Piping Material Specifications (Part-2 of 10): Item Pipes

Elements of Pipe: Item Group Pipe

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What you will learn

Understanding Pipe

Dimensional Standards

End Connections

Pipe Thickness

Material Standards: 9 ASTM Standards in Details


Piping Material Specification is one of the most important deliverable from Piping Discipline. it becomes basis for so many other deliverables from various departments.

This document covers minimum requirements for various piping materials necessary for the design of the piping/ pipeline. The Piping Specification (abbreviated.. Pipe Spec) is a document prepared during the design phase of any project. It provides the appropriate selection, specification and material grade of pipe and piping components for a given service.

Piping Specifications define application design and construction rules and requirements for piping components as flanges, elbows, tees, valves etc. All Piping Material Class Specification must have a front cover with a written section containing the following:

  1. Document Title.

  2. Document Number along with Revision history.

  3. Name of Responsible person, checker, approver along with creation date.

  4. Contents in Tabular or properly arranged format.

This course is organized in such a way so that even the beginners can understand the basics and start implementing the knowledge in their live project. A lot of concepts & fundamentals are explained in such a way that it is very easy to digest & learn. In this course following modules shall be covered:

Following Modules have been covered in this course

  • Pipe

  • Dimensional Standards

  • End Connections

  • Thickness

  • Design/Material Std

Understanding the Pipe Basics in detail:

  • What is Pipe

  • Pipe Schedule

  • Plastic pipes

  • Jacketed pipes

  • Interesting Facts

End Connections

  • Socket Welded

  • Butt Welded

  • Threaded Joints

  • Flange Joints

Pipe Thickness

  • various inputs required

  • Source of Inputs

  • Various ASTM Standards

  • PT rating concept

  • Allowable stresses,

  • Thickness calculations

  • Line conditions given in Line list

Dimensional Standards:

  • What is Dimensional Std

  • Dimensional Std for:

  • Metallic Pipes

  • Non-Metallic Pipes

  • ASME 36.10 in Detail

Design & Material Standards:

  • Classification

  • Carbon Steel

  • Low Temp Carbon Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Alloy Steels

  • ASTM Standards

  • Details of 9 ASTM

Dont miss to look into other Parts (upto 10), to understand the whole deliverable in detail.


Piping Material Specifications (Part-2 of 10): Item Pipes - Screenshot_01Piping Material Specifications (Part-2 of 10): Item Pipes - Screenshot_02Piping Material Specifications (Part-2 of 10): Item Pipes - Screenshot_03Piping Material Specifications (Part-2 of 10): Item Pipes - Screenshot_04


Introduction to item Group: Pipe

Content Covered
General items in PMS
Various Aspects of Pipe
Dimensional Standards
End Connections
Pipe Thickness Calculations
Pipe Design and Material Standards

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