PCNSA - PaloAlto Certified Network Security Admin [ 2021 ]

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PCNSA - PaloAlto Certified Network Security Admin [ 2021 ]
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Welcome To The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator Practice Tests, The Final Exam preparation From I-Certified :

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Exam details;

Exam Title: Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator
Exam Code: PCNSA
Number of Questions: 50 Questions
Duration: 80 min.
Availability: Pearson VUE Testing Center
Test Format: Multiple choice
Passing Score: 70%  ( they didn't announce it anymore but is used to be 70% )
Language Exam: English


Palo Alto PCNSA Exam Topics:


# Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform Core Components [ 22% ]

- Identify the components of the Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Portfolio.
- Identify the components and operation of Single-Pass Parallel Processing architecture.
- Given a network design scenario, apply the Zero Trust security model and describe how it relates to traffic moving through your network.
- Identify stages in the cyberattack lifecycle and firewall mitigations that can prevent attacks.

# Simply Passing Traffic [ 24% ]

- Identify and configure firewall management interfaces.
- Identify how to manage firewall configurations.
- Identify and schedule dynamic updates.
- Configure internal and external services for account administration.
- Given a network diagram, create the appropriate security zones.
- Identify and configure firewall interfaces.
- Given a scenario, identify steps to create and configure a virtual router.
- Identify the purpose of specific security rule types.
- Identify and configure security policy match conditions, actions, and logging options.
- Given a scenario, identify and implement the proper NAT solution.

# Traffic Visibility [ 20% ]

- Given a scenario, select the appropriate application-based security policy rules.
- Given a scenario, configure application filters or application groups.
- Identify the purpose of application characteristics as defined in the App-ID database.
- Identify the potential impact of App-ID updates to existing security policy rules.
- Identify the tools to optimize security policies.
- Identify features used to streamline App-ID policy creation.

# Securing Traffic [ 18% ]

- Given a risk scenario, identify and apply the appropriate security profile.
- Identify the difference between security policy actions and security profile actions.
- Given a network scenario, identify how to customize security profiles.
- Identify the firewall’s protection against packet- and protocol-based attacks.
- Identify how the firewall can use the cloud DNS Security to control traffic based on domains.
- Identify how the firewall can use the PAN-DB database to control traffic based on websites.
- Identify how to control access to specific URLs using custom URL filtering categories.

# Identifying Users [ 12% ]

- Given a scenario, identify an appropriate method to map IP addresses to usernames.
- Given a scenario, identify the appropriate User-ID agent to deploy.
- Identify how the firewall maps usernames to user groups.
- Given a graphic, identify User-ID configuration options.

# Deployment Optimization [ 4% ]

- Identify the benefits and differences between the Heatmap and the BPA reports.



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