Python OOP : Object Oriented Programming in Python

Python Object Oriented programming OOP advanced / Scripting for projects / automation / interview questions / beginners

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What you will learn

Good understanding of Object Oriented features of Python

Object Oriented Python features implementation

Writing Classes and Creation of Objects

Inheritance and Polymorphism with examples

Data hiding, Class variables, Class Methods, Static Methods

Property, MRO, super() with examples


This "Python OOP : Object Oriented Programming in Python" course provides good understanding of object oriented concepts and implementation in Python programming.

Note: This course is a part of my detailed Python course "Python Programming/Script/OOP/Advanced for Python 3 Projects" that includes 5 projects, 600+ Exercises & Quizzes.

Instructor is author of popular books "C In Depth" and "Data Structures Through C In Depth" helped 250,000+ students & professionals.

Why learn Object Oriented Python Programming

  • Preferred language for Data Science/AI/ML/Automation

  • Enrich your Object Oriented Python skills

  • Implement/Understand Object Oriented Python techniques

  • Better Development/Maintenance

  • Flexible and Extensible software design

  • Well prepared for interviews

Design and development of a product requires great understanding of implementation language. The complexity of real world application requires the use of strength of language to provide robust, flexible and efficient solutions. Python provides the Object Oriented capability and lot of rich features to stand with changing demand of current world application requirement.

This "Python OOP : Object Oriented Programming in Python" tutorial explains the Object Oriented features of Python programming in step-wise manner. All the topics have been explained in simple way. You will also see the demonstration of source code implementation for each topic. This course will improve the Python programming skills of developers who have basic understanding of Python. You will learn Object Oriented features of Python programming which will help in providing efficient solution for software projects. You will be able to understand and implement all the Object Oriented Python programming techniques and apply in Python projects. This tutorial will also help you to present yourself well for Object Oriented Python programming coding interview questions.

This "Learn Python OOP : Object Oriented Programming in Python" course covers following object oriented Python topics used in software development : Classes and Objects, __init__ method, Class variables, Static variables, Data hiding, Property, Magic methods, Inheritance, Polymorphism.

Here is the course content-

  • Classes and Objects

  • Magic Methods

  • Inheritance and Polymorphism

In this "Learn Python OOP : Object Oriented Programming in Python" course, I have used IDLE, you can use any other Free IDE.

This "Learn Python OOP : Object Oriented Programming in Python" online course on Udemy will be great help to developers for learning Object Oriented Python programming concepts. Also it will be a good complement to any book/tutorial.

So what are you waiting for, enroll now and start learning.



Introduction to Object Oriented Python
Source Code

Classes and Objects

Classes and Objects
Classes and Objects ....... continued
Quiz -1
Practice Exercise -1
Solutions - 1
__init__ Method
Data Hiding
Practice Exercise - 2
Solutions - 2
Class Variables
Class Methods
Static Methods
Quiz -2
Practice Exercise - 3
Solutions - 3

Magic Methods In Python

Magic Methods - 1
Magic Methods - 2
Magic Methods - 3

Inheritance and Polymorphish In Python

Inheritance in Python
Multiple Inheritance
MRO and super()
Polymorphism in Python
Bonus lecture


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October 5, 2023
Amazing course, great understanding of the OOP principles with hands on practice on complex exercises.
October 1, 2023
Good introduction about Python Class and the examples are easy to understand. Some practices do not clear instructions but the answers help to compensate them. Overall is a pretty good course.
September 27, 2023
A solid introduction to OOP with some challenging practice exercises to help test your knowledge along the way. I did struggle a little at the beginning with the instructor's accent, but the teaching style was effective and built up concepts incrementally with some helpful examples demonstrations. Would recommend if you need a primer on OOP.
August 31, 2023
I gives a good understanding in the basics of OOP, nevertheless, on the exercises I think they could be better explained and the solutions also better explained or at least commented, so that people can know what was wrong with their code.
August 28, 2023
Fantastic course, free, covers everything important in a way which is detailed but not overly complex
August 18, 2023
Clear, concise, correct information but language could be simplified since as a beginner all the syntax, names, methods, etc. seem like gibberish until you know them
August 7, 2023
Highly recommend for beginners as this course gives you a broader and in depth understanding of the OO Python. Great course.
July 24, 2023
A lil too simple so far, and the last question of the 1st quiz was wrong, it stated the correct answer would be an error but it wouldn't actually raise any error, instead it would only be behaviour error, it wouldn't crash a the program or anything.
July 16, 2023
I really think this course is good for beginner's. Although the volume is not very high and so it make it harder for me to understand her.
May 10, 2023
very few details sending me to another site definitely self marketing and jumping with no explanation especially in the third lesson
May 8, 2023
Tenia días buscando un curso conciso que me otorgara esta información así de precisa, muchas gracias por la ayuda
March 8, 2023
Beginn ist zu durcheinander und ohne Struktur. Ergibt zwar Sinn, sollte aber besser aufgebaut werden.
February 8, 2023
Веома добар курс објектно орјентисаног програмирања за питона, изуетно пријатно сам изненађен квалитетом информација које сам добио.
December 29, 2022
Wanted a revision for OOP concepts in python and found the best free course for that. Explanation is simple and on point and easy to understand. And course is short so you can finish it quickly
December 21, 2022
This should be a paid course really. Deepali is very structured, builds block by blocks and keeps the language and presentation very basic. Helps clear the fundamentals so easily.



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