Mastering Substance Designer for Beginners

Take your Substance Designer skills to the next level with the Mastering Substance Designer to Beginners course

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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Create variation for your materials

Master the use of masks in your projects

Organic Scattering

An efficient use of nodes and clean graphs

Learn new techniques and workflows

Thought process and planing


Hi everyone, my name is Csabi Kalanyos and In this course i will guide you through the process of creating these damaged tiles in Substance Designer.

The course is 203 minutes long and it is a step by step guide, fully narrated.

Some of the features you will learn throughout this course include :

  • Creating variation for your materials

  • Masks as one of the foundations of procedural material authoring

  • Organic Scattering

  • Thought process

  • An efficient use of nodes and clean graphs

  • New techniques and workflows

Prerequisites :

  • Substance Designer

  • Marmoset Toolbag 3 - for the presentation part

  • Davinci Resolve ( for post processing- there is a free version online )

  • Minimal knowledge of Substance Designer

This Course is intended to beginners, howewer, a minimal knowledge of Substance Designer is required.

The Course starts with entering Substance Designer and setting up your output nodes

And it ends with presenting the material in Toolbag 3 and post processing it in Davinci Resolve

Throughout the course you will learn new techniques and workflows for creating variation, which is probably one of the most important things when it comes to procedural material authoring

The Graph is kept very clean and easy to read, organized

And it also has an extensive use of masks, very clearly explained

Organic scattering is another important topic which i will discuss and explain some clever ways to do.

I hope you will enjoy it !


Mastering Substance Designer for Beginners

Part 1- Base Shape and Cracks
Part 2-Missing pieces and slopes
Part 3-Grout
Part 4- Broken pieces
Part 5- Mortar
Part 6- Mortar
Part 7- Top pieces
Part 8- Backface texture and damage
Part 9- Base Colour
Part 10- Roughness and AO
Part 11- Presenting and Post Process


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October 16, 2022
Overall, it has been good. A couple of things though. Since is meant for beginners, I wish he would explain a little better why is choosing something, like the blend modes for example, why are you choosing Max, or Multiply, what's the intention behind it? The whole point is for me to learn and use the knowledge to try to do it myself with other materials, and not just copy what you're doing. And another thing is the audio. It mutes every time he stops talking which is very distracting and annoying.
September 20, 2022
Totally amazing, one of the best courses on this site. Not too long, but very detailed and the instructor clearly knows what he is talking about. I didn't use Substance for this, I used a free program called Material Maker, but I was still able to follow along and get good results. Really worth the time and money.
July 6, 2022
the content is straighforward like the tittle does. the phase is good, and for the most important thing, you are likely to get understand what the lecture are giving, since his explanation is along step by step with what he does. Overall, its good course.
July 4, 2022
Excellent course for beginners. Csabi does a good job not only showing a wide variety of techniques for Substance Designer, but also emphasizes good analysis of reference, and basic concepts of composition and visual clarity, all important skills for a good texture artist.



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