Spreadsheet Function Masterclass

Learn all the general purpose function in Google Sheets and MS Excel from beginners to advance with projects and tests.

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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Learn all the essential spreadsheet/Google Sheet/ Excel functions

Learn all uncommon and common spreadsheet/Google Sheet/ Excel functions

Complete guide of functions with example and hands on exercise

Complete multiple case studies to apply in any situation


Google spreadsheet/ Google Sheets is one of the essential data management tools which is easy to handle and widely accepted. Although it is mainly used for developing visual illustrations and mathematical calculations, it is even more helpful in project management as it has soo many functions to edit any work in progress. The spreadsheet manages to contain the logical flow and assists in proper time management. Google Sheet/ Spreadsheet and Excel have the latest data visualizing tools and therefore assist to go beyond the boundaries with high potential and creativities of all the users.

As Google Sheets, excel and spreadsheet have precisely the same functions, this course will be a win-win for all the learners. We are mostly focusing on the spreadsheet because all the features are free and easily accessible for all as others may require purchases to unlock premium features. This course is designed for the general people and project managers to work with expertise. Furthermore, this course will help accountants to work with mass calculations with minimum effort. A broader explanation of Gantt Chart, Parser Functions, Logical Functions, Numerical and Mathematical Functions, Text Functions, Organizational Functional, and many more are taught in this course with ample examples and real-life scenarios.

What you will learn in this course?

  1. Essential functions

  2. Conditional functions

  3. Filter functions

  4. Sparkline functions (miniature curve)

  5. Errors

  6. Info functions

  7. Date functions

  8. Logical functions

  9. Time-related functions

  10. Math functions

  11. Text functions

  12. Split functions

  13. Gantt chart

  14. Query function

  15. VLOOKUP function

  16. Web functions

  17. Google functions

  18. Parser function

  19. Multiple projects

  20. Case studies and challenges

What does this course offer you?

  1. Category-wise discussion on built-in functions

  2. Ameliorate your creativity and develop your own style

  3. Discussion on the syntax and use cases of Advanced Level Functions

  4. Real-life project to sharpen spreadsheet skills

  5. Creating custom functions and automating your tasks with a google spreadsheet

  6. These functions and features are also the same for MS Excel. So a screamer !!

  7. Unique and effective explanation of each section

  8. High quality and easy to follow along with video tutorials

  9. This course gets updated on a regular basis in terms of newer features and course materials such as projects and quizzes

  10. Get lifetime access to all the functions and projects

How this course will benefit you?

  1. You'll learn all the necessary Google Sheet functions

  2. It will teach you many shortcuts and small tricks to work like a professional easily

  3. You'll get plenty of practice through our precise projects which will help you to build your own style

  4. You will also be able to identify and correct all of your mistakes in a blink of an eye

  5. You'll always be prepared to work with all the latest versions of Google Sheet


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English is My Second Language
Essential Function: Computational
Passing Additional Argument
Essential Function Counting
Today and Now Function

Conditional Function

Conditional Function: =IF() intro
Implementation of =IF() function: Problem Overview
Implementing =IF() function to Calculate Results
Nesting IF functions: intro
Calculation Grades: Implementing Nested =IF()
=IFS() as an alternative to Nested =IF() function
Calculating Grades using =IFS() function

Filter Function

Filter Function Intro
Implementing =FILTER() Function

Miniature Curves: =SPARKLINE() Functions

=SPARKLINE() Function: intro
Stacked Bar Chart Using SPARKLINE
Line Chart Using SPARKLINE
Column Chart Using SPARKLINE
Win Loss Chart Using SPARKLINE


Common Errors
=ERROR.TYPE() function
All about Errors

Project 1: To-Do List

Project overview
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Info Functions

Info Functions intro
=CELL() Function
=TYPE() Function
Info Function and Usage

Challenge: Type Finder

Challenge Intro
Challenge Solve
Challenge Solving the Encountered Problem

Date Function

=DATE() Function
Functions Related to Time, Hour, Minutes and Seconds
=DATEDIF() Function
Introduction to Date Value Function
Spreadsheet Challenge: Age Calculation

Logical Functions

Logical Operation: AND, OR and NOT
Logical Operation: XOR
=SWITCH() Function
Updating Type Finder using =SWITCH() and =CELL() Function

Math Functions

Floor, Celling and INT function
Trunc, Power, Mod, Round, Rand, Randbetween, Product function
Subtotal function
SUMIF and SUMIFS function

Text Functions

Find and Search
Join Function
Len function
Mid Function
Replace Function
Rept Function
Split Function
Substitute Function
Text Function
Trim Function

Split Function

First 3 arguments
4th argument

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart Intro
Project Intro
Finding The Start And The End Date of The Project
Revisiting SPARKLINE Function to Create Stacked Bar
Gantt Chart Implementation Process
Gantt Chart Implementation
Color Implementation for the Active and Rescheduled Task Items
Color Implementation of the Task Items that Failed the Deadline
Color Implementation for the Running and Blocked Task Items
Implementing Project Timeline

Query Functions

Introduction to Query Function
Overview of Query Language
Query Function- Clauses: Contains, Ends with, Starts with, Matches and Like
Query Function- Clauses: Oder by, Group by and Pivot
Query Function- Example part 1
Query Function- Example part 2
Query Function- Example part 3
Query Function- Use of Select and Where
Query Function- Use of Order by
Query Function- Use of Group by
Query Function- Use of Pivot Clause
Updating Todo List Project Using QUERY Review

Updating TODO List Project

Updating TODO List Project with Query Function

VLOOKUP Function

Introduction to VLOOKUP
3 Arguments
4th Argument

Web Functions

Hyperlink and ISURL Function
Import Range Function
HTML Function

GOOGLE Functions

Image Function

Parser Functions

Parser Function Intro
Convert Function: Syntax
Convert Function
To Text Function
To Dollar and To Percent Function
To Pure Number and To Date Function

Project 2: Unit Converter

Named Range
Dynamic dropdown
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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