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Learn Objective C Programming for iOS Apps

A quick look for developers into the features of iOS 7 & Xcode 5 with Airdrop, Spritekit, Game Center & Camera Updates.

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Learn Objective C Programming for iOS Apps


2.5 hours


Oct 2014

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What you will learn

Completing this course will give basic understanding of Objective C

Code demonstrations in the lectures by our Mentor

Detailed and informative video lectures by our Mentor


Objective C is a native programming language used in developing Apple’s iOS and Mac OS X operating systems as well as its applications. This course on Objective-C programming language is designed to serve as both a concise quick-reference and a comprehensive introduction for newcomers to the language.

The most important thing to do when learning Objective-C is to focus on concepts and not get lost in language technical details.

The purpose of learning a programming language is to become a better programmer, that is to become more effective at designing and implementing new systems and at maintaining old ones.

Objective-C has large base of iOS users and largely increasing Mac OS X users and since Apple focuses on quality first, its wonderful for those who started learning Objective-C.

Designed by seasoned experts and tutors who know exactly how to present the course in a systematic step by step manner - this is by far the most thorough Objective C course available anywhere - online today!

If you've struggled with other Objective C online courses, that confuse you and cause you to drop out - this is exactly what you're looking for.

The full course spans over a total of about three hours of high quality video training. All topics are easy to learn and presented in digestible short 5 to 15 minute videos. The course contains discussions, demos, and exercises to test your skill. All demos come with full source code.

We start the course with some of the important design patterns used when developing in Objective - C for iPhones and iPads.



Discussion: Introduction

Obj C discussion 1: Types and Structs

Types and Structs Demo

Pointers and Arrays

Obj C Discussion 2: Pointers and Arrays

Pointers and Arrays Demo

Classes and Objects

Classes and Objects

Classes and Objects Demo

Properties and Methods

Properties and Methods

Properties and Methods Demo

Inheritance and Polymorphism

Inheritance and Polymorphism

Inheritance and Polymorphism Demo

Object Properties and ARC

NSString and NSarray


NSString Demo

Obj C NSArray Discussion

NSarray Demo Video

NSSet and NSDictionary

Obj C NSSet Discussion

NSSet Demo Video

Obj C NSDictionary Discussion

NSDictionary Demo Video

Delegation, Category and Extension

Obj C Delegation Discussion

Delegation Demo Video

Obj C Category Discussion

Category Demo Video

Obj C Extension Discussion

Extension Demo Video


Douglas12 January 2019

The course description does not include any references to the versions of iOS Switft and XCode. The included source code is for swift 2 and will not load into Xcode 10. The instructor makes source code changes between lectures and glosses over the changes. The instructor uses keyboard commands in Xcode so things just happen instead of us getting to see what mouse action might have done the same result. We have no idea what he did. Stuff just happens.

Mirza12 December 2017

Finally!! i got the course content which i was looking for thanks to EDU Mobile Academy for such a nice Course. I really enjoyed this course while i was learning.because the content and Explantation was to the point and for me ,So thats make it easier to pick the things which were important.

Joshua6 March 2017

Ross is clear and concise. This was perfect for me as I have a programming background and needed a brief refresher.

CARLOMARTI14924 January 2017

Easy to follow speaker and notes. Code worked great , learned to setup basic variables, use the math functions and output results.

Lucas13 December 2016

Rather monotone, but explains simple javascript fundamentals as promised. Just, in a not-so-enthusiastic way

JC15 November 2016

Instructor goes extremely fast and does not explain the code syntax. While it's still possible to follow what he is doing allowing the student to reproduce the exact same steps, the reasoning behind what the instructor is doing is not at all clear. So you're left with not knowing where things like a semicolon are important and where they should be placed, etc.

Jeffrey5 November 2016

Good quick hit class to get the fundamentals of JavaScript down. I could see this being a bit of a challenge for someone without any programming experience but it's still worth the effort if you will be focused on JS in future experiences. Clear communication skills throughout which makes this an easy class to follow. Just wished there would have been one more section, Using JS to interact with a DB, that would have been the cherry on the top. Good job.

Aaron30 July 2016

Good course. I learned some more awesome material in javascript but the instructor's teaching style is way too fast and he doesn't really explain the javascript code step by step. That would be helpful and especially with more practice examples.

Muttappa5 June 2016

Ross is a great instructor. He presents really well. This is very useful course for javascript beginners. Thank you very much such a wonderful course on Javascript.

Daniel27 April 2016

first two lectures were a basic repeat of each other. Third lecture showed the three ways to represent javascript (inline, script tag and external file) however the way it was done was sloppy. No explanation for what was being done. I am starting to regret the $20 I paid for this course.

Samuel14 April 2016

It was mentioned in the tutorial that many other details would be taught in detail like blocks and enumeration which is missing.

Manny29 November 2015

Instructor spoke clearly throughout the course. The videos are great quality, and the instructor explained every concept that was being introduced thoroughly and clearly.

Murad23 November 2015

You explain a little quick to get understand. Somewhere I couldn't reach your speed and somewhere it was hard to understand why you do some of them..

Melissa13 November 2015

This is a good intro course if you're coming from C to Objective-C. He does a good job of explaining the Objective-C-specific terminology.

Katy2 November 2014

this course maybe a good one for programmers who want to quickly learn iOS, but not for complete beginners.


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