Pop-up Box Card Class

Learn how to create different versions of a Pop-up Box Card that has amazing dimension and folds flat to mail!

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Mar 2022
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What you will learn

Learn how to Create a Pop-up Box Card Base that folds flat to mail

Learn how to custom Colour Vellum to create a Balloon Boquet

Learn Simple Watercolour Technique for Colouring Stamped images for one of the Card versions

Learn how to Quickly Create a Custom Envelope for your Card


Welcome to the Pop-up Box Card Class!

This card has an amazing ability to be Three Dimensional but folds completely flat to mail! We will create 3 different themes for this card as well as a Custom Envelope that you can create to match the theme of your card.

This class comes with a Supply List PDF that lists all of the measurements to create your card as well as pictures of the three samples. It also lists all of the supplies used to create the cards and those supplies are linked to where you can purchase them if you choose. You will find the Supply List PDF Link with the Introduction Video.

In this class you will learn:

1 -How to Easily and Quickly create the Box Card Base.

2 -How to customize your card to suit any occasion!

3 -How to use Diecuts on your card and how to use inpads to colour those diecuts.

4 -How to Custom Colour Vellum to create a colourful Balloon Bouquet Card.

5 -How to use Stamped images for your card.

6 -Quick and Simple watercolour Technique

7 -How to use Dies that coordinate with Stamps.

8 -How to add accents to your stamped images of Die cuts to make them Sparkle!

9 -How to Quickly create a custom Envelope for your Card.

As stated above, we will create three different themes of the Pop-up Box Card in this class. The possibilities are endless for themes/stamps/dies that can be used to decorate your pop-up card base. Have fun with those possibilities!


Pop-up Box Card Class - Screenshot_01Pop-up Box Card Class - Screenshot_02Pop-up Box Card Class - Screenshot_03Pop-up Box Card Class - Screenshot_04



Pop-up Box Card Introduction
Making the Pop-up Box Card Base
Box of Daisies: Prepping the Card Pieces
Box of Daisies: Assembling the Card
Box of Balloons: Prepping the Card Pieces
Box of Balloons: Assembling the Card
Box of Butterflies: Prepping the Card Pieces
Box of Butterflies: Assembling the Card
Creating a Custom Envelope
Pop-up Box Card Class Thank You

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