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vSphere 6.0 VCP Lab with VMware Workstation Hand-On

you will learn how to install VMware Workstation and deploy vSphere on your computer using AutoLabs.

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May 2018

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What you will learn

Create a vSphere 6 lab on a computer using VMware Workstation 12


Virtualization and cloud computing are the future of our IT infrastructure. It's important for system administrators who want to succeed to have a strong foundation in virtualization technologies, particularly in the popular virtual environment VMware vSphere, including the ESXi hypervisor and vCenter Server. With vSphere, you can create virtual machines that bypass the need for additional expensive hardware and provide features not available on a physical system a perfect setup for exploring new technologies and setting up test environments. This course teaches the basics of installing, configuring, and maintaining vSphere 6, including installation of the ESXi hypervisor and vCenter Server using a pre-created environment called AutoLab. Following lab creation, in this course introduces the core components of vSphere (ESXi and vCenter) and shows how to configure storage and networking. Finally, he runs through some typical virtual-machine management tasks, such as creating a virtual machine manually vs. creating one with templates and clones, working with snapshots, and performing a vMotion migration.

The following topics will be Covered

  • Building a lab environment with AutoLab
  • Preparing VMware Workstation
  • Accessing the ESXi host
  • Using clients
  • Configuring networking and storage
  • Creating data stores
  • Creating virtual machines
  • Using templates and snapshots
  • Performing migrations


vSphere 6.0 VCP Lab with VMware Workstation Hand-On
vSphere 6.0 VCP Lab with VMware Workstation Hand-On
vSphere 6.0 VCP Lab with VMware Workstation Hand-On
vSphere 6.0 VCP Lab with VMware Workstation Hand-On




What you should know before watching this course?

Why virtual machines?

Creating a vSphere Environment with AutoLab

Building a lab environment with AutoLab

Downloading necessary software

Preparing VMware Workstation and deploying Prebuilt VMs

Setting up the domain controller VM

Installing the ESXi hosts and vCenter Server

Introducing ESXi and vCenter

Accessing the ESXi host from the Console

Using the Windows vSphere client

Using the web client

Adding an ESXi host

vSphere Networking

Understanding vSphere networking basics

Configuring lab networking

vSphere Storage

Understanding vSphere storage basics

Configuring iSCSI

Creating data stores

Virtual Machine Management

Creating a virtual machine

Installing the operating system and VMware tools

Creating a guest OS customization specification

Performing a cloning operation

Using templates

Performing a vMotion migration

Understanding snapshots


Ng29 March 2021

The tutor clearly explains the infrastructure of VMware and also which resources can have download for learning such as MyVmware from Official site.

Joe4 February 2019

The course is very good if you wanted to start to learn visualization technology this is best option to have it. i have setup locally VMware LAB and make doing practice with all feature like HA,Datastore,SAN connectivity ,Vmotion and lot others Thank you

Duncan6 December 2018

Nicely done if someone wanted to setup VMware Lab locally very good for beginner who wish to learn VMware as well

Ram13 October 2018

Excellent course for those who learn and do setup of VMware locally on their laptop and do all labs and practice.

Mukhtar24 September 2018

Nice course for system admin who want to setup VI infrastructure lab on his laptop / PC .I would recommend to go with this to polish your skill set. thanks instructor.

HectorGD22 September 2018

The instructions were a little hard to follow, many times the speech did not match the current screen leaving you wondering where he was at. the presenter would say what he was doing while the actions on the screen were delayed making things harder to understand.


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