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Learn MySQL - For Beginners

Learn to Create Database Driven Web Applications using MySQL

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Jul 2019

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What you will learn

MySQL Database Administration

PhpMyAdmin Fundamentals

MySQL Security and Root Superuser

Create Tables

Creating Users

Modifying Database Privileges

Modifying & Deleting Tables

Modifying & Deleting Databases

SQL Fundamentals

SQL Statements in PhpMyAdmin

Database Connections

MySQL Import & Export Data

Updating Data in MySQL DB


Students learn to integrate and administer MySQL databases as part of PHP web application development.

The course begins with an in-depth look into PhpMyAdmin to create, delete and modify databases. We also explore security considerations and user privileges.

Next, students learn to build connections to existing databases in PHP, and execute commands using several essential SQL statements.


Learn MySQL - For Beginners
Learn MySQL - For Beginners
Learn MySQL - For Beginners
Learn MySQL - For Beginners


MySQL Database Integration

Introduction to Databases

Introduction PhpMyAdmin

PhpMyAdmin Interface Overview

MySQL Security and Root Superuser

MySQL Creating a Database and Table

MySQL Creating a New User

MySQL Database and Table Specific Privileges

MySQL Modifying and Deleting a Table

MySQL Modifying and Deleting a Database

Introduction to SQL

SQL Statements in PhpMyAdmin

Connect to MySQL Database using PHP

MySQL Database - Import Data

SQL Select

SQL Distinct Keyword

SQL Where Clause

SQL And Operator

SQL Or Operator

SQL Order By

MySQL Insert Into

MySQL Get Last ID

MySQL Insert Multiple Records

MySQL Prepared Statements

MySQL Delete Records

PHP Header Function

PHP Isset

MySQL Update Records


Alejandro27 October 2020

Poca informacion sobre sql y los videos son de pesima calidad de audio, unos se escuchan bien, otros muy bajos y otros muy altos

shashibhushan22 September 2020

This course helpful for me. It's give to new learning experience for me. I good to take forward in career

Vanessa14 September 2020

Der Screenshare war zum Teil etwas verschwommen/schwer lesbar. Zoomen hätte hier geholfen. Inhaltlich sehr basic, aber das stand ja im Titel. Ich konnte definitiv auch noch etwas dazulernen, auch wenn ich SQL vorher schon kannte

Milka24 August 2020

Es un curso que te explica lo básico y está muy claro. Quizás explica un poco lento pero igual te permite entenderlo bien y procesarlo de a poco.

Dharan21 August 2020

I'm a beginner in SQL and DataBase and it's quite good this course to understand how a database works and using of PhpMyAdmin with Graphical interface.

Kenilkumar24 July 2020

yes,it was good course cover with basic operation of sql and this course remind me all my old knowledge about mysql.thanking you.

Thushar2 July 2020

This is one of the best explanation i was ever seen about MySQL. I strongly recommend this course to everyone who are really have interest about Database Management. Thanks to Udemy.......

Soham1 July 2020

Very vague and doesn't really focus on the development it's like they're teaching just because we paid them doesn't tell you how to install the requirements or anything. A total waste of money and time.

Duc8 June 2020

This is a section of a bigger course and the instructor should cover how to install and set up PhpMyAdmin environment as well.

Lito7 June 2020

Actually, this is my first time taking the subject on PhpMyAdmin and mySQL. I want to learn more on these topics and I think this course is definitely for me. Thank you so much.

Wilson2 June 2020

Ha sido genial estoy tomando 2 cursos y me he enamorado de UDEMY con una interfaz muy llamativa y fácil de usar, la infinidad de cursos etc. La recomiendo.

Abimonica7 February 2020

I expected a little more description about php since I wasn't familiar with it. There could have been a precursor to this course about scripting languages, php, etc.

Oxib23 January 2020

Beginner with SQL here, it was a good intro but by the last modules/videos, I was lost with all the script variables and input that was necessary to update the database and delete records.

Kenny8 September 2019

The explanation skipped information relevant for a beginner to fully catch up with the meanings and flow.

Azamat30 July 2019

It was good, but I think, it'd be more effective, if author will give some kind of problems, or homework, or examples, that we have to solve. But regardless, course is good!


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