exam along with the answers will be different from what you find in this practice exam.

Following are the steps for taking (and passing) the Scrum .org Professional Scrum Kanban (PSK) assessment and obtaining the certification:

1. If you are new to Scrum and have never been part of a Scrum team, taking a PSM I course is recommended. Attend a Scrum .org Professional Scrum Master I course.

2. Prepare for or Revisit PSM I Exam.

3. Carefully Read the Scrum Guide and the Kanban Guide on Scrum .org.

4. Read the following articles by Yuval Yeret on Scrum (dot) org :

    A) 4 Key Flow Metrics and how to use them in Scrum's events.

    B) Limiting Work in Progress (WIP) in Scrum with Kanban - What? When? Who? How?

    C) Kanban Service Level Expectations and how to use them in Scrum.

    D) A Scrum Primer for Kanban Teams.

    E) A Kanban Primer for Scrum Teams.

5. Go through the questions and answers. These questions were compiled very carefully. Go through the answers and make sure you understand the concepts. Make sure you go through the answers explanations regardless of whether you answered the questions correctly or not.

6. Take the Scrum Open Assessment and Kanban Open Assessment on Scrum .org until you can do the assessment quickly and score close to 100% three times in a row. Few Questions which are asked on the exam are the exact same.

7.  You can choose buy the book Quick Reference Guide & Exam Questions - PSK (ISBN: ISBN: 9781732657984). This guide systematically highlights all the important information present on the Scrum Guide, Learning Paths, Websites and other Forums needed for the PSK Exam.

Note: The statements made and opinions expressed herein belong exclusively to the creator of this course and are not shared by or represent the viewpoint of Scrum .org.  This training does not constitute an endorsement of any product, service or point of view.  Scrum .org makes no representations, warranties or assurances of any kind, express or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, availability or currency of the content contained in this presentation or any material related to this presentation.  In no event shall Scrum .org, its agents, officers, employees, licensees or affiliates be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, business information, loss of information) arising out of the information or statements contained in the training.  Any reliance you place on such content is strictly at your own risk.


Practice Exam Part 6 : PSK Exam Questions.


February 11, 2022
Great course. The explanations in the course are absolutely amazing. The course prepares you well for the exams out there.
December 27, 2021
I recently earned my PSK 1 certification. These tests helped me gain a deeper understanding of certain concepts. I recommend these practice exams to you!
November 18, 2021
The questions are very different from the real certification questions with regards to: - The way how the questions are phrased - English language must be reviewed / optimized in this set of sample questions Additionally, it frequently that the same question is asked multiple times in the test. Summary: due to the from my perspective huge difference between real and sample questions, I can not fully recommend this course as a preparation for the certification.
August 20, 2021
The course will provide the right source to learn more about Kanban and enough practice for the exam. Thanks Sid.
June 13, 2021
Very Excellent and Explanations are very clear and illustrated. I recommend a lot. Sidharth is very available when you need help.
April 28, 2021
Your practice exams definitely help to prepare for this assessment. Explanations are great and this worth taking time read them thoroughly, even for questions you got right. There was some tricky questions on the real assessment, reading again and again the questions and answers was the key to find the best options to select.
April 22, 2021
I can't say enough about the depth of knowledge Sid shares about any subject matter in each of his courses. Helps me in making my concepts more clear and feel more confident about the knowledge. Thank You Sid for providing such value through your courses.
March 30, 2021
Some of the questions are vague, and the format is inconsistent. Sometimes you are told when to select multiple answers and other times you are not.
March 18, 2021
Great feedback , very detailed, but questions dosen't say if it is one, two or more correct answers :-( so it is great for learning but not fully like exam.
December 26, 2020
I like very much the way the description/answers to the questions have been presented. I would suggest/recommend the practice sets for all of those, who are getting prepared for PSK-1 examination.
December 18, 2020
Good course, it was helpful. I was so happy to discuss with the mentor and I appreciate his reactivity. Thank you.
November 16, 2020
Great exam. I actually enrolled in 3 different course on Udemy. This one by far has the best questions. Well explained. Great job on the explaining the different graphs in details. Would surely recommend this course.
November 13, 2020
Excellent course. Very well explained. The teacher has explained the answers in details and has covered all the topics for the PSK exam.
November 13, 2020
Excellent course. It's not just a simple question bank. The PSK related questions have extended explanations. Couch has done a good job explaining the basics and then going into the details for every question. The course is so worth the price.
November 13, 2020
Great Course. The questions are well composed and the explanations to answers are terrific.I am amazed at how every simple question also has such a detailed explanation. The summary tables which map the metrics to the events are so well written. The course covers all the topics needed for the PSK exam. Worth the cost.



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