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Jul 2020

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You will be able to work online and earn from the comfort of your home.


Learn Online Transcription From Scratch. You will be able to work online and earn from anywhere, you only need to have a computer with Internet connections, headphones, good command of English grammar, and a typing speed of 35 WPM.

I'm here to hold your hand until you make it online, I'll be your tutor and your mentor.


Learn Online Transcription from Scratch
Learn Online Transcription from Scratch
Learn Online Transcription from Scratch
Learn Online Transcription from Scratch




Lecture 2: Transcription Software

Transcription Software

Lecture 3: Transcription Rules and Speaker Labels

Lecture 4: Tags, Punctuation and Grammar

Lecture 5: Types of Transcripts, Number Rules, Sentence Building & Timestamps

Lecture 6: How to do a Google Search Correctly & An Assignment


Maxine3 August 2020

God bless you and good evening. Yes indeed! For the direction I wish to go (Theological transcription), I feel as though I'm much enlightened, so far. The transcription that I've professionally done years ago, was much less detailed than what I'm learning today. Thank you!

Ngokonyo25 July 2020

It was an amazing training, you are very detailed Shelmith. I have especially liked that you are mentioning even what would otherwise be assumed as general knowledge to make the training all-encompassing.

Ellen11 July 2020

A thorough and concise overview of the transcription process. Two self-tests, evaluated by the instructor, help measure your progress. Good for beginning transcriptionists as well as experienced transcriptionists who may have been out of the workforce for a while and need a refresher.

Mary11 June 2020

I had an amazing experience. Shelmith is a great trainer and mentor. I would recommend her anytime, anywhere.

Phoebe16 May 2020

Nice way of training. The director has is swift in responding to trainees queries. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to pursue a transcription course of more.

Leonard7 May 2020

It really boosted my little experience I'd and what I can say is that at least I can take a step forward after this lesson. Thank you I really enjoyed it and it was engaging.

Penninah6 April 2020

Wow the tutor has done a great job by elaborating everything step by step. i will recommend her anytime.

Wendy21 January 2020

This course has been a great help, i had no experience in transcribing but now i have an idea of what it all entails. i have also managed to increase my typing speed and that has been a great help. Thank you.

Stella17 January 2020

I have liked my experience with this course so far. The trainer is very clear in her explanations and also is moving at a comfortable pace. I also like that I can always go back and replay a portion to get the point better. The visual examples are also very good, taking me through the process step by step. I was able to complete the course and tried to apply what I learned in my second assignment. The part for submitting my second assignment was a bit confusing. After writing my comment on the assignment I submitted the comment before I could submit the assignment itself so I was not able to submit at the submit section and had to submit it at the next step. Perhaps this can be improved to have a separate button to upload the MS Word file. But I enjoyed the course.

Elishiba29 October 2019

The voice is clear in the introduction and in the beginning of lecture 2 but somewhere in the middle, the voice was faint. Otherwise, well understood.

Julian21 August 2019

The lectures were actually just stretching one page of information into over 10 minute long segments. The information was helpful, but dragging it out so long was unnecessary.

Mercy23 May 2019

yes, i enjoyed and hoping to learn more and more. I hope to be best transcriber because I've learnt from the best.

Tamara26 March 2019

This course gives you the knowledge and skills you need to start your journey to become a transcriptionist. The instructor's feedback helped me understand what skills I needed to work on. Also, Shelmith is a teacher and a mentor. She provided me with the positive encouragement I needed to complete the course.

Jennifer20 March 2019

This course did exactly what it promised for me. I am just starting to look into transcription and this course explained the basics for me. It further, allowed me to practice and get feedback and then advise me where I can practice some more.

Thomas14 March 2019

It seems to be going good so far. Waiting to see if we get into more of the formatting side of things since I already have the software side of things figured out at this point but is understandable in this stage in the course.


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