Organizational Culture, Identity and Change

Understanding organizational culture at the interface of theory and practice, identity and design.

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Oct 2016

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What you will learn

Understand corporate culture at the interface of theory and practice.

Explore ways in which companies can use their unique identity to shape a vibrant culture.

Differentiate healthy from toxic and problematic cultures.

Discover various kinds of culture interventions.


This course looks at organizational culture at the interface of theory and practice as well as at the interface of organization design and organizational identity. We will discover various ways of understanding corporate culture and apply these perspectives to case studies of prominent companies. The course reveals how much an organization’s design and set up of every day procedures influence its culture and vice versa. Additionally, this course raises indispensable questions to ask before planning a culture initiative. The ultimate goal of this course is to show ways of utilizing an organization’s unique identity to shape a dynamic and authentic organizational culture. The course offers a wide range of self- and group reflection tools and introduces a 5-step collaborative culture process.    

This course is designed for:  

  • HR and OD representatives  

  • Executives

  • Consultants

  • Anybody who is interested in organizational culture at the interface of theory/practice  and of organizational identity/design. 

Duration of course:  

The course offers 3.5 hrs worth of video lectures. Additionally, you will find 4 quizzes and a range of reflection tools, exercises and a brief culture scan. If you make good use of these exercises and do them in-depth, possibly also with a group of select people from your company, you will get the most out of this course. Utilizing the offered exercises, will increase the hours you will need to fracture in for taking this course. 


  • Video lectures  

  • Case studies  

  • Exercises, reflections, quizzes


Organizational Culture, Identity and Change
Organizational Culture, Identity and Change
Organizational Culture, Identity and Change
Organizational Culture, Identity and Change


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Detailed Overview of Course Content

Part I - Defining Organizational Culture

Introduction - Relevance of Understanding Organizational Culture

General Definition of Organizational Culture - 1st Culture Scan

Culture and Success - Edgar Schein's Definition of Organizational Culture

Gareth Morgan's Definition - Storytelling Aspects, Systems and Institutionalism

Differentiations between Culture, Identity/Image and Atmosphere

Summary part I

Erika touching base - transition from Part I to Part II.

Part II - Understanding Organizational Culture

Overview - Part II

Part II - Introduction

4 Archetypes of Culture - Part 1 - The Clan Culture

4 Archetypes - Part 2 - The Adhocracy and the Market Culture

4 Archetypes - Part 3 - The Hierarchy Culture

Introduction to Exercise for 1st Case Study - Toyota

Example - Corporate Culture of Toyota - Part I

The Corporate Culture of Toyota - Part II

The Corporate Culture of Toyota - Part III

Example - Corporate Culture of Toyota - Learning Outcome

Case Study Toyota

Quick Check-in after Toyota case study

Wrap up from Toyota Case Study - Explanations BMW case study

The Corporate Culture of BMW - Part I

The Corporate Culture of BMW - Part II

The Corporate Culture of BMW - Part III

Learning Outcome- Comparison Culture Construction BMW - Toyota

Quiz - BMW Case Study

Other Frameworks and Assessment Tools

Summary Part II

End of Part II - Transitioning to Part III

Shaping and Changing Organizational Culture

Part III Overview

Pat III - Introduction

1. Indispensable Question - Can we really change organizational culture?

2. Question: What are signs that a culture initiative may be necessary - Part I

2. Question: Part II

For organizations: How to know whether it's time for a culture initiative

For Individuals: Is the culture you are currently working in a good fit for you?

3. Indispensable Question: Are you the right person?

4. Indispensable Question: Is now a good time for your culture initiative?

5. Indispensable Question - How can you clarify your goals and motivations?

6. Indispensable Question - Which method is best for you?

2 Sample Projects

Summary Part III

Process we use at LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc.



Pierre1 June 2021

Yes it is a good match. I am working in a Bank (Mid Size) and we want work on our culture to improve our marketing.

Kartik5 November 2020

The course was a good example of sound theory combined with practical application. The case studies and examples of organizations and a view into the tools such as culture scan were helpful. What would have helped more is greater practical application of the concepts and in some way making it come to life through either videos or taking us through the entire process of diagnosing and designing culture for a particular case study.

Devarapalli18 June 2020

The content is concise and quite useful--beyond the textbook. Would have really helped if the slides had been made available for download.

Aparna17 May 2020

I am a beginner for the term 'culture'... so everything is knowledge and it also gives practical application

Balasubramanian23 January 2020

Excellent Course for Change Practitioners, who want to practice and use Org. Change Management , Culture.

Pauline2 December 2019

Course gives a good overview of cultural assessment and determining what culture one has. Unfortunately instructor has a shaky, choppy voice that makes listening rather uneasy. The sentences were breaking up everywhere as if the recording was done at different intervals which spots frequent start stops. I think there should be quality check of the sound output as the voice tends to sound distant at some modules and then it gets loud and soft at some. Overall it was not pleasant listening to the tutorial at all although content was good.

Ravishankar7 November 2019

At the beginning of the course: Maybe this is just an intro, where we are getting to know the criteria. I am really looking forward to see how we identify the culture, how to start making a positive change and its network of impacts, if possible a checklist to ensure the changes are planned & executed well. At the mid-way: Going well so far. i could relate the learning with my current organisation culture in identifying and understanding the culture. Awesome presentation. At the end: What an amazing coverage of the course, its gave me a 360 degree perspective on approaching a OD intervention, Cultural identity processes, success factors and highlighting it in all the possible avenues and what not. Amazing presentation and flow of information, well done Erika!

Rajat3 September 2019

It was a very simple and educative experience. Look forward to doing more courses by Erika Jacobi. Thanks

Anonymized3 July 2019

The course was a real eye opener and was extremely useful to me as we are going through a culture change and determination of our values. I will be using this guide to develop our culture

Antonio18 May 2019

Got a lot more interesting with life examples and the quizzes. Could still be more interesting with more interactive exercises than just quizzes.

George11 March 2019

So far it is too general. I am trying to find tools to help me navigate a broken culture in a large company.

Tendai27 February 2019

Quite and interesting course, skills sharpening, adds more possible workable culture designs which I may practice and implement.

Alexandra11 January 2019

The information is good and the leader is really knowledgable and explains everything clear. However, I'm finding myself skipping forward through some slides, because the lecturer sometimes reads out each line without adding much more information or explanation.

Vasavi21 November 2018

I'm having an amazing learning experience on understanding various types of organisational cultures, various assessment tools, our perspectives, methods to assess, outcomes and bringing improvements. It's indeed an apt course on the topic.

Leslie28 June 2018

Yes: It provides me the excellent foundation I need to build my knowledge base on organizational culture and relate it back to what I already know about culture in general--plus what general culture and organizational culture have in common, as well as how they differ.


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