Memorize 50 Elements From The Periodic Table In 30 Minutes

Quickly memorize the elements with simple yet fascinating stories developed with advanced mnemonic chaining technique.

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Nov 2014
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What you will learn

Easily recall 50 important elements from the periodic table ( groups : 1,2,13,14,15,16,17,18 )

Use this mnemonic chaining technique to create more memory hacks for other subjects

Download a beautiful pdf file of all stories to keep a printed copy with you for a quick revision anytime


Do not waste hours to memorize the elements again. Learn through fascinating stories that are light on your brain ( usually funny ) and easy to recall. The stories are developed with advanced mnemonic chaining technique that gives keep giving triggers about up-coming elements whilst you are learning one chain. This ensures that your are in the flow and never get stuck while you are recalling a chain. When you normally memorize something, chances are that you will not be able to recall it when you are in extreme pressure, for example in situations like writing an exam and facing a tough question. You suddenly go blank and cannot remember what you learned. Remembering it through 'easy to recall stories' is the best way to avoid these kind of blackouts. Remember that the more creative and unrealistic the stories are the more easily you recall them. So, the stories here does not make sense but will be easier to recall at a later point in time. In addition, this course will train your mind to solve memorizing challenges using the advanced mnemonic chaining technique. You will never waste hours trying to memorize anything.


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Memorize 50 Elements From The Periodic Table

Trick to Memorize the First 10 Elements Easily
Group 1 Elements : The Story of Lion's Christmas treat
Group 2 Elements : The Story of Camels that Serve Icecream
Group 13 Elements : The Superman gadgets In Thailand
Group 14 Elements : Tintin and the Silk
Group 15 Elements : Story of Ninjas that rescue
Group 16 Elements : Levithan that drink tea
Group 17 Elements : Story of the food color limits
Group 18 Elements : Story of the Arabian Kings

Bonus Trick

Bonus Trick: Memorize the chemical symbol of Tungsten (W)


September 9, 2016
Spoke a little too quickly at some points. But very fun way to memorize, really enjoy the cartoon drawings!!!
April 10, 2016
Excellent!!! Plain, simple, straightforward, easy to follow and with immediate results. Great retention with the first pass. Just give it a try and you will be amazed!
March 16, 2015
This course was a breeze, easy to follow, and to the point! I'm grateful for the instructor's style and comfort I felt taking this course.
January 21, 2015
Knowing the most important elements by heart may come in handy and it is fun to learn them with these stories! I deducted one star because I find the background music too loud and destracting. Otherwise good course!
November 10, 2014
I joined basically for my son who is in 7th standard. He enjoyed it going by the light that comes when a child found something interesting and useful. I am sure his teachers did not help him to remember that way that many elements. Four stars are basically for 50 elements only as he has to remember other elements by other means.



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