Microsoft Publisher 2013 Training Tutorial

Learn Microsoft Publisher with this complete course including video lessons and printable classroom instruction manual.

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Microsoft Publisher 2013 Training Tutorial


5.5 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Video Lessons

Includes Classroom Instruction Manual

Working with Text

Formatting Objects

Working with Graphics


Mail Merge

Commercial Printing

Much More!


Learn Microsoft Publisher 2013 & 2010 with this  comprehensive course from TeachUcomp, Inc. Mastering  Publisher Made Easy features 69 video lessons with over 4 hours of  introductory through advanced instruction. Watch, listen and learn as your  expert instructor guides you through each lesson step-by-step. During this  media-rich learning experience, you will see each function performed just as if  your instructor were there with you. Reinforce your learning with the text of  our printable classroom instruction manual, additional images and practice  exercises.  You will learn how to create  dynamic fliers, postcards & business cards, perform mail merges, preparing  your projects for printing and much more.

Our courses were developed from our original classroom trainings. This helped to develop the curriculum of course topics we present that address the student’s real-world concerns and usage.

Our course design helps maximize the learning retention of our self-study courses. Each course contains different learning modalities that help reinforce the topics. We initially present each topic’s information in a course manual in a written, conversational style to provide a conceptual overview. These overviews are followed by instructions, showing the specific actions required to perform the tasks related to the topic. These topic actions are then combined with each other into exercises at the end of each chapter to show their interconnected relationships.

Each course topic is also enhanced with an audio-visual lesson in the form of a video. The video lesson shows how to perform the topic’s actions as the instructor simultaneously narrates the topic’s overview.

Whether you are completely new to Publisher or  upgrading from an older version, this course will empower you with the  knowledge and skills necessary to be a proficient user. We have incorporated  years of classroom training experience and teaching techniques to develop an  easy-to-use course that you can customize to meet your personal learning needs.  Simply launch a video lesson or  open the manual and you’re on your way to mastering Publisher.


Getting Acquainted with Publisher

The Publisher Environment

The Title Bar

The Ribbon

The “File” Tab and Backstage View

The Quick Access Toolbar

Touch Mode- 2013

The Scroll Bars

The Page Layout View Buttons

The Zoom Slider and “Zoom” Button Group

The Status Bar

The Mini Toolbar

Keyboard Shortcuts

Creating Basic Publications

Creating New Publications

Changing the Publication Template- 2013 Only

Using Business Information

Saving Publications- 2013 Only

Saving Publications- 2010 Only

Closing Publications

Opening Publications- 2013 Only

Opening Publications- 2010 Only

Inserting New Pages

Deleting Pages

Moving Pages

Basic Skills

Inserting Text Boxes

Inserting Shapes

Adding Text to Shapes

Inserting Your Own Pictures- 2013 Only

Inserting Online Pictures- 2013 Only

Inserting Picture Placeholders- 2013 Only

Using the Scratch Area- 2013 Only

Inserting Clip Art and Pictures- 2010 Only

Moving, Resizing, and Rotating Objects

Deleting Objects

Using Find and Replace

Using AutoCorrect

Inserting WordArt

Formatting Objects

Formatting Text

Formatting Shapes

Formatting Clip Art and Pictures

Using Building Blocks

Creating Building Blocks

Using Building Blocks

Master Pages

Using Master Pages

Customizing Schemes

Creating a Custom Color Scheme

Creating a Custom Font Scheme

Customizing Page Backgrounds- 2013 Only

Customizing Page Backgrounds- 2010 Only

Using Tables

Creating and Deleting Tables

Selecting Table Elements

Inserting and Deleting Columns and Rows

Merging and Splitting Cells

Modifying Text in Table Cells

Formatting Tables

Page Setup and Layouts

Using Page Setup

Using Layout Guides

Using the Rulers


Mail Merge

The Step By Step Mail Merge Wizard

Creating a Data Source

Selecting Recipients

Inserting and Deleting Merge Fields

Previewing a Merge

Detaching the Data Source

Finishing a Mail Merge

Merging a Catalog


Previewing and Printing

Using the Pack and Go Feature

Sharing and Exporting Publications- 2013 Only

Save & Send- 2010 Only

Helping Yourself

Using Publisher Help


Course Conclusion

Instruction Manual

Introductory Publisher Manual


Internal12 May 2015

This training never goes in depth in any feature. Moreover, it's quite annoying that the presenter often doesn't follow a logical sequence of steps: go to menu Z in panel Y in the tab X. Logical order would be: "In the ribbon, go to the tab X, then within the panel Y, click on the feature Z." I followed another training about Publisher from Simon Sez IT (on Udemy as well). There the presenter had an annoying voice but the instructions were clear and the content more efficiently packaged. For $10 I won't complain further, but you can have more value elsewhere.


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