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Find Your Photography Style: Improve Your Photography Today

A Practical Photography Guide: Stand Out From the Crowd with Your Unique Photography Style.

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Learn how to improve your photography by developing a style you can call your own

Understand the different elements that create a 'photography style'

See how subject matter, composition techniques, lighting & color, and photo editing can create a unique photography style

Curate your own photos to instantly improve your photography style

Use photo editing to improve your photography style

By the end of this course, you will have an improved portfolio or Instagram account


Do you look at other photographer's portfolios or Instagram and wonder 'why do their photos look so good?'

Do you wonder why your own photos don't look as professional?

Do you wish you had your own photography style?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the perfect course for you.

What is this photography style course all about?

What separates beginner photographers from advanced 'professional' photographers is the development of a unique style. While some of this happens naturally as you practice your photography, you can dramatically improve your photography with the step-by-step process laid out in this course.

First, you'll learn exactly what creates a photography style - analyzing how subject matter, composition, lighting & color, and editing all play a role in creating a unique style.

Then, you'll implement a 3-step strategy to improve your own style. This is a conscious process that you'll practice and see implemented right in this course.

I promise that if you put into practice the simple techniques from this course, your portfolio or Instagram account will start to look more cohesive - giving you your own unique photography style in no time.

Enroll today and instant access:

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Who is your instructor?

Hi! I'm Phil Ebiner. I've been teaching people photography skills for over a decade. Perhaps you've already taken one of my top-rated photography courses that has helped you master your camera or photo editing.

I'm so excited to teach you this course on developing your own photography style because I often hear beginner photographers wondering how to improve their photography. I look at their photos and think, you're almost there. To get to that next level, you just have to be a little more thoughtful in what you're photographing, how you're photographing it, and what photographs you share.

This course will help you create your own photography style! And I've included a bunch of fun activities and practical demonstrations that make it easy to learn.

100% Money-back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with the course, or if it just isn't for you, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

My goal is to make sure you love this course! We are always listening to students and improving our courses to make them even better. If you ever have a suggestion on how to make this course better, just let us know!

What are you waiting for?

If you want to become a better photographer enroll now!

See you in class!



Find Your Photography Style: Improve Your Photography Today
Find Your Photography Style: Improve Your Photography Today
Find Your Photography Style: Improve Your Photography Today
Find Your Photography Style: Improve Your Photography Today



Welcome to Class, Let's Bust Some Myths

Download the Practice Files

What is Photography Style? And Why is it Important?

Join the Photography & Friends Student Group

Understanding Photography Style

Style Analysis: Subject Matter

Style Analysis: Composition+

Style Analysis: Lighting and Color

Style Analysis: Photo Editing

Photography Style Activity

Activity Instructions

Where to Share Your Activity Solutions

Activity Demonstration

Activity Recap

Create Your Unique Photography Style

Step 1: Choose Your Style

Step 2: Curate Your Photos

Step 3: Improve with Editing


Thank You

Bonus Lecture: Learn More from Phil + Video School


Timothy8 April 2021

I'd not really given much thought to style before so this got my mind working. This is one I will re-visit as I take more photographs and get more experience.

Amy28 March 2021

Great course! Encouraged me to think about my own style and shooting technique to develop as a photographer.

Patrick28 March 2021

A decent brief introduction to "what is photography style" but it didn't help me find mine. Given that so much of style is achieved in the edit, an 11-minute video on this really isn't sufficient and doesn't go into the detail I'd hoped for about how to match colours & tones between images. I liked the idea of activities and examples, including the instructor curating his Instagram profile 'live', but I think part of the reason I didn't get much from this course was that Phil doesn't seem to have reached a refined style of his own yet - so perhaps isn't in the best position to be teaching it yet? Having said this, there were a few useful tips I can take away, but I will need to look elsewhere for a course that can help me edit more consistently.

Bobbie26 March 2021

I thought I knew the route I would be taking with my photography, but Phil gave me a lot more to think about. Got my creative juices flowing even more. Thanks for another awesome course!!

Claudine23 March 2021

Excellent course. Thank you so much. Very concise, straight to the point. I got loads of great ideas from it. It leaves the student able to adapt their own photos and create their own style rather than pushing them into what the lecturer thinks is good. Also I like the fact that Phil showed lots of examples from other people instead of just his own or just the people he likes.

Matheus22 March 2021

It was so Good. There's a lot of practical examples of how we can find out our Style .... how to be singular and creative and the interaction with other photographers Styles, resources, even Phill's Instagram was a good experience to realize we keep growing, becoming mature, until we found out our own unique style through every shoot.

Nicola16 March 2021

Phil is such a good teacher. He explains everything in detail and your never left lost or bewildered. I would highly recommend.

Theresa13 March 2021

I have a lot of interests...portraits, landscapes, animals, etc and I edit according to subject and the feeling I want to convey. I have had random people on photography sites tell me I have to choose a style. I'm glad to hear that I don't have to limit myself creatively.

Sonja13 March 2021

Niet echt veel nieuws. Heleboel Instagram accounts waar hij naar kijkt en voorbeelden van verschillende stylen geeft. Niet heel praktisch.

Stephanie13 March 2021

Yes, it's a good match. I want to learn about what a photographic style is, and figure out what my style is. I am jotting down a list of subjects that I often select, and the type of lighting and composition.

Itzel12 March 2021

I think most information and exercises in this course gives you a great refresh and training about photography composition, also Phil makes it very interesting and fun!

Ron12 March 2021

So far the pointers by Phil are great, however I have a "gut-feeling" style which has defined who I am along the way.

Aleksandar11 March 2021

It was nice, learned some great things, however couldn't help to think it was a bit done in a rush. Don't get me wrong the course was nice as I said already but things like section 4 / lesson 14 ending on the 3rd minute... and maybe I needed a little more exercises like in the photography master class that's all ;) Thanks for the provided knowledge one more time.

Lauri10 March 2021

I like seeing the examples of styles. I got a lot of clarification for my own style, and the subject content is very clear. I rated 4 out of 5 because the darting movement of your mouse and how quickly you'd scroll up and down through the samples was dizzying. Other than that element I enjoyed the new course.

Lorena9 March 2021

I love this course so far, I like how quick and easy to understand are the lessons. Very practical information to start applying as I start my photography business. Not my first class here and definitely not the last one!


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