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Learn Xero in 7 Lectures from A to Z Full Acs -UK Accountant

Learn from scratch to end how to do bookkeeping, prepare profit and loss accounts/balance sheet yourself with real data


1.5 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Setup new company, new suppliers and customers

Post opening balances, Chart of Account Modification

Create/send purchase orders, bills, process payments

Create and send sale quotes and invoices to customers, receive payments

Set up new bank account, bank payments and receipts, bank reconciliation

Set up payroll, calculate salary, and post balances to Profit ans Loss, Balance Sheet

Capital (equity introduced) in business by business owner

GST/VAT set up, create supplier and customer VAT invoices, and calculate VAT liability

Post end of year journal entries

Produce Profit and Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet, Account Payable, Account Receivable etc... reports


How can Xero make difference:

This is Xero Mastery Course which means you will learn full process of how to post and process business financial data i.e. revenue, purchases, expenses, payments, VAT/GST, and produce important reports such as profit and loss account, balance sheet, ledgers reports, accounts payable and accounts receivable etc…. All these topics will be covered in this course.

This process will help businesses to manage their accounts and finance on daily basis, and they would be able to make decisions to achieve their objective. Accountants and bookkeepers will be able to learn how to process their client data in short time. This is very focused course where you learn particularly about day to day function of accountants and bookkeepers who want to use Xero for their clients. Freelancers and small business owners will be able to manage their accounts without any help themselves. If businesses keep their data on Xero on daily basis it would help them to keep track of their daily profit and loss and they can manage their business operation properly. Xero is one of the well known accounting application which is cloud based. You can have access any where in the world with internet access.

So, let’s try and enhance your knowledge and skills!


Learn Xero in 7 Lectures from A to Z Full Acs -UK Accountant
Learn Xero in 7 Lectures from A to Z Full Acs -UK Accountant
Learn Xero in 7 Lectures from A to Z Full Acs -UK Accountant
Learn Xero in 7 Lectures from A to Z Full Acs -UK Accountant



Company Setup & Xero Introduction

Supplier/Customer set Up, Bank, Opening Balances

Issue Purchase Order/Quotes, Invoices, Bills, Bank Reconciliation, Journal Entry

Credit Note for Suppliers and Customers

Payroll Setup, Salary Calculation, Posting to P&L & B/S

VAT/GST Setup, Raise Bill and Invoice with VAT, Post Balances to P&L & B/S

Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Production & Explanation in Details


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