Learn to Read at Any Age

Reading Understood As Never Before

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Learn to Read at Any Age


37 mins


Feb 2021

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What you will learn

The students will overcome their dislike for reading


I am an NLP Coach and practitioner from India. I present to you a course here which will bust your myths abkout Reading like never before. it will clear your m ind on the myths about comprehension , eye movements while reading and much more. Reading is much much more than just word identification. You will learn a lot with this course.

This course will enable the students to overcome their fear of reading. They will know how to overcome their inhibitions about reading as this course comes from the desk of an NLP Coach and practitioner. There are techniques and two primary exercises to erase patterns of the past unsuccessful attempts and thus create new resorces.

They will know why they were just not able to read until now. They will hone their reading skills, comprehension ability to a much greater extent. . Age is not a barrier for anyone to become a reader at any age. This course is meant for people at any level of reading and will empower them to influence their world the way they want  to by  understanding about reading in a new way.

Anyone who comes across this course will get a gist of how reading will greatly influence their performance overall. One  must recommend this course to friends and acquaintances too.



Welcome to the World of Reading

Erasing Past Unresourceful memories

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension -I

Reading Comprehension -II

What Can Take You Further!!!

What to Look for While Reading!!!

Problems While Reading

Overcome Regression

Overcome Vocalisation and Subvocalisation

Summing Up What We Learnt

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