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WordPress Plugin Business (No WordPress Plugin Coding)

Start a WordPress plugin business! Learn WordPress plugin marketing strategies & make passive income with WP plugins

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Jul 2021

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The most powerful WordPress Membership plugin
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What you will learn

Re-filmed to improve audio, video, and presentation quality

Understand how to start a business creating WordPress plugins

Create WordPress plugins either by intelligently hiring software developers or on your own if you can program

Understand how to promote your plugins

Make money from the plugins

Get cool new WordPress plugin ideas


Start a profitable, home-based WordPress plugin business with the strategies in this course!


  • Two websites that help you find technical co-founders

  • Re-filmed almost the entire course to improve video quality, audio quality, and presentation style

NOTE: This course has no coding samples. It is just about the business of WordPress plugins.


This WordPress plugins course will teach you how to start and grow a business making WordPress plugins. WordPress powers 20% of all websites on the Internet, which means that if you create a successful WordPress plugin, it can be a very lucrative business where you can get many customers, and make a lot of money. 

This course teaches you how to tell if your WordPress plugin idea is good, how to develop the WordPress plugin, or how to cheaply hire a developer to get the plugin developed. The course teaches you about other parts of the business like how to promote your WordPress plugin and strategies for how to monetize and make money from the plugin. 

How This WordPress Plugins Course Is Structured 

The course is made up of over 1 hour of video tutorials. To get the materials for the course and to bring you the most helpful and insightful information, I interviewed an experienced WordPress plugin developer. 

Who Should Take This WordPress Plugins Course 

You should take this course if you are looking for unique business ideas, or if you are a user of WordPress and want to get into the WordPress plugin business. 

If you are a WordPress developer, you should take this course to learn the business side of WordPress plugins.


If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don't respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money's worth from the course.


The WordPress plugins course comes with an unconditional, Udemy backed, 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try the course risk-free. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that you will succeed ... just like my thousands of other Udemy students. 


WordPress Plugin Business (No WordPress Plugin Coding)
WordPress Plugin Business (No WordPress Plugin Coding)
WordPress Plugin Business (No WordPress Plugin Coding)
WordPress Plugin Business (No WordPress Plugin Coding)


WordPress plugins business course welcome and instructor introduction

WordPress plugins business course welcome and instructor introduction

Subtitles, video quality, your certificate, tips on watching & common course Q&A

Introduction and fundamentals

What are WordPress plugins & how to create them if you are not a developer

How to make money with WordPress plugins

How to know if your WordPress plugin idea is good?

How to get feedback on your business ideas PLUS EXERCISE

Marketing for your WordPress plugin

How to hire WordPress plugin developers & how to work with them

Additional details

How to provide tech support your WordPress plugin and continuously improve it

How to develop the WordPress plugin and should you develop it even if you can

How to protect intellectual property and your business ideas

6 ways to protect your intellectual property

Creating a moat around your business

For first-time entrepreneurs: More on moats, barriers, and long-term competition

Start-up methodologies

Seth Godin and Purple Cow

Eric Ries: Lean Start-up and product MVP

Steve Blank and Customer Development methodology

Conclusion and further resources

We are nearing the end of the course

FREE: Copy of my business plan book to help you start your business better

Bonus lecture: Next steps


Nitin4 December 2020

If you are looking for inspiration to get started with wordpress plugin development, this course will help.

David5 January 2020

Alex has extensive knowledge and experience in business and marketing. Ho is joined in this course by another very knowledgeable tutor who also proves (as does Alex) that he does what he teaches in the course. If you want to develop and market one or more WordPress plugins, I highly recommend this course.

Alexander6 November 2019

Really taught me how to properly handle my website the easiest way possible. Literally, with this course I can hire my grandpa to do the work!

Stoyan8 October 2019

Making money with Wordpress plugins is one of the most underestimated opportunities in the "Make Money Online" space. This course gives a step-by-step plan of how to do it successfully.

Alana23 September 2019

Interesting course that helped me understand the business side of WordPress plugins beyond just making something I thought was cool, but really digging into the business side of things.

David24 August 2018

If you want to learn more about building your own WordPress plugins, this course is for you. Alex invites a guest to share his knowledge and the guest is a real expert in the development of plugins. I recommend that you enroll on this course.

Lilia1 August 2018

This course is very informative, giving lots of needed lessons step by step, with many examples on each subject of discussion. I had so many questions and I stuck so many times, as I am building my own business, and finally I found this course and I am very happy. Many thanks.

Moshiur25 December 2017

Glad you like the course. I will try to research some WP plugin ideas. But can't promise any great ones :)

Muhammad15 December 2017

I cannot explain how much this has helped me. It's given me the necessary skills and knowledge to really turn my ideas into actions and I cannot wait to get started.

Wilko17 November 2017

Hard to explain why I give this course one star. The author is knowledgeable about the topic but for me this course lacks every form of engagement. Started this course several times... and every time stopped again. His style does not appeal to me. But it might appeal to you, the person considering to buy the course.

Qamar22 October 2017

Overall its helpful information. Interviewee voice a bit hard to understand. Twice listening to same video can be handy. thanks

Matt23 September 2017

This was not a course, it was a copy of a Google+ interview of an expert in developing plugins. It provided useful very basic information, but did not provide a true educational experience. Was expecting more detailed information and resources to be provided based upon course description. The information as presented did not meet the expectations set up by course description. Information was good, but not an education course.

Neetha17 September 2017

Very good conversation with an expert about building plugins and how to go about building them. What kind to build and how to think about what you want to create if you know the languages. Templates etc.

Paul15 November 2016

Very tricky course title. Not recommended if you really want to learn how to develop WordPress plugins. Poor content and video quality.

Jit1 November 2016

was looking for technical programming information. all that was mentioned about that was i can outsource it.


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