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Photo Editing With Free Software

Learn How To Use Pizap, Darktable, & Photoscape

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Mar 2021

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AI technologies give superpowers for creative photo editing
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What you will learn

Learn How To Use Pizap, Darktable, & Photoscape


Do you want to edit an image for your business or a client? Discover how to use Free Software to create better images for your business or clients. This course is designed to be quick and to the point covering only the information that you need to get started using photo editing in your work today. This Is A Basic Photo Editing For Beginners Using Free Software Course. Please have access to a computer either Mac, PC, and/or Linux for this course. This Course Is Taught In English - Photo Editing With Free Software - Learn How To Use Pizap, Darktable, & Photoscape.

Throughout this course you'll learn to:

  • Learn how to use Pizap

  • Learn the basics of using Darktable

  • Learn the basics of using Photoscape

  • No prior knowledge or experience is required

This Course Is Taught In English.

The goal of the course is to help new students avoid some the bumps on the road of getting started. I hope you will gain from a desire to share your knowledge with your fellow students and people who are interested in improving their skills through this course. Helping to create a better community for all of us to grow and improve our abilities. Let's get started learning, growing, improving and building success. Come on and join me in this course!


Photo Editing With Free Software
Photo Editing With Free Software
Photo Editing With Free Software
Photo Editing With Free Software



Welcome To The Course


How To Use Pizap Part 1

How To Use Pizap Part 2

Photoshop Express Editor

Photoshop Express Editor


Darktable Part 1

Darktable Part 2

Darktable Part 3

Darktable Part 4


Bonus Lecture


Lady1 June 2021

pretty straightforward. didn't need to elaborate other tool functions like other instructors just to make a video long. And he adds a little humor & sarcasm to it so it's informative and fun

Nida13 March 2021

This course is very very owsum. I only know the canva which is the free photo & video editor.But the instructor tell about the 6 free softwares . I am a new youtuber and i need this course. Thank You so much.

Thangapandian4 September 2020

Good information about free software but don't highlight it purpose . currently lot of mobile app do better job Course cover professional editing tech will help but only adjusting ....

Bakulesh4 June 2020

Super Cool Legally Photo Free Creation Tutorials of Great Quality ,Course Worth it!!! I was a beginner and just started into a new horizon

Yousuf28 May 2020

It is really helpful for me for editing.. i have learned many ways for editing. the full course time was very enjoyable for me.

Anonymized30 April 2020

Do not get me wrong, this course is great. But i think better name for this coures is Tutorial for using free photo editing softwares. There are basics for every given software in course, but i think that you can learn all this things without course. It is perfect for begginers. I thinked that here i will learn tricks to make all photos better, not just tutorials for softwares!

Naveen12 April 2020

I'm new to photography and editing, i'm learning it just as a personal passion, so it was good for me.

Jane27 March 2020

I really love the blush on. Thank you for giving so much details and the patience of explaining each photo editing features of each software.


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