Master Python and GitHub with Real World Projects

Create a Portfolio of 10 Python Projects on GitHub

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Sep 2023
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What you will learn

Master the fundamentals of Python

Understand data structures, loops, functions and generators

Learn Object Orientated Programming (OOP)

Master Git and Github to share your code on the internet

Create and publish Python packages you can share with the whole world

Learn how to web scrape websites

Build and deploy GUI apps

Speech to Text apps

Master SQL with SQLite

Build web apps with Flask

Create a portfolio of projects on your GitHub account


This course is designed to for:

  • complete beginners

  • intermediates

  • those from another programming background (e.g. JavaScript)

Throughout this course, you'll having a growing portfolio of Python apps and advance code that you've built and put on your personal GitHub account for the whole world to see!

Every time you complete a project, we'll push it to GitHub.

We'll cover the fundamentals of Python with lectures, projects, quizzes and coding exercises.

This includes:

  • Variables and operators

  • Data structures (lists, dictionaries, tuples, and sets)

  • Control flow, while loops and for loops

  • List comprehension and dictionary comprehension

  • Functions, scope, lambda expressions, and decorators

  • Handling errors

  • Python modules (csv, random, datetime, OS, pickle, JSON)

  • OOP (Object-Orientated Programming)

  • Completely master Git and GitHub for version control

  • PyPI for publishing Python modules

  • Beautiful Soup for Web scraping the internet

  • Speech to Text

  • GUI apps

  • CLI apps

  • SQLite3 for handling databases and tables

  • Encrypt and decryption

You'll build the following applications:

  1. Create a guessing game app running in the command terminal (great for beginners)

  2. Speech to text app to perform basic calculations.

  3. Create a local anagram module.

  4. Build and deploy GUI Python Editor app.

  5. CLI app encrypting and decrypting zip files.

  6. Create and deploy a Python package on the internet with PyPI.

  7. Create an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process with SQLite3 for sorting book data.

  8. Create an ELT (Extract, Load, Transform process with SQLite3 with real world movie data.

  9. Data visualization of the number of lines of code for different files.

  10. Web scraping the National Lotto, save the and display the results with data visualization.

I'll be on hand to help you with any questions or issues you may have.



Course Resources
Anaconda and Conda
Anaconda Installation (Windows + Mac)
Anaconda Installation (Ubuntu + Linux)

Jupyter, Pip, and Virtual Environments

Pip and Conda (Windows + Mac)
Virtual Environments (Windows + Mac)
Running Jupyter (Windows + Mac)
Pip and Conda (Ubuntu + Linux)
Virtual Environments (Ubuntu + Linux)
Running Jupyter (Ubuntu + Linux)
Jupyter Notebook Overview
Jupyter Lab Overview

Git and Github

Section Overview
Git Installation
Git Commands
Github and SSH Key
Git Push and Pull
Git Ignore
Multiple SSH Keys (Optional)
Git Branch and Merge
Merge Conflict (Local) - Part 1
Merge Conflict (Remote) - Part 2
Git Clone and Forking
Git and Github Quiz

Pre-Project for GitHub

Pre-Project Overview
Creating a Profile - Part 1
Creating a Profile - Part 2
Creating a Project


Section Overview
Variables and Operators
Strings and Formatting
Basics Quiz
Fundamentals Coding Exercise

Data Structures

Section Overview
Built-in Functions
Data Structures Quiz
Data Structures Coding Exercise

Control Flow and Loops

Section Overview
Conditionals (If, Elif, Else)
For Loops
While Loops
Break, Pass, Continue
Control Flow and Loops Quiz
Control flow and Loops Coding Exercise

Project - Guessing Game

Project Overview
Guessing Number


Section Overview
List Comprehension
Dictionary Comprehension
Comprehension Quiz
List Comprehension Coding Exercise
Dictionary Comprehension Coding Exercise

Import Modules

Section Overview
Context Manager (Files)
CSV Data
Pickle and JSON Data
Import Modules - Quiz
Import Modules Coding Exercise

Project - Calculate Languages

Project Overview
Calculating Language Percentages
Data Visualization of Languages


Section Overview
Lambda Expressions
Args and Kwargs
Functions Quiz
Functions Exercise

Tkinter GUI apps

Section Overview
Basics of Tkinter
Inputs of Tkinter
Managing Multiple Windows
Tkinter GUI Quiz - Part 1
Handling Events with Bind
Handling Images and Links
Tabs and Frames
Uploading Files, List and Scrollbar
Tkinter GUI Quiz - Part 2

Project - GUI Python Editor app

Project Overview
Adding Navbar and Buttons
Adding Text Areas
Updating Edit Functions
Adding Scroll bars
Opening Python files
Running Python files
Saving Python files
Find and Replace Text
Package GUI app (optional)

Modules and Packages (Creating Modules)

Section Overview
Modules - Part 1 __name__
Modules - Part 2
Modules - Part 3 __package__
Modules - Part 4 __all__
Quiz - Modules & Packages
Tkinter GUI Quiz - Part 2
Modules & Packages Coding Exercise

Advanced Functions

Section Overview
Type Hinting
Decorator Fundamentals
Decorator Practical
Advanced Functions Quiz
Advanced Functions Coding Exercise

CLI Apps

Section Overview
CLI - Part 1
CLI - Part 2
CLI Quiz
CLI Test

Project - CLI Encryption App

Project Overview
Creating ZipFiles
Encrypting Zipfiles
Decrypting ZipFiles
Converting to a CLI app
Password for Encrypt/Decrypt

Handle Errors

Section Overview
Try, Except and Finally
Handle Errors Quiz
Handle Errors Exercise

SQLite for Beginners

Section Overview
SQLite Installation (Article)
Creating Database and Tables
Inserting Invalid Data
Inserting Data with Table Constraints
CRUD Operations
Joining Tables
SQLite Queries
SQLite Quiz (Beginners)
Advanced SQLite Queries
SQLite Cases
Alter, Add, Rename and Drop
SQLite Datetime - Part 1
SQLite Datetime - Part 2
Handling SQL Errors
SQLite Quiz (intermediate)

Project - Basic ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) with SQLite3

Project Overview
Create Authors Table
Extracting Data
Transforming Data
Loading Data

Project - Speech to Text App

Project Overview
Text to Speech
Speech Recognition
Comprehension for Calculating Total
Saving Calculated Total
Converting to Python Script

OOP (Object Orientated Programming)

Section Overview
Classes and init
Special Methods
OOP Quiz
OOP Coding Exercise

Project - Local Anagram Module

Project Overview
Anagram Logic
Creating Anagram Class
Creating a Local Module

Project - PyPi

Project Overview
PyPI (Set up Package) - Part 1
PyPI (Create Package) - Part 2

Project - Advanced ETL (Extract, Load, and Transform) with SQLite3

Project Overview
Extracting Movie Data (with Kaggle)
Columns with List Comprehension
Loading Movie Data
Transforming Movie Data
ELT with OOP

Web Scraping

Section Overview
Web Scraping Locally
Web Scrapping Quiz
Web Scraping Coding Exercise

Project - Web Scraping UK National Lotto

Project Overview
Web Scraping Data - Part 1
Web Scraping Data - Part 2
Web Scraping Data - Part 3


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October 19, 2023
This course is up-to-date, and I love the way Mr.Russell teaches. This is my second course from him, and I already love it!



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