Physics - Dynamics for High School and AP Physics 1

This is a comprehensive Algebra based Mechanics course in physics specifically covering topics of Dynamics.

4.75 (173 reviews)
Physics - Dynamics for High School and AP Physics 1
6 hours
Sep 2020
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What you will learn

Have a deep understanding of the concepts of dynamics such as Newton's Laws, Centripetal Motion, and Gravitation.

Why take this course?

This course is one of several courses designed for Algebra Based AP Physics 1. In this course we will cover the topic of Dynamics, which includes Newton's Laws, Linear Forces, Centripetal Forces, and Gravitation.

The videos and resources will include lectures, demonstrations, and plenty of worked out example problems with High School physics curriculum and the AP Physics 1 curriculum in mind. This is perfect for any student planning to take the AP exam or any Introductory College physics student. While this course does not cover calculus based physics, any student enrolled in such course will still benefit from the ground work laid out here.

While this course does have sections for both High School and AP Level Physics, the videos intended for the AP crowed will be clearly labeled.

Upon completion of this course students should look to complete my other courses regarding the other content areas in AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2.


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Our review

🏫 **Course Review for "Classical Mechanics: Dynamics" with Corey** ## Overview The course "Classical Mechanics: Dynamics" taught by Corey has received an overall high rating of 4.75 from recent reviews. The feedback indicates that the course is well-received for its clear explanations, engaging teaching style, and the instructor's ability to summarize key physics concepts effectively. ## Pros - **Engaging Teaching Style**: Corey's energy and enthusiasm make the lectures more lively and interesting than typical physics lectures. - **Comprehensive Content**: The course covers important details, including concepts, equations, and terminology, which are essential for understanding dynamics in classical mechanics. - **Effective Summarization**: Corey's ability to summarize the key points aids learners in reviewing for tests and tackling homework assignments. - **Real-life Examples**: The instructor provides real-life examples and experiments, catering to visual learners and enhancing understanding. - **Passionate Delivery**: The course is not dry or monotonous; the instructor's passion for the subject is evident and contributes to retaining student attention. - **Innovative Teaching Methods**: Some users appreciate the innovative approach, reminiscent of Richard Feynman's teaching technique. ### Course Structure and Material Coverage - **Well-structured Content**: The course is organized in a way that makes it easier to follow along and grasp complex topics. - **Enhanced Visual Aids**: Although the hand-drawn graphics can sometimes be cluttered, they generally help to illustrate concepts. - **Broad Coverage**: The course provides context and meaning, ensuring learners understand the material rather than just memorizing it. - **Extensive Review**: For those who have prior knowledge of physics or are looking for a review, this course serves as an excellent resource. ## Cons - **Limited Practice Exercises**: Some users noted there are fewer exercises in this Dynamics course compared to the previous Kinematics course, which had a more extensive set of practice problems. - **Graphics Issues**: A few reviews mentioned that some hand-drawn graphics were inaccurate or not always useful for understanding the concepts discussed. - **Material Expectations**: A couple of users expressed disappointment that the course did not cover as much material as they had hoped for. ## Conclusion Overall, "Classical Mechanics: Dynamics" with Corey is a high-quality course that is both educational and engaging. The positive feedback from students highlights its strengths in teaching dynamics, while also noting areas of improvement regarding the quantity of exercises and the accuracy of visual aids. For learners looking to understand and apply Newton's laws and other principles of classical mechanics, this course is likely to be a valuable resource, especially if supplemental materials are used for additional practice. It is definitely considered money well spent by many students.



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