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Python GUI | Practical Projects in Python: Build 3 Projects

Create Python GUI Desktop Applications. Built with Qt, Qml3

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

How to design A Desktop Application that features a sign in system

How to connect your Desktop Application to a Database

Write with Qml3

Learn how to use Signals and Slots in Qml 3


This course is focused on creating a straightforward practical course. I thought one of the most common things desktop applications have nowadays is an authentication page, so then is pressing to teach SQLite to python GUI developers.

Most developers have not realized how indispensable that SQLite is to a Desktop application. The closest competition we have is an unofficial Postgres lite.

Database systems should be installed, and that is the only way to get them working. Also, they come in huge, downloaded size: 100Mb+, installed size 1GB+. If your application is coming in at around a bundled size of 100mb+ and then you have to add another 100Mb to it, it has to be for a good reason, mere data storage, isn't that worth it. I say mere because there isn't much private data that we store and we used to use XML and custom file-based storage for that. Full-blown database systems have never, and won't ever be used in another developer's application if the database itself is not part of what is being offered.

So now that SQLite is here, I think we should embrace it in the large. To give us the concrete, strict procedures and above all the security, we need for data storage.

So I went for it, a concise, straight-to-the-point course, that teaches you just that. Click your way to begin and be one hundred percent sure you can do this, the next time you have to do something like that.

Also, we build two more applications. One A photoViewer and a Todo list Application


Python GUI | Practical Projects in Python: Build 3 Projects
Python GUI | Practical Projects in Python: Build 3 Projects
Python GUI | Practical Projects in Python: Build 3 Projects
Python GUI | Practical Projects in Python: Build 3 Projects




Download an IDE for your use

Download Ninja-Preview

Download Exercise files

Design the UI

1 - Create project folders

Add main ApplicationWindow

Add the Stack

Add a background Image

Add columnLayout for the controls and Logo

Customise the TextField

Add the 'Sign In' button

Add the logo text

Add the Welcome page component

Make the push to the welcome page

Add the background for the Welcome page

Add the welcome text

Application Business Logic (Backend)

Create main.py file and connect to the UI layer

Create the Backend class

Create the authenticate slot

Lets introduce threading into the application

Create the loader view in the UI layer

Add animation to the Loader

Assign Ids

Create the authenticated signal

Create the connector signal

Put user into the database

Write the authenticated signal code


Chris20 May 2021

It seems the instructor is rambling and is not following a script. He really doesn't know what he wants to say and just does whatever then thinks about it. The background noise is bad.

Martin10 May 2021

Buena elección, explica paso a paso la creación de un módulo de autenticación. Es un poco desordenada la explicación, como que va improvisando sobre la marcha, pero el curso está bien.

Roshan9 May 2021

The explanation was very poor Its like a movie, I'm just seeing and the video is going on; no explanation, no reason why that line came, most importantly none of the errors were explained. Its not for starters its for experienced programmer with much knowledge of python and Qt

Mohamed9 May 2021

It was actually a wonderful experience. I can learn without doubts exactly absolutely a great platform to the students who love to study like me e thank you udemy.

Gustavo28 April 2021

It's not ok if he cannot explain why he's using certain commands or even give us some info about why he's using qml instead of python only. It's ok but this probably would've been better if he explained everything.


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