Poinsettia Card Class

Learn several different card making techniques to create three different looking cards with one stamp set

Graphic Design
1 hour
Oct 2021
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What you will learn

Learn the differences between heat guns and which one to use when

Learn Tips and tricks for stamping and embossing images

Watercolouring images tips and technique

How to create a distress background


Welcome to the Poinsettia Card Class!

This is a perfect class to get a start on your Seasonal Christmas cards!  Even if you don't do Christmas cards, the techniques taught in this class can easily be transferred to many other non-seasonal stamp images.  The only requirement is that they are line stamps and not solid silhouette stamps.

This class (and each card) is broken down into manageable bits to make it easy to follow along.

I have taught many, many classes for the past 15 years at local scrapbook stores but this is the first time teaching how to work with and use resin.  I'm very excited to share what I know and learn how to teach in this new format!

This class includes a PDF supply list so you can see everything that is used in one place.  The supplies are separated by card and include a picture of the final card.  The PDF has each item linked with where you can purchase these supplies online saving you a lot of time trying to source everything yourself. You can download the Supply list HERE.

In this course we will be covering:

1- The different heat guns used, when to use each one and why it is used for specific tasks.

2- How to stamp and emboss images and tips and tricks for embossing.  What to do and what to avoid.

3- Basic water colour techniques for stamped images.

4- How to create a distressed looking background.

5- Creating an easy background with alcohol inks.

6- How to paint an image with alcohol inks.

7- How to assemble and embellish each card.


As with all handmade items it is nearly impossible to recreate them exactly so your cards will look similar but there WILL be differences!  Those differences, in my opinion, are what makes handmade items unique and special!


Poinsettia Card Class - Screenshot_01Poinsettia Card Class - Screenshot_02Poinsettia Card Class - Screenshot_03Poinsettia Card Class - Screenshot_04



Heat guns used in this class and when to use each one.
Watercolour Poinsettia: Embossing the Images
Watercolour Poinsettia: Watercolouring Image
Watercolour Poinsettia: Assembling Card
Vellum Poinsettia: Creating the Distress Background
Vellum Poinsettia: Embossing and cutting the Poinsettias
Vellum Poinsettia: Embossing the background
Vellum Poinsettia: Assembling the Card
Alcohol Ink Poinsettia: Creating the AI Background
Alcohol Ink Poinsettia: Embossing the Poinsettia
Alcohol Ink Poinsettia: Painting the Poinsettia
Alcohol Ink Poinsettia: Embossing edges & Assemble Card

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