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Xero complete online course, including Hubdoc, payroll and sales tax /GST/VAT submission

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Learn Xero from beginner to advanced

How to set up business, enter financial information, add or import contacts, migrate from another software

How to enter sales quotes, sales, set auto reminders, run aged receivables report

How to enter purchase orders, purchases, repeating bills, import bills, run aged payables report

How to add or connect bank, paypal, stripe; how to reconcile bank, how to set up petty cash

How to enter expense claims, mileage claims, how to integrate Hubdoc for expenses

How to use Xero files to store and use the digital files to streamline the process

Xero Payroll, how to set up, add employees, make a payrun, un do payrun

Data entry in Xero and import transactions for sales, purchases, bank, contacts - with free bulletproof templates!

Xero advisor certification - worldwide recognised certificate. This course explains the questions in the test!


Are you looking for a Xero complete training?

Are you looking for a job as a Xero bookkeeper or accountant?

Looking to gain more clients as an independent contractor in Xero?

Want to get certified as a Xero advisor a worldwide recognized certification?

Then my course is something you are looking for!

Whatever your goal is I am here to help, being Xero partner and having gone through each step of the way while running my own accounting practice in the UK since 2012.

Welcome to Complete Xero accounting and bookkeeping online course

Xero accounting and bookkeeping program knowledge is vital to becoming competitive professionals and secure more jobs.  As accounting is shifting rapidly into the digital, including tax submissions directly to your tax office, Xero is one of the leading software to offer a reliable accounting package for all requirements.

By studying at your own pace, whenever you are based,  this Xero accounting software course is an ideal starting point.

The lifetime access to this course and no pressuring deadlines allow you to take it at your own pace.

Course based on the UK demo company and covers:

  1. How to register for a test free version of Xero;

  2. The navigation panel, featuring file and folders, dashboard edit for quick access;

  3. Organization settings, including changes in business, financial settings for year-end, locking period, etc;

  4. Chart of accounts and learning about the nominal codes, why we need those, what are those, how to import or edit the codes on Xero;

  5. The contact list and how to add client or supplier, featuring quick edit option;

  6. Inventory and how to manage stock on Xero;

  7. The sales process in details from raising a quote to raising sales invoices, sending statements, chasing debts, featuring repetitive invoices set up;

  8. Fixed assets and learning about types of depreciation, how to adjust each asset we add or how to import existing;

  9. Purchases process in details: from raising a purchase order, converting PO to invoices on Xero, or simply entering the invoice directly from supplier, features uploading files for a quick view, quick payment addition;

  10. How to upload receipts into folders on Xero and process receipts step by step guide;

  11. Thorough explanation on banking: from how to add various bank accounts (PayPal, everyday, credit cards, etc), how to set up online payments for clients to pay for the invoice, how to manually import statements to full bank reconciliation process guide with bank rules, short cuts and learning about what to do when errors occur.

  12. Finally - reporting, featuring bank reconciliation reporting, aged payable, profit and loss, balance sheet.

  13. BONUS- VAT/GST/Sales tax video and resources to help with returns on Xero and a general understanding of indirect taxation.

  14. How to import transactions right from the first time without errors

  15. How to get Xero advisor certification! and much more!

About Xero:

Founded in 2006 in New Zealand, Xero is one of the fastest-growing software as a service company globally. We lead New Zealand, Australian, and United Kingdom cloud accounting markets, employing a world-class team of more than

3,000+ people. Forbes identified Xero as the World’s Most Innovative Growth Company in 2014 and 2015. (source Xero website)

About me:

I have taught students since 2017 and I absolutely love to share my experience and knowledge.

I feel happy when students get jobs or open their own successful businesses after completing my course. I am grateful to have an opportunity to teach online.

I wish you best wishes on your journey and I hope to see you on my course!


Xero Online Bookkeeping and Accounting cloud software
Xero Online Bookkeeping and Accounting cloud software
Xero Online Bookkeeping and Accounting cloud software
Xero Online Bookkeeping and Accounting cloud software


Xero Basic knowledge

Free resources and case study

How to register for Xero Online trial step by step + General Dashboard

Dashboard potential problems and how to solve

Dashboard Quiz

Setting up - Organisation Settings part 1

Setting up Business part 2

Chart of Accounts - Nominal Codes

Chart of Accounts Quiz

Contact - How to add a new contact for Customer and Supplier

Potential problems with contact and how to solve

Contact Quiz

Stock and services (Inventory) - how to enter on Xero

Inventory Quiz

Solving most common errors in inventory

Sales- How to raise a Quote and raise an invoice based on the quote

Sales - How to raise invoice

Assignment Sales Invoices (Notes from a Manager) + Receivables Report

How to raise the repeating sales invoices

How to raise the credit notes

Sales Quiz

Fixed Assets and Types of Depreciation plus Assignment

Fixed Assets Quiz

Purchase Orders - How to enter invoice from supplier

Converting Purchase Order into the Purchase Invoice

How to add supplier and enter a purchase invoice directly

Purchase order

Expenses - How to enter receipts

Expenses - Answer to assignment

Expenses Quiz

Bank part 1 - Adding a bank account

Bank part 2 - How to add paypal account

Bank part 3 - How to add bank statement manually on Xero

Bank reconciliation Process

Articles to read - Why reconciliation is important?

Bank Quiz

Bank Reconciliation Report plus Aged Payable Report plus Payroll overview

Final : Financial Reporting

Bonus lecture - Value added tax and VAT return on Xero

Test Xero Knowledge

Test Xero knowledge and download Certificate of Completion, certified by RCCA

Xero Advanced knowledge

Dashboard Advanced view - how to apply user roles, add currency

How to change the templates to suit your business needs

How to amend financial settings, including locking period

Need to amend Sales tax / GST / VAT rates? Watch this tutorial

Do you have balances to transfer, check conversion balances video

How to import contacts with csv file, watch the video

Need to import the existing list of fixed assets? Watch this tutorial.

How to amend fixed asset register and add gain or loss on disposal

How to set up a tracking category

Watch how to add mileage receipt or re-bill client

Import inventory in a few easy steps

Let's add online payment option on sales invoices

Payroll part 1 - Learn about payroll

Payroll part 2- How to complete, revert and do ad-hoc payrun

How to run VAT report step by step


Kate25 January 2021

I liked the clear explanation in each chapter, and that tutor also explains the bookkeeping procedures. The sound was great, had no problem using headphones or speakers. Thank you!

Joan18 October 2020

It was good the only challenge is the volume of the speaker, the introductions slides got the correct volume but the whenever she talks barely hear her. Not my settings as at some stages the volume were right.

Richard28 September 2020

Soundtrack was almost inaudible. So many grammatical mistakes, including some questions on the quiz not making sense. Many of the questions on the quizzes tested memory rather than understanding/learning. No layered learning and because the voice was so monotone, it was really hard to concentrate and absorb the information. Instructor obviously knows her stuff but doesn't have a grasp of how to communicate that knowledge

Claudine2 September 2020

The sound quality when you were speaking could be better because it was quiet and I had it on the maximum volume setting. Otherwise, the course is good, I feel as though you could show more of where you specifically click onto which account, or balance form from the headings on Xero. This would make it easier when trying to practice ourselves. Overall, very helpful course.

Julieanne25 August 2020

I am not familiar with VAT. I am assuming this is something that may be specific to another region or country and that in the USA it will be referred to as something else. It would be nice if this was explained.

Jazmine4 August 2020

It was good however this is not an updated version (this is from 2016) and updated version would be better, i need to learn about Hubdoc and how to match receipts which unfortunately i was not able to do. overall clear and was able to gain an understanding.

Angela18 April 2020

Great course. Step by step learning. Knowledgeable information on learning Xero. Would recommend if you want to learn Xero Accounting Software.

Brian20 July 2019

Course is good and quite informative. however it assumes using the British Version of Xero and ask questions about the dashboard and marks you as wrong when in fact you give the RIGHT answer according to the Global version of Xero.

Sacha19 March 2019

This is a good overall course for Xero. I would have liked a little more info on the Profit and Loss Statement and the Balance sheet.

D1 November 2018

Sound quality poor. Course feels like it is moving slowly. Voice/tone of presenter very monotonous.

Kay10 October 2018

I have really enjoyed this course because the lectures are very informative and get straight to the point. Thank you

Gareth31 May 2018

I got the test after an issue, but once I was able to access it, it was easy to use and the questions where multiple choice.

Patricia27 March 2018

There were many areas that needed better explaining. I really did not understand the bank reconciliation at all. There was just areas that were just scanned through

Cristina15 February 2018

So far I like the information- the instructor explains things in details and provides extra definitions (i.e. what are overheads, direct costs, etc.) I just have a problem with the delivery method. It is sometimes too slow for me and the accent makes it sometimes difficult to understand (only certain words). Also, I would correct the closed captioning as it is not understanding some of the words as well. Despite all this I do recommend this for someone like myself, that is starting out.

Jessica30 May 2017

This course was alright. I personally didn't enjoy that there was no cursor on the screen as there was a lot of talking without anything happening on the screen so that made it hard to stay focused. She also rarely explains why she is doing what she is doing or what different things mean. I would suggest printing out the handbook and studying that as it has far more useful information and steps than what she talks about.


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