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Machine Learning + Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services AI-900

Learn Machine Learning with Azure Cognitive Services APIs. Build apps with AI in minutes. Part of AI-100, AI-900 70-774.

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Learn Microsoft Azure - Cloud platform cognitive services like Face, Vision, Text API

You will be able to integrate and get best results for any computer vision or Natural Language processing tasks.

Ability to show and include Machine Learning applications in your app


Machine Learning has always been a complex subject. No doubt the salaries of the Machine Learning experts are among the highest. It is equally true that it has a steep learning curve. In this course, we are going to make it super easy for any developer to embed Machine Learning and AI in their applications. You will not need all the complexities of Mathematics and Statistics.

Welcome to the course on Machine Learning using Azure Cognitive Services which is part of the Artificial Intelligence services of Microsoft.

This course is designed who is preparing for Microsoft AI Certification, AI-100 & AI-900.

This course covers Azure Cognitive APIs for Visual Features including Face Detection, Tagging the content of an image, OCR as well as Text Analytics for Language Detection, Sentiment Analysis and Key Phrase extraction. The course is very hands on and covers the implementation of these APIs using Python as well as Javascript.

Let me ask you,

  1. Do you want to develop Machine Learning based apps that will have vision intelligence such as identifying faces, tag objects etc?

  2. Do you want to develop apps that will have high caliber machine learning for Text Analytics?

  3. Do want to do sentiment analysis of the texts using Machine Learning?

  4. Do you want to identify and tag various objects within an image?

You may want to develop such an application that processes, texts written or spoken words of a user using Natural Language Processing. You may also want to develop some cool funny apps, but don't know how to identify the different aspects of a face such as exactly where the eyes or nose are.

With cognitive services you will be able to build all such or even more types of applications.

If you try to build those using traditional means of Machine Learning, you may face severe challenges.

  • First of all, there are just too many frameworks related to Machine Learning

  • Then there are so many languages. It may take you months to learn and master Machine Learning using these technologies.... and every framework has its own strengths and weaknesses.

  • The next challenge for a production grade Machine Learning application which can give quick response time will be the type of infrastructure that's required. You may end up owning or leasing very high end computing devices such as specialized virtual machines, GPUs and so on..

  • The last challenge but one of the most critical ones is the expertise.

With the emergence of the cloud, there is however, another model that has evolved which is Machine Learning As a Service. With years of research by top Data Scientists around the world, Microsoft has developed Cognitive Services. The Azure Cognitive Services, allows you to simply use the APIs and get started with embedding Machine Learning capabilities in your applications.

So hit the enrol button and we are so excited to see you inside the course....


Machine Learning + Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services AI-900
Machine Learning + Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services AI-900
Machine Learning + Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services AI-900
Machine Learning + Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services AI-900



Introduction to Cognitive Services

Languages Supported for API Integration in this Course

Cognitive Services APIs

[Hands-On] Set-up Azure Account

[Hands-On] Set-up and provision the APIs

Cognitive Services

Download Code

Python Course Material


Computer Vision API

What is a computer Vision API?

What is "Categories" API?

[Hands-On] Categorize Images - Using JavaScript

[Hands-On] Categorize Images - Using Python

Tag and identify the content/objects within an image

Tags - Using JavaScript

Tags - Using Python

Identify Faces in an image - Using JavaScript

Check the image for Adult content - Using JavaScript

Detect text within an image using OCR - Using JavaScript

Computer Vision

Text Analytics API

What is Text analytics API?

[Hands On] Language Detection - Using Python

[Hands-On] Language detection - Using Java Script

Sentiment analysis using python

[Hands-On] Sentiment analysis - Using Java Script

Key Phrase extraction using Python

[Hands-On] Key Phrases extraction - Using Java Script


Cognitive Services With Postman


Adr24 February 2021

The material is outdated, and the instructor has absolutely no interest in helping out the students with their questions. When I asked how to fix a piece of outdated code I got told to find an other tutorial.

Renan27 January 2021

Unfortunately the course was not what I was expecting. I was expecting to have a course to guide me as an exam preparation.

Alberto18 March 2019

I expected more hands on coding. This is more of just listening to explanations and no real time coding.


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