Microsoft SQL Server 2017: Linux, Docker and macOS Hands-On

Install, Configure, and Manage Database with SQL Server on Linux to bring high security for your data and Transactions

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Apr 2018

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What you will learn

To learning basic of Linux,how to install Linux,SQL Server 2017,Docker,Administration tools and many more


As we know SQL Server has traditionally run only on Windows. SQL 2017 is the ability to install server instances and work with databases on Linux and in Docker containers, which opens the possibility of running SQL Server on macOS. With the extension tools now available as native Linux and macOS applications, users can take advantage of on the variety of options available for running a database instance. This course shows how to install SQL Server on new platforms, and how to connect to it from a newly various environments and also shows how to use SQL Operations Studio to perform routine SQL Server maintenance tasks, such as backups, from Windows, macOS, and Linux.

These are topics  covered in this course.

  • Installing, upgrading, and uninstalling SQL Server on Linux
  • Connecting to SQL Server on Linux
  • Issuing T-SQL commands
  • Installing Docker on Windows and macOS
  • Connecting to SQL Server from inside and outside a container
  • Sharing data across containers
  • Installing SQL tools on macOS
  • Connecting to SQL Server on macOS
  • Using SQL Operations Studio
  • Backing up a database in Operations Studio


Microsoft SQL Server 2017: Linux, Docker and macOS Hands-On
Microsoft SQL Server 2017: Linux, Docker and macOS Hands-On
Microsoft SQL Server 2017: Linux, Docker and macOS Hands-On
Microsoft SQL Server 2017: Linux, Docker and macOS Hands-On




Working in Linux

Linux prerequisites for SQL Server

Linux basics

How to install Ubuntu

Install SQL Server on Ubuntu

Installing SQL Server on Ubuntu

Upgrading SQL Server 2017

Uninstalling SQL Server 2017

How to Stop and restart the SQL server 2017

Connect to SQL Server 2017 on Linux

Installing mssql-tools

Run sqlcmd in a Linux terminal

Issue T-SQL commands

Install additional services

Connect using SSMS on Windows

Get Started with Docker

Docker prerequisites for SQL Server

How to Install Docker on Windows

How to Install Docker on macOS

How to Pull the SQL Server image

Connect to SQL Server within a container

Connect from outside the container

Work in a Docker Container

Change the SA account password

Run multiple instances of SQL Server 2017

Sharing data across containers

Perform an external backup

Microsoft SQL Tools on macOS

Understand macOS integration

Install Homebrew

tap and brew mssql-tools

Connect to a SQL Server instance

Extract data with bcp

MS SQL Operations Center

What is Microsoft Operations Studio?

Get started with Operations Studio

Write T-SQL commands

Back up a database


Daniel25 April 2019

I was able to follow the lectures from how to download mssql on mac using the terminal but i got lost when the lecturer was talking about sql server management studio.I am a beginner and i thought the lecturer would have taken his time to give us a step by step approach. But over all, i learned something.

Noel19 December 2018

Very new MS SQL 2017 running on Linux with hands-on it covers basic to advance how to install and configure SQL on Linux,Client connectivity very useful

Lea24 November 2018

Well,Done just sharing my experience to completed in this course i have learnt very new Microsoft SQL Server 2017 release on Linux using docker container and setup done on my laptop followed by instructor like Installing SQL Server on Ubuntu,stop/start SQL instance using CLI mode particular Docker setup and basic administration.

Matt21 October 2018

Instructor explained the concepts with examples very clearly including with new features of SQL 2017 amazing course i recommended Thanks so much Sir.

Nathan29 September 2018

Instructor's lecture delivery is very engaging and straight to the point. Course has lots of useful and helpful information. I personally recommend this course. its valuable.

Shashi8 August 2018

It is good to have the basic about the SQL Server 2017 cross the platform that how it works. Nice to see all these advance improvement.

Hashir28 May 2018

really enjoying this course - bite size chunks presented in a clear and understandable and is good for who learn MS SQL on Linux platform


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