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Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration - Exam 1Z0-821

Complete review course covering all exam objectives for the 1Z0-821 exam as well as Solaris 11.1 updates.

3.45 (103 reviews)

Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration - Exam 1Z0-821


8 hours


Oct 2013

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What you will learn

Review for the Oracle Certified Associate on Solaris 11 certification exam.


Veteran VTC instructor Bobby Rogers facilitates this review course for the Oracle Certified Associate on Solaris 11 certification exam. Designed for both novice and experienced administrators, the course will cover all exam objectives for the 1Z0-821 exam, including installing Solaris 11, the Image Packaging System, administering Oracle Solaris Zones, the ZFS file system, networking, controlling access to systems and files, and managing users. This course also covers Solaris 11.1 updates. This title is a self-paced software training course delivered via pre-recorded video. We do not provide additional information outside of the posted content.

Work files for this course can be downloaded from the first lecture.




Exam Information

Solaris 11 Features

Introduction to Solaris 11

Installing Oracle Solaris 11

Exam Objectives

Planning the Installation

Interactive Installer pt. 1

Interactive Installer pt. 2

Interactive Installer pt. 3

Verify the Installation

Troubleshooting Installation

Access Open Boot PROM

For the Exam

Updating and Managing Packages

Exam Objectives

Image Packaging System (IPS)

Updating Solaris 11 with IPS

Managing Software Packages pt. 1

Managing Software Packages pt. 2

Administering the Boot Environment

Troubleshooting Update Issues

For the Exam

Administering Services

Exam Objectives

Service Management Facility (SMF) pt. 1

Service Management Facility (SMF) pt. 2

Administering SMF

Boot and Shutdown System

Troubleshoot Service and Boot Issues

For the Exam

Administering Data Storage

Exam Objectives

Describe ZFS

Administer ZFS Storage Pools

Administer ZFS File Systems

ZFS Snapshots and Clones

Troubleshoot File and Storage Issues

For the Exam

Administering Oracle Solaris Zones

Exam Objectives

Virtualization Basics

Explain Oracle Solaris Zones

Zone Configuration pt. 1

Zone Configuration pt. 2

Zone Configuration pt. 3

Resource Utilization

Administering Zones

Zone and Resource Issues

For the Exam

Administering a Physical Network

Exam Objectives

Basic Networking Concepts pt. 1

Basic Networking Concepts pt. 2

Networking on Solaris 11

Configuring Network Interfaces

Administering Network Interfaces

Verify Network Operation

Determine Datalink Availability

Troubleshoot Network Issues

For the Exam

Administering User Accounts

Exam Objectives

Key User Management Concepts pt. 1

Key User Management Concepts pt. 2

Setting Up User Accounts

Managing User Accounts pt. 1

Managing User Accounts pt. 2

User Initialization Files pt. 1

User Initialization Files pt. 2

Shell Metacharacters

Configuring User Disk Quotas

User Account and Quota Issues

For the Exam

System and File Access

Exam Objectives

Access Control Basics

Control Access to Systems pt. 1

Control Access to Systems pt. 2

Control Access to Files pt. 1

Control Access to Files pt. 2

Authentication pt. 1

Authentication pt. 2

Access and Authentication Issues

For the Exam

System Processes and Tasks

Exam Objectives

Getting System Info

Manage System Processes

Troubleshoot Process Issues

Schedule Sys Admin Tasks

Monitoring Performance

Performance Issues

Monitor System Logs

Core and Dump Files

For the Exam



Command Listing

Practice Exam

Course Wrap Up


About the Author


Kevin30 September 2020

The course, I find it somewhat vague, and outdated, the form of oral expression is very weak, and ultimately it does not meet my expectations, I have validated the program content of an oracle exam, and definitely, the different levels leave much to be desired,

Daniel15 June 2020

Not in depth whatsoever for the cost of the course. If you are taking this exam after 2016 this barely touches anything you will see on test.

Mohamed5 December 2019

It's amazing. I got a lot of knowledges. I recommend this course for everyone wants to begins with solaris 11.

Jerry31 October 2018

I'm pretty disappointed right now in the virtualization section. it comments that zones are the only (weird) virtualization possible, when in reality, depending on processor, platform, etc, there are (7) different types of virtualization, including zones, LDOM's (t-series), Domains (m-series), dynamic domains (10k, 15k & 25k), Oracle Virtual box, Xen, KVM. I'm also disappointed were the author incorrectly states that only Solaris can be ran in zones, this is incorrect also, other operating systems, primarily linux & BSD are available via Brand-LX, Brand-Z, and etude for older Solaris versions. Another big problem with the Zones modules is stating that everything is shared. Yes, that is true till configured, but pools, etc all memory, processors, disk space, etc to be allocated or restricted to zones. Not expecting a detailed explanition here for beginners, but to state it doesn't exist is just wrong. Closing out virtualization, specifically X86/x64 only virtualization, Solaris typically can live anywhere BSD, linux, windows, OS/2 or any other operating system can, to include QEMU, VirtualBox, VMWare, etc.

Diliano4 March 2018

Instrutor conhece muito o conteúdo, material bem explicativo, treinamento perfeito, só faltou um versão em Português. Parabéns.

Godlove25 February 2018

The course is perfectly outlined and teaching is on point. I feel like I have already passed the OCA Sol 11 certification. I will write in two days and my moral to write and pass is very high right now. Great job Bobb Roggers and the VTC.

Waldemar15 January 2018

Clearly spoken at a good pace and good coverage of the relevant topics. One of the better on-demand courses I’ve taken

Jesse24 July 2017

It seems like this course was written by someone with very little knowledge about the subject and then presented by someone with zero knowledge about the subject.

Edward28 June 2017

on some points it could go a bit deeper in de materie then it does now. i think assesments would help the course - install oraclebox (wich is free) install solaris (wich is free) and then give some things to do instead of saying milion times .. you just play with it. its not really a course more of a short video lecture.

Fabricio3 January 2017

Se tivesse uma legenda sobre o que está sendo falado seria melhor ainda, se ela fosse traduzida para o portugues seria muito mas muito bom!

Jamal5 October 2015

I've also read the OCA Sys Admin Guide for 1Z0-821. BOth are equally helpful. This course because it gives physical examples.


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