Learn to Speak with an Authentic Standard American accent

Professional Accent Coach, Aria DeMaris, teaches you how to confidently speak in the Standard American accent with ease.

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Learn the technical aspects to speak confidently in your best and most authentic Standard American accent

Vowels, diphthongs, and consonants, as well as rhythm, melody, stress and intonation.

Improve your listening skills in order to differentiate between your own natural accent and speech pattern and the Standard American sound

Feel a greater sense of confidence when speaking in public speaking in this accent

Improve your diction, speech clarity, or other small speech impediments and insecurities you may have

History of this accent, how it evolved to be what is now known as the "Standard" or General American sound

Improve your speech for voice-overs, performances, presentations, or any other public speaking

Warm-ups, basic breathing, and vocal exercises to strengthen your voice and loosen the muscles of the throat


If you are looking to expand your repertoire, speak more clearly, and perfect the Standard American accent for your performances, personal, or business relations, this course will help you speak with fluency and confidence like an authentic American. As an expert on accents, professional dialect coach, and authentic American speaker herself, Aria will teach you everything from vowels, consonants, diphthongs, rhythm, pitch, melody, grammar, and how to develop your hearing. Other tools you will learn in this course are; tongue placement, stress & intonation, specific pronunciations, consonant and vowel combinations, as well as flow and fluidity of sentences. Packed with vital information, including optional breathing and vocal exercises and basic history of the accent, this course will teach you all the elements to easily grasp this American sound. With three hours of information, exercises, and visual examples, you can work at your own pace, or finish the course within a day. Aria has worked with actors and non actors all over the world helping them achieve their accent goals and gain confidence in speaking. Accents add to the life and story of a character, or to your personality and Aria guides you by giving you the foundation you need to understand the important principles listed above.

For more information and testimonials on Aria's coaching's please visit: ariaccents website


Learn to Speak with an Authentic Standard American accent
Learn to Speak with an Authentic Standard American accent
Learn to Speak with an Authentic Standard American accent
Learn to Speak with an Authentic Standard American accent



Intro 1 - Welcome to the Course

Intro 2 - About Your Instructor

Intro 3 - What You Will Learn in This Course

Intro 4 - Keys to Success

Intro 5 - Tools & Workspace

Breaking down what the Standard American accent is

What is a Standard American Accent?

What Is the Difference Between an Accent and a Dialect?

Accent or Dialect?

How Did This Accent Originate?

Which Regions of Us & North America Speak With a Standard American Accent?

What Is the Difference Between the American & Canadian Accent?

Phonetic Differences Between These Accents

Why Is It Important for an Actor or Non-Actor to Know This Accent

Tools & Keys

Breathing, Posture & Vocal Warm Up's

Warm Up's & Fine Tuning

Body & Voice Exercise

Articulation & Diction Exercises

Other Voice Exercises

Diction Exercise

Oral Posture & Placement

Loosening the Jaw Exercise

Relaxing the Temporalis Muscle

Opening the Back of the Throat

Listening Skills

Points to Remember

Vowels & English Pronunciation

English Pronunciation & Phonetics

Introduction to Vowels

Main Vowels & Their Sounds

Different Vowel Sounds

Short Vowel Sounds

Long Vowel Sounds

Vowel Rules

Vowel Pronunciation

Vowel Sounds & Symbol Review

Vowel Pronunciation Practice Sentences

Weak Vowels

Common Vowel Mistakes


Introduction to Diphthongs

List of Diphthongs

Diphthong Practice & Review


Introduction to Consonants

Consonant Blends

Stop Consonants

Silent Consonants

Voiced and Unvoiced Consonants

Key Consonants

Consonant Practice

Common Consonant Mistakes

Pronunciation, Stress and Rhythm

Pronunciation, Stress & Rhythm

General Tips on Speaking


Unique Sounds & Spellings

The Difference Stress Makes

Glides/Semi Vowels

Combining Vowels & Consonants

Melody, Intonation & Pitch

Introduction to Rhythm and Melody

Intonation and Pitch

Pitch Tones and When to Use Them

How to Know Which Words to Stress

Differentiating Between Statements & Questions

Varied Intonation

Connected Speech

Final Review

Final Notes


Jason2 February 2021

This course is amazing, learning to speak with a real American accent is a goal of mine. Aria is an awesome teacher, she talks in away that you can easily follow and understand the course. I recommend this course 100%, I am from London with a strong accent and now I can talk like an American and you would not even know I was not American. Thanks Aria You Rock.

Chris11 January 2021

Amazing course that delivers results! This is definitely the best Standard American accent course for anyone beginning, or with some knowledge of the accent and wanting to perfect it. Aria is a wonderful coach, and makes the lessons easy to follow, interesting, educational and fun. She helped me tune my listening skills so I could hear the differences between my own way of speaking and the American accent’s pattern. I learned all the skills necessary to achieve my desired goals. There’s even a section on the history of the accent, and breathwork (which you can skip over, but is interesting to learn about). You are sure to be pleased with your results of this course. I highly recommend it! It is a great price for all the content you get.

Dinorah11 September 2020

The Learn to Speak with an Authentic Stardard American Accent course is a professional and well-prepared program, ready to use. It gives great techniques and tips to enhance the American English pronunciation. I have found it very entertaining, accurate and easy to follow. The Professional Accent Coach Aria DeMaris is pleasant, with a nice voice appealing to accept the learning experience. I am doing it for practicing, improving my accent of American English, and having fun at the same time. D. Ferman

Paul10 July 2020

I have studied languages on many different platforms and this one hit a home run right out of the park. The detail of how the sounds are made as well as the assignments are at a perfect level for learning. I’m looking forward to more language courses designed and presented by Aria.

Tatiana6 July 2020

This course is a very good way to get interested in the Standard American Accent. It is easy to follow and provides the background information that is memorable and thought provoking. Without any pressure, it allows to feel included in the community of the Native speakers of the language and believe that you can do it too. I understand that learning an accent as well as learning a language is a lengthy process, but this course (in my opinion) is a good way to start!

Maria5 July 2020

English is my second language and this course helped me so much. Best I've ever taken, it is so easy to navigate, and the instructor is so talented and knowledgeable. Great job! This course exceeded my expectations.

Antony5 July 2020

This was a very informative course and helpful in understanding accents. The teacher was very easy to understand and put the course over in a gentle but professional manner. The learning materials were easy to use and I would recommend this course for any actor.

Mark4 July 2020

A very good course which was clear and precise and helped me very much in learning a new accent. A very easy laid course to follow and was presented well by Aria. I highly recommend anyone that needs to learn a Standard American accent to do this course.

Aria4 July 2020

Aria is a fantastic teacher and ive had fun with this course. I can not do any accents so its been a challenge that was made easy with this course. Thank you AAAA+

Cailean4 July 2020

Effective, easy to understand, you get exactly what's on the label. Helped me work out some of the last kinks from my regional dialect.

David3 July 2020

Such a great investment! I bought this course to help me disguise my Texas southern accent. In my industry of tv and film not many roles I audition for request a southern accent and this puts me at a disadvantage but this course helped me with that. Not only was this course easy to follow and navigate through. The vocal exercises and breathing techniques were some of the most interesting and fun parts of the course. I can hear a tremendous difference when playing back self recordings. I couldn't be happier with my progress. It's been such a great experience and I can't wait to use what I've learned in my next audition.


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