Northern Lights Forest Art Canvas

Learn a simple technique to paint the Northern lights and then take your project a step further and make it wintery

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33 mins
Sep 2021
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What you will learn

Learn how to Paint with acrylics on a canvas

Learn an easy technique to paint the Northern Lights

Learn how easy it is to paint realistic evergreen trees

Learn an easy technique to transfer a pattern onto a dark surface


Welcome to the Northern Lights Art Canvas Class!

This art piece would be great to make for yourself or create for a gift for a friend or loved one! 

You have the option of creating the artwork with or without the wintery/seasonal elements.  The art piece looks complete either way!

The second video in this course covers all the supplies that are needed and  will be used in this course.  Below that video there is a link that you can get the supply list in a downloadable PDF version.  The PDF has each item listed and is linked with where you can purchase these supplies online saving you a lot of time trying to source everything yourself.  There is also a link to the clipart I used for the santa and sleigh.

In this Course we will be covering:

1-Supplies you will need for this class

2-How to prep your canvas for painting

3-How to use the splatter brush to create stars or snowflakes (or even just splatters)

4-A simple but effective painting technique to create the Northern Lights

5-How to paint simple Evergreen Trees

6-Adding Optional Wintery elements or die cuts to your piece

7-How to transfer a pattern onto a dark surface

8-Adding a Hanger to the back or your piece


Northern Lights Forest Art Canvas - Screenshot_01Northern Lights Forest Art Canvas - Screenshot_02Northern Lights Forest Art Canvas - Screenshot_03Northern Lights Forest Art Canvas - Screenshot_04


Northern Lights Forest Canvas

Supplies Needed
How to Prep your Canvas
Using the Splatter Brush
Painting the Basecoat and Stars on the Canvas
Adding the Northern Lights to the sky
Practicing Trees
Adding the Trees
Adding the Snow
How to transfer a pattern on a dark background and add Santa to the sky
Adding Optional Die-cuts
Adding a Hanger to the back of your Art

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