Micro-Expressions with Science for Sales, Romance & More

Learn to read people, detect emotions, tell truths from lies, and significantly improve your social acuity.

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What you will learn

What micro-expressions are

How to detect micro-expressions effectively

How to tell truths from falsehoods using micro-expressions

Why we flare our nostrils when we're angry, or squint when we're disgusted (evolutionary psychology)

The evolutionary purpose behind human emotions

Natural selection 101 & what it means for social dynamics


Hi, Nick here.

Let's cut to the chase: you're on Udemy to improve yourself.

Whether it's design skills, programming know-how, or learning how to file your own taxes, you're here because you want to get better and become the best version of you.

For many people, it's entrepreneurship. For others, it's art or design.

But for me, it's learning how human beings work. What makes us tick. Why we make the decisions that we do, and how you and I can use that knowledge to improve our lives.

In 2019, with social anxiety and depression at an all-time high, I truly believe social skills are the most important thing a person can learn to benefit all areas of their life, from their career, to their business, to their relationships.

Confident, socially acute people get better jobs. They get better lovers. And I can assure you they have significantly more fun than their non-confident counterparts.

As a veteran instructor, I have several courses on human behavior - odds are you've seen a few floating around. Body language. Vocal tone. Sales skills. Etc etc...

But this time, I wanted to do something special. Something that nobody else had done before. And after receiving literally over a dozen requests for a course specifically on emotion and facial expressions, I decided to take the leap and make the first science-driven guide to microexpressions out there.

I've spent the last few months reading countless empirical articles on cross-cultural human behavior, emotion, and facial expressions. I've interviewed dozens of people.

And from it all, I've managed to leverage my five years of behavioral neuroscience knowledge to take literally decades of research on human behavior and distill it into an easy-to-learn one hour guide that anybody can understand.

Want to be more socially aware? Or become an excellent lie detector? Or level up your sales skills immensely, by being able to evaluate your prospect's emotions in real-time? After taking this course, you'll easily be able to do all three.

This course will answer questions like:

- What are microexpressions?

- How do we detect them effectively?

- Why do we flare our nostrils when we're angry? Or squint when we're disgusted?

- What's the evolutionary purpose behind human emotion?

- What practical situations can we use microexpression detection in to improve our lives?

So let's get this show on the road! Grab a snack, buckle up, and get ready for a deep dive into social dynamics, evolutionary psychology, and practicality.

See you inside.



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A Breakdown: Universal Human Emotions
Evolutionary Psychology of Disgust
Practical Detection & Analysis of Disgust
Evolutionary Psychology of Anger
Practical Detection & Analysis of Anger
Evolutionary Psychology of Fear
Practical Detection & Analysis of Fear
Evolutionary Psychology of Sadness
Practical Detection & Analysis of Sadness
Evolutionary Psychology of Happiness
Practical Detection & Analysis of Happiness
Evolutionary Psychology of Surprise
Practical Detection & Analysis of Surprise
Evolutionary Psychology of Contempt
Practical Detection & Analysis of Contempt


November 9, 2020
Good beginner's guide on a topic of facial expressions. My second course with this instructor. Like the structure of his courses split to 2 parts - learning and practical examples.
June 4, 2020
I really enjoyed taking this course. The explanations are really interesting, and I didn't get tired of watching lesson after lesson. The only thing I would say is that you don't get as much practice as maybe you could expect. After every emotion you get to watch a video of a person resembling two different situations where that emotions gets reflected. On the other hand, it might be very difficult to find videos of people doing the exact emotion that you need in order to practice, so just take that into consideration and start practicing with real life experiences
April 12, 2020
There were missing emotions such as pain. Diversity was poor. Showing the emotions with just a person limits understanding. Learning the theory behind expressions were quite interesting.
March 28, 2020
A decent, quick introduction to the topic of microexpressions. I feel like the instructor has given me enough information for me to go out and look at more in-depth information about the role that microexpressions have played in evolutionary psychology, and to watch more videos for more examples of microexpressions. This wasn't an exceptional course and had neither the length nor the depth that most courses on Udemy have. The video and audio quality was a bit lacking as well. It is what it is. Definitely wait for one of the frequent sales before purchasing.
February 7, 2020
It is good.. but can we have more practical detection examples... It is always the same guy.. and he looks fake because unconsciously feeling .. the eyeball not moving naturally..
December 22, 2019
Es un buen curso que te hace poner más atención a los pequeños gestos que la gente hace cuando experimenta una emoción. Me ha ayudado a ser más observador y a cambiar las emociones de las personas durante una conversación. Lo recomiendo aunque me gustaría una parte interactiva para poder observar mis propias expresiones.



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