Managing an Internal Audit Function

What you need to know to manage an internal audit function

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Managing an Internal Audit Function
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Nov 2022
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What you will learn

Learn how to manage the operations of an internal audit function and what policies and procedures to put in place.

Be able to strategically assess risks for internal audit planning purposes and create risk-based audit plans.

Know how to communicate internal audit performance to Senior Management and the Board, for example by establishing KPIs on the internal audit function.

The Nature of Internal Audit Work Know about the areas of internal audit work: governance, risk management and controls.

Know the core principles, internal audit frameworks and standards to follow.

Be able to establish the reporting structures, measures for independence and functional and administrative reporting structures to establish independence.

Ensure your internal audit function follows ethical principles.

Know the different ways in which an internal audit function can be staffed.

Know what to put in place for the Quality Assurance and Improvement Program.

Why take this course?

ğŸŽ“ Course Title: Mastering the Internal Audit Function with Adrian Resag

👩‍🏫 Course Headline: What You Need to Know to Manage an Internal Audit Function

Course Description:

Are you ready to elevate your expertise in managing an internal audit function? Whether you're currently leading an internal audit department or aiming to do so in the future, our comprehensive online course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary for effective management.

This course is meticulously tailored for Internal Audit Seniors, Managers, Directors, Chief Audit Executives, and anyone else looking to navigate the complexities of internal auditing at a strategic and operational level. Through this program, you'll gain insights into risk assessment, performance communication, adherence to standards and ethical principles, establishing organizational independence, staffing strategies, and maintaining quality assurance.

What You Will Learn:

Internal Audit Operational Management:

  • Master the policies and procedures essential for managing the operations of an internal audit function effectively.

Risk-based Internal Audit Planning:

  • Develop a strategic approach to assessing risks and creating risk-based audit plans that align with your organization's objectives.

Communicating Internal Audit Performance:

  • Learn the best practices for communicating internal audit performance metrics and KPIs to Senior Management and the Board effectively.

The Nature of Internal Audit Work:

  • Explore the critical areas of governance, risk management, and controls that form the backbone of internal audit work.

Core Principles, Frameworks, and Standards:

  • Familiarize yourself with the core principles, internal audit frameworks, and standards you must follow to ensure your function operates at its best.

Establishing Organizational Independence:

  • Understand how to establish reporting structures, measures for independence, and functional and administrative reporting that will ensure organizational independence.

Ethical Principles:

  • Ensure your internal audit function adheres to the highest ethical standards, safeguarding its integrity and reputation.

Internal Audit Staffing:

  • Explore various staffing models and understand how to build a team that meets the needs of your organization's internal audit function.

Quality Assurance and Improvement:

  • Implement an effective Quality Assurance and Improvement Program to continuously enhance the performance and efficiency of your internal audit function.

Your Instructor: Adrian Resag, a seasoned Chief Audit Executive and Chartered Internal Auditor with decades of experience managing global internal audit functions, will guide you through this course. His expertise and practical insights make him an ideal mentor to help you navigate the nuances of internal auditing.

Enroll now and take the first step towards mastering the art of managing an internal audit function. With this course, you'll be well-equipped to lead with confidence and contribute to the strategic success of your organization. ğŸŽ¥ğŸ“šğŸš€


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April 9, 2024
There's no supporting material. If this is a course on managing an internal audit function, it's for people with limited availability so having access to review the content versus letting a video play and rewinding and fast forwarding is pretty annoying. Material and instructor are fine, but some takeaway information is somewhat expected?
November 1, 2023
I am expecting practical stuff like how to establish IAA from the scratch in a organization. Templates of policies and procedures, guidance on preparing Charter, Strategic plan etc



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