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50 must know activities on Linux Adminstration For Freshers

Beginner Friendly Course on Linux Administration to super charge your career.All daily tasks included .

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May 2020

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What you will learn

On completion

On completion of this course , students will get basic to intermediate knowledge on working with Linux or Unix OS


Are you aspiring to start your carrer as database administrators, cloud administrators , Operating system administrators or developers .? . . Great .. Having good knowledge on Linux will defenitly help you as more than 67% of web servers running on Linux and Unix .

Based on my 18 years experience on Linux , I  have picked more than 50 must to know Linux administration activities for you.

Even if you are an absolute beginner , dont worry , all the topics are explained in  detail. You will enjoy the lessons.   

Let's see what all you will be learning in this course.

By completing this course , you will be able to perform the below activities

  • Creation of Virtual Machines , using Oracle Virtual Box

  • Installation of Linux Operating System

  • Creating Users

  • Granting the required privileges to users

  • Changing user passwords

  • Create users without password expiry

  • Creating files and directories to store data

  • Learn how to control who can access/modify/execute  the files and directories

  • How to find top space consuming directories and file systems

  • How to find top memory consuming process

  • How to find who all accessing the Linux Server and what they are doing

  • When the server started and how long its up and running.

  • Running multiple commands together as a reusable script also called as shell script.

  • Learn how to schedule repeating tasks via cron jobs

  • Accessing internet from command line

and much more .. I will be updating more commands on regualr basis

P.S .. I  want you to totally concentrate on studies . So I am  offering   30 days "No Questions Asked " total refund quarantee. You can try this course with out any risk ..absolutely ...

Use the Q/A session to clarify your doubts . Our normal response time is 8 hrs .

Enroll now and start your amazing journy with Linux.   See you in the class.!!



50 must know activities on Linux Adminstration For Freshers
50 must know activities on Linux Adminstration For Freshers
50 must know activities on Linux Adminstration For Freshers
50 must know activities on Linux Adminstration For Freshers


Setting up lab for practice

Overview on setting up the Vitual machine using Oracle Virtual Box

Downloading Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.3

Installation of Putty, Xming & Winscp

Creating The First Virtual Machine

Installation of Linux Operating System

Connecting to Linux Operating System

Working With Linux Operating System

Connecting To Linux Operating System

Executing Linux Commands

Understanding Linux Directory Structure

Running commands on the remote server

User Management

Group Creation and Management in Linux

Creating a new user in the Linux or Unix OS

Modifying A user in Linux

Deleting a user in Linux

Switching to another user

Finding Who are all connected to the unix/linux Operating System

Display the information of the user who is currently logged in the os

Password Management

Changing Password of a user & password policy

Finding users previous/last login information

Process Management

Listing The Processes Running On Linux OS

Filter Process Information using grep utility

Terminating A Process In Linux

Filter Process Information for more than one pattern using grep utility

Finding Top CPU & Memory Consumers in Linux Using ‘ps’ command

Directory Management

Understanding Unix Directory Structure

Steps to Create Directory in Linux

Difference between the relative and absolute path in Unix

Removing the Directories

understanding Parent-Child Relationship In Unix Directory Structure

Creating Nested Directories in Unix using the single command

File Management

creating an empty file

Creating and viewing hidden files

Listing the directory contents

List the directory contents based on the creation time

Find the most significant space consuming directories in a file system

Shell Management

Finding the default Shell of a User in Linux

Listing enviornment variables of Linux User

Using Profile to assign the environmental variables to a user

General Administration

Finding the up-time of Linux Server

Redirecting or Saving Command Output To A File

Redirecting Command Execution Errors to a logfile

Directing Command Output To Screen and Logfile simultaneously

Recording or logging all commands executed on command prompt using script

Steps to clear the screen of command window in Unix

Working with Text Editors

Creating a new file using VI editor

Working with VI editor – part 1

Working with VI editor – Part 2

Searching For a text string in Vi Editor

Deleting A text in VI Editor

Executing OS commands from VI Editor

Automatic Configuration of VI editor

Shell Scripting

First Shell Script

Using Variables in Shell Script

Accepting Inputs During Runtime

Check For A Condition Using IF Control Structure In Shell Script

Arithmetic Operation in shell script

Unix shell script to compare two strings

Using exit clause in shell scripts

Executing the shell script in the background mode

Shell Script For Taking The Backup Of Oracle Database Using RMAN

Scheduling Jobs Using Crontab

Understanding The Syntax of Cron Schedular

Automate Oracle Database backup through cron

Controlling Access to the crontab Command

Accessing Internet

Downloading files from internet

Check the file for corruption after downloading from the internet


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