Online Reputation Management: Negative Business Reviews

Techniques to help you solve negative reviews and earn better reviews; increase sales and gain more happy customers!

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Dec 2015

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What you will learn

Over 23 lectures and 3 hours of consulting and educational expertise helping businesses improve their Online Reputation Management.

Take proper steps in handling online negative business reviews.

How to take the emotion out of responding to a negative review.

Turning a negative review into a positive review.

Understand how Online Reputation works for businesses and individuals.

Know the three "C's" with Review Profiles and Map Listings.

Managing your Online Reputation.

Learn what steps you can take if a negative review continues to rank high in Google search results for your company and you think you have "tried everything."

Creating and optimizing positive online content and how great content will bury bad content every time.


*** Course Updated Wednesday, December 23, 2015 ***

As a local business owner, manager or professional, you may have already faced the unpleasant feeling when a customer or client leaves a bad review for you on Yelp, Google, CitySearch or on another website.

It feels like an attack and your emotions vary from anger to embarrassment and, perhaps, even depression.

Don't worry.

Negative reviews are going to happen.

A customer might be having a bad day. Maybe, a staff member said the wrong thing. Perhaps, a mistake caused an order delay.

One negative review isn't going to shut down your business. But the way you handle negative reviews will set the stage in moving forward and improving your company's customer service and online reputation.

In this course, we'll cover:

  • How online review websites work.
  • How to react to a negative review.
  • How to get the review removed (or turned into a positive review).
  • What is Online Reputation?
  • How to protect your business, staff and yourself online with Online Reputation Management.
  • How to monitor reviews and other online media.
This course is designed for local business owners - large and small - as well as professionals (lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, etc.) and service industries (plumbers, furnace repairs, roofers, etc.).

Negative reviews aren't fun, but this course tells you how you'll be able to avoid bad reviews; earn and increase positive reviews; build an online reputation management strategy, which will all help to increase sales and gain more happy customers.

Downloads include cheat sheets and guides to help you confirm and claim your online business profiles in review listing and mapping websites as well as other step-by-step directions for creating social media accounts for your company.

About the Instructor, Steve Phillips

With over 15 years of search engine optimization (SEO) and Online Reputation Management (ORM) experience, Steve Phillips has created this course based on customer experiences in receiving and handling negative reviews on Yelp and other review websites.

Clients he counseled across a wide variety of businesses include heating and cooling; law firms; accountants; dentists manufacturing; florists; photographers; mental health service providers, and many others.

Online Reputation Management (also known as "ORM") is vital for all businesses and professional services in developing and maintaining a positive appearance for companies; business owners; professionals; staff; products and services. A business owner or their marketing staff must consistently be on top of their ORM before a PR crisis occurs.


Online Reputation Management: Negative Business Reviews
Online Reputation Management: Negative Business Reviews
Online Reputation Management: Negative Business Reviews
Online Reputation Management: Negative Business Reviews


Understanding Online Reputation Management and Why It's Important

Everything's Online As it Happens

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Understanding the Importance of Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Monitoring and Protecting Your Online Reputation

Improving Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management and Negative Business Reviews

How Online Reviews Work for Businesses

Yikes! Here Comes A Negative Review!

Contacting Review Websites

Contacting the Negative Reviewer

Local Listings and Map Websites

Introduction to Local Business Listings and Mapping Websites

Claiming Your Business Profile - A Key To Better Online Reputation

Simple Steps to More Business With Local Search Engine Optimization

Bury Bad Reviews in Search Engine Results

How Great Content Will Always Beat A Bad Review

Inventory Your Websites, Blogs and Social Media Accounts

Improve, Write and Publish More Content!

How to Create More Blogs

How to Create Social Media Network Accounts

Creating, Optimizing and Publishing Great - and Easy - Content

Earning Better Reviews

Good Reviews vs. Bad Reviews

How to Earn Better Reviews For Your Business

Always Monitor and Manage Your Online Reputation

Final Thoughts on Business Reviews (and what's ahead)

The REALLY Bad Way of Handling Negative Business Reviews

The Opportunities for Building Positive Reviews Just Grew Exponentially


Silvia27 November 2020

Aspetti positivi : chiarezza e giusto ritmo dell'esposizione, spunti interessanti, adatto anche a principianti del settore. Aspetti negativi : Per chi ha già le basi dell'argomento troppo ripetitivo. Il corso non è stato aggiornato e implementato come annunciato nell'ultima lezioni da cui sono passati 5 anni.

Chris4 November 2019

Protecting your online reputation not only applies to large corporations but also applies to the individual managers and personnel within the corporation and various teams. Take care of it. Manage it!

Brittany12 June 2019

I wasn't sure of the level I should enter in on Udemy courses. However, the information I received, though important, was already known and perhaps even obvious to me. This is not the fault of the instructor but I hope to learn more in the following courses.

Diana19 March 2018

It's very entry level. It doesn't really add value to me or the user support team who have at least 3 years experience each.

Margaret9 January 2017

I took Steve's other course as well, about ORM and positive reviews. I enjoyed this one as much as the other. I'm interested in ORM and how to best combat negative reviews and improve my SEO rankings. I recommend this course for business owners looking at how to improve their ORM and SEO rankings too.

Shawna29 June 2016

A little too slow for me, although I like the reference pages they are helpful. I have been able to go on to the review listing websites and work on them as I am going through the class. Learning new things is always good.

Fred4 April 2016

I have completed this course and I am impressed with Steve’s pragmatic and thorough approach with this subject. I would recommend it to any local business owner wanting to manage and improve their online reputation.

Sanjay22 March 2016

Great blog indeed, I fully enjoyed it and think, you have discussed here the points, that every one should know. I am fan of your blog and will read your upcoming posts. Cheers. http://www.seotraininginbhopal.com


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