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Master Erlang Programming in Just 4 Hours

A Complete Course on Erlang Programming for Beginners and Professionals both, Understand all the concepts in just 4 Hrs

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Master Erlang Programming in Just 4 Hours


4 hours


Feb 2019

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What you will learn

This course will give you enough understanding on this programming language and also help you in building scalable soft real time systems that will have requirements on higher availability.


Erlang is a general purpose or you might say a functional programming language and runtime environment. It was built in such a way that it had inherent support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance. Erlang was originally developed to be used in several large telecommunication systems. But it has now slowly made its foray into diverse sectors like Ecommerce, Computer telephony and Banking sectors as well.

This Course has been prepared for both Beginner & Professionals aspiring to make a career in the field of telecom, banking, instant messaging, e-commerce and computer telephony as well. This Course will give you enough understanding on this programming language and also help you in building scalable soft real time systems that will have requirements on higher availability.

The Erlang was originally developed to be used in the several large tele-communication systems from the Ericsson. The first version of Erlang was developed by the Joe Armstrong, Robert Virding & Mike Williams in 1986.



Introduction to the Course

Introduction to the Erlang Programming Language

Installation of OTP Erlang

Basic Syntax

Erlang Shell

Data types in Erlang

Variables in Erlang

Operators in Erlang

Hands-on for Arithmetic Operators

Hands-on for Relational Operators

Hands-on for Logical Operators

Loops in Erlang

Decision Making

If Statement

Multiple Expression

Nested if Statement

Case Statements

Functions in Erlang

More about functions


Recursion in Erlang

Practical approach to Recursion


Mathematical Functions in Numbers

Hands-on for Mathematical Functions in Numbers


String Operations

Hands-on for String Operations

Some more Operations on Strings

Lists in Erlang

Various Methods in Lists

Hands-on for Methods in Lists

File Input Output

Methods of File Operations

Hands-on for Methods of File Operations


Various methods in Atoms


Various methods in Maps

Hands-on for Various methods in Maps


Operations on Tuples



Header Files

Pattern Matching in Erlang


More about Guard Conditions

Built In Functions

Various Built In Functions

Hands-on for Various Built In Functions

Binaries in Erlang

Various functions in Binaries

Hands on for Various Functions in Binaries

Funs in Erlang


Various functions with Processes

Hands-on for Various Functions with Processes


Andrew25 July 2021

This course is very thorough and a great way to learn Erlang. It demystifies the Erlang syntax and has really helped so far!

Julian24 August 2020

Weak presenter and presentation. Looks like a recital to me. No explanation of base concepts. She just reads from a teleprompter. Sad! Waste of time and money.

Callam16 April 2020

Hard to understand, 90% of the course seems to be a power point.. also the instructor is coding in Notepad!

Mark25 February 2020

Simply awful! I wouldn't even call it a course, it was more of a 4 hour demo. Nothing was explained, you just spent 4 hours watching the instructor demo many features of Erlang and then declaring that this lesson is all there is about that feature. It was particularly misleading when you witnessed the instructor make a typographical error and you were waiting for the program to not work and then miraculously the video jumps to the correct answer with the correction made and no explanation given about the error. If you were typing along with the instructor, your programs would never work and you wouldn't know why.

Bhanuteja9 September 2019

We can get few more examples of programs with solution or quiz or can get practise programs which helps to improve the understanding about language.

Swethashrinivas19 August 2019

Many topics about OTP, ETS, Mnesia, genserver,genfsm,gen statem, distributed programming...etc are not covered,pretty much disappointed.

Global12 December 2018

English captions would be a nice to have. Also, a mini project could be more interesting instead of viewing all the commands only


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