Pinterest Marketing:How to use Pinterest for Business Growth

Guide to Pinterest Marketing - Get Tons of Organic Traffic & Leads to your Website/Blog. Earn Extra Passive Income 2018

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What you will learn

Create Pinterest Business Account and Start Making 10 Times more Business Sales

Optimize Pinterest account to help business get found in All search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for FREE


Pinterest Marketing is the New Hot Social Media Marketing Success. Did you know that you are seriously missing out on key opportunities to reach potential new customers ready to spend? If you don't have a plan in place for how to use Pinterest as part of your business marketing strategy.

Did you know people spend more money on Pinterest than any other social media platform? Pictures say a thousand words. This is the only platform, which has users who are ready to buy. More than 80% of Pinterest users are potential buyers, the highest number of potential customers more than any other social media platform. 

Follow this Ultimate Pinterest Guide to understand the importance of Pinterest for marketing your business. From optimization of boards, content & Pins as well as more advanced campaigns, PSEO and analytics

In this Course, You Will Learn:

  • How to create a professional Highly Optimized Pinterest Business Account.
  • Carefully choosing the User name, Business Name and Description for Top Class serach engine ranking of your Pinterest business account.
  • How to create the perfect Niche Boards attracting the Customer serach a;gorithm for quality traffic.
  • How to optimize your Pinterest account to help your business rank high in the big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • How to start getting results even from your new pinterest account.
  • How to borrow the high traffic boards and to have creative collaboration with peers for current and new (potential) customers
  • how to leverage your Pinterest account for your business growth, insider tips, tricks and techniques to drive tons of free traffic to your business, Blog or website.
  • You will learn to plan your business marketing with perfect Pin pictures and posts.
  • You will learn how to become the marketing expert in Pinterest with proper SEO techniwues.
  • You will learn to plan your business marketing with perfect Pin pictures and posts. Keeping in mind your business demographics.
  • Learn the Ultimate power of Pinterest to have completely FREE Organic traffic, helping your business, blog and website rank higher attracting highly converting customers. So start growing your business right now!


You will learn to make extra income using your Pinterest Account. 

Step-By-Step Methods easy to follow so that you have multiple Extra Income Steams.

So that you will have double benefit from your Pinterest Account. Grow Your Business and Make Extra Income from Extra Money Making Methods. 

Target audience of this Course

  • Anyone who wants to become an Expert Pinterest Marketer.
  • Wanting to grow your Blog, Website, Online or Offline business.
  • If you want to grow your business through tons of organic traffic of Pinterest.

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Pinterest Statistics
Some Facts About Pinterest
Why Pinterest is Critically Important for Business
Creating & Optimizing Pinterest Account
Pinterest Business Account Creation
Account User Name and Business Title
How to write About You in Account Profile
Account Picture and Social Media Linking
Keep Search Privacy OFF
Pinterest Search Engine Optimization and Raking High in Results
Introduction to Pinterest Search Engine Optimization
Keyword Search Made Easy
Creating & Optimizing the Pinterest Boards
Optimizing the Pinterest Pins
Good Pins VS Bad Pins
Creating Pins for Organic Traffic
Making Good Income from Pinterest Account
Make Money with Pinterest - Method 1
Make Money with Pinterest - Method 1B
Make Money with Pinterest - Method 1C
Make Money with Pinterest - Method 1D
5 Best Strategies to Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Pinterest Account.
Strategy No. 1
Strategy No. 2
Strategy No. 3
Strategy No. 4
Strategy No. 5
20 February 2020
The edit for this course is pretty bad and seems to cut off mid sentence. as you move through to the end of the course you get to 'making money on pinterest' the text on the presentations slide changes! the presentation shows the presenters whole computer and in some cases the conversation is quite reparative and doesn't show complete processes
12 June 2019
very good course I recommended this course two major class are very good making a good income, best strategies to drive tons of traffic to your Pinterest these classes are excellent explains thank u
25 April 2019
the course was good, i was just a bit confused when the trainer was talking about where to post pins when he was talking about affiliate programs. This was not clear. His sections on key words was good.
24 April 2019
While the course is having a good scope the contents lack professional expertise as well as no valuable information is shared apart from just telling us how to put pins and follow them. More like elementary school level of a course...
3 March 2019
I've watched a few basic pinterest marketing accounts. I didn't hear anything beyond basics of what the others have said. In fact, when I compare notes, this course only had about 70-75% of the content of the other basic Pinterest marketing classes. Look elsewhere
24 December 2018
I enjoyed the course. I am a regular Pinterest user and was looking for an advanced course to help me be more strategic with pins, analytics and the algorithm. While I did pick up some tips, the course was not as advanced as I would have liked. Good content for beginners, though. The presenter was easy to understand and likable.
20 November 2018
Great very good nothing bad about this course instructor explained things that matter rather than focusing on self-explanatory things which tend to be ireetating


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