Master Microsoft Power Automate(Flow) Expressions in 2 hours

You know Microsoft Power Automate. It is time to work with Flow expressions.

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3 hours


Aug 2019

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What you will learn

Microsoft Flow Advanced Topics

Working Microsoft Flow Expressions

Working with Flow Data Operations

Parsing Flow Trigger Parameters

Parsing JSON data in Microsoft Flow


This course contains almost 3 hours lecture which is obviously more than 2 hours in the course title. The core training for Flow expressions is actually around 2 hours, but we decided to include 30 minutes as introduction to JSON for students that are new to JSON. If you already know JSON, feel free to skip that section.

The last section if the course is simply putting most of things we learned during the course in a real life example. That also added almost 30 minutes to the course.

This is not a beginner course. We assume you already know how to create workflows with Microsoft Flow using visual designer. In this course we dive into working with data from different sources using Flow expressions.

Although most of the course engages you with writing code and expressions, they are extremely easy to follow and build expressions once you understand the model behind the expressions.

If you are new to Microsoft Flow, first complete my beginner course about Microsoft Flow called "Microsoft Flow Crash Course" before you start this course.


Master Microsoft Power Automate(Flow) Expressions in 2 hours
Master Microsoft Power Automate(Flow) Expressions in 2 hours
Master Microsoft Power Automate(Flow) Expressions in 2 hours
Master Microsoft Power Automate(Flow) Expressions in 2 hours



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Course Road Map - IMPORTANT

Brush up your JSON knowledge!

Understanding Data Objects

JSON In Action - 1

Jason In Action - 2

Why did we go through JSON first?

Test your JSON knowledge!

Flow Data Operations

Introduction to Flow Data Operations

Working with Compose Action

Working with Array "Filter" Action

Working with "Select" Action

Did we just miss Parse JSON?

Under the hood of Microsoft Flow triggers

Inside Flow Triggers

Inspecting trigger objects using expressions

HTTP Triggers - The main reason we need trigger expressions

Test your Expression knowledge on HTTP triggers

Calling Actions from Expressions - The lost lecture :)

Let's write Flow Expressions

What are we going to learn in this section?

Working with Manipulation Functions

Working with Collection Functions

Working with Referring Functions

Working with Conversion Functions

Working with Math Functions

Working with Date and Time Functions

Working with Logical Functions

Working with String Functions

Microsoft Flow Expressions in real life scenarios

A real life scenario with Microsoft Flow


Parth13 October 2020

Yes, this was really good course for me, as it cleared up some, much needed, concepts for me and makes me a better at creating flows using Power Automate. Was a really quick course, which is also an advantage. Maybe add a few more examples from real life scenarios, especially for complicated scenarios.

Roman25 September 2020

It is a very well structured course giving a good insight into one of the grounding topics of Power Automate - expressions. It is especially useful, as this topic, from my point of view, explained fragmented and not well structured by Microsoft itself.

B19 September 2020

One of the best instructors I have seen on Udemy! I actually bought this course by mistake but the instructor's knowledge and engaging style made me stick with the course. I am very happy I landed on this page!

James18 September 2020

Expressions have been more or less a bit of a black box to me. Ali has done an excellent job explaining and demonstrating expressions from the ground up. The real world example at the end is great. I'll be using the course as a reference when building out Flows from here on.

Michael16 September 2020

Really great small lectures!!! It is great you used a real world example to apply everything taught in this course.

Sittisak27 February 2020

Very helpful for me to more understanding the Microsoft Expression for further support Business users who is need to develop any process automation.

bahadur1 February 2020

Excellent, The course contains step by step exercise which guides the developer to be an expert within few days

Jollyton1 February 2020

Alireza Aliabadi's teaching style and structure is so amazing, its concise yet complete. I'd recommend it to anyone, who'd really like to become an expert in Flow.

Anthony7 January 2020

Excellent match for me. He explains things very well in a concise manner with simple yet useful examples.

Jing26 December 2019

I have learnt a lot. It is amazing that you can explain a complex concept in simple and logical ways.

Hugo21 October 2019

This course is awesome. I have no prior Javascript knowledge but I now understand how to manage objects in flow. Highly recommended. Feedback: Make the quizzes longer! It's good to practice and people can always skip if they don't want to do them.

David11 October 2019

Excellent!! This course is very well designed, the structure goes straight to critical functionality points and fulfill the expectations of knowledge acquired at the end of each lecture. Ali has been very precise on the main focus and direction of the course, very helpful on guidance and support when is needed. Thank you Ali for the effort and dedication you deposit on your lectures.

Ramses7 October 2019

This is the first and only course I've seen that actually explains something about Microsoft Flow expressions. Excellent! Congratulations to Alireza Aliabadi for this great presentation. I will totally recommend it!

Shail28 September 2019

Wonderful course.. I loved the way the tutor went about briefing the json concepts in the beginning and then delving into flow expressions. Alireza understands his audience and breaks complicated concepts into small, meaningful parts which becomes easier to grasp.

Alvin13 September 2019

Loving it! Rizal is good at teaching and going through the needed information. He starts from the basic and slowly builds you up to the more complicated subjects


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