Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence

Learn MongoDB - Updated Every Week 100+interview Questions 100+Quizzes 60+Assignments mongobooster java C# nodejs php

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Jun 2018
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What you will learn

Work with MongoDB with Clarity and Confidence

Use 4 tools MongoCHEF, NOSQL Manager, RoboMongo, MongoBooster easily

Do Regex, GridFS , Replication , Sharding, Full text search

Basic and Advanced CRUD operations using MongoDB

Import and Export data from MongoDB

Work MapReduce, Embedded Documents,Save&Insert , indexing, capped collections, TTL

Bonus section * Use java,C#,PHP,Nodejs to access MongoDB features like CRUD, GridFS

Bonus Section * A 50 minutes MongoDB key feature exercises

100+ Quizzes 40+ Activities


More than 80+ ***** 5 Star Reviews

its all in one for all level all roll if you DBA or developer iam devops and work with mongo for about 4 years but these course help me to make farther progress in the area -Almaamon Rasool Abdali Hussain

Lots of hands-on demos and samples. -Michie Reigle 

Great teaching and good material so far -Nícolas Lima

good content and excellent explanations-Benjamin Abba

MongoDB is undeniably creating huge impact among enterprises , challenging oracle and other established vendors.

Do Search in the Google for - mongodb ranked 2nd next to oracle

Do Search in the Google for - DBRankings Mongodb

With a huge list of well known customers, its being used by top technological companies such as SAP, Expedia,EBAY, Craigslist, BOSCH,Amadeus, AOL, SAGE,CISCO, EA and many others in completely different Verticals. 

Do Search in the Google for - who uses MongoDB 

This course will provide you with greater information and confidence to explore mongoDB , without loosing interest and  its easiness.

The course is updated Every Week. It has 100+interview Questions 100+Quizzes 60+ Assignments with 5 tools, 4 languages.

 MongoDB when compared to traditional databases, is 10 times simpler in installation, management and in features. Its simply the Modern database,for the cloud era. 

The course is clearly organized into 4 sections, with  7 most important things to know about MongoD, Thinking about MongoDB topics,which will help the students to think and derive the MongoDB features ,before they get into the details of it.

In this Course I'm Covering the basics with JSON ,4 Useful tools to learn mongodb easily and  advanced topics such as sharding , replication, Mapreduce.

Two Very Useful MongoDB BONUS Sections

Bonus section 1 -Learn MongoDB < 50 Mts - Get a Quick Bootstrap on Key topics. A very useful one. 

Bonus Section 2 - Work with MongoDB using 4 programming Languages

  1.   Java
  2.   C#
  3.   PHP
  4.  NodeJS

The course contents are updated Every Week .

Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence - Screenshot_01Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence - Screenshot_02Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence - Screenshot_03Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence - Screenshot_04
Stage1 - Answer to the Core 8 Questions + 2 New Bonus Sections [ > 3 Hrs]
Course Overview
An Interesting and Important Pre-course Preparation
Basics Quiz
MongoDB Most important SEVEN things to be learnt - Before you start the Course
Lets Think About MongoDB, to understand it better.
Basics Quiz
*Bonus Section -Learn MongoDB < 50 Mts - Get a Quick Bootstrap on Key topics
*Bonus Section: 4 Programming Languages - MongoDB - C#, NodeJS, Java , PHP
100+ Interview Questions
What are the Core 8 Questions to Understand MongoDB
Why MongoDB is Important
What are the Key Parts of MongoDB , You will learn later
What are the Key features of Mongodb to focus at?
MongoDB Basics
MongoDB - 20 Simple Questions for Self Learning
MongoDB Basics
11 Simple Resources - To Boost your MongoDB Learning
MongoDB Basics
How to Install MongoDB?
Mongodb Installation on Mac, easily using HomeBrew
How to Install Mongodb on Linux-Ubuntu
Whats in the Installation Package
MongoDB tools Bundled with
What is JSON ? Learnt it Easily with good set of tools
JSON Basics
What are the 4 tools to Easily learn MongoDB
CRUD using RoboMongo
MongoDB Basics
CRUD using MongoCHEF
MongoDB Basics
CRUD using MongoBooster
CRUD using NOSQL Manager
Stage 2 - Advanced Queries, Arrays, Fulltext search , Javascript in Mongodb
How to load test data in Variety of formats to MongoDB?
Queries Part1
MongoDB Basics
Queries part2
MongoDB Queries Basics
Update Queries
Delete Queries
Arrays Part1
Arrays Part2
Arrays Quiz
MongoDB - How to Validate a Document - An Important Topic
Full Text search
Text Search Basics
Javascript with Mongodb
Stage 3 - GridFS , Aggregation, Replication, Sharding
GridFS Basics
Aggregation Part1 Basics
Aggregation Part2
Aggregation Basics
Aggregation Part3
Sharding Basics
Sharding Part2
Sharding Basics
Sharding Part3
Stage 4 - Mapreduce , Indexing ,Regex, Embedded Docs, Capped , TTL, MongoDump
MapReduce Part1
Map Reduce Part2
Map Reduce Basics
Regular Expression Basics
Index Basics
MongoDump & Restore
MongoDump and Restore Basics
Capped Collection
Capped Collection Basics
Embedded Documents
Embedded Document Basics
TTL Index
TTL Basics
Save Insert Difference
Save Basics
MongoDB with Java
MongoDB - Java Part1
MongoDB - Java Part2
MongoDB - Java Part3
C# with MongoDB
MongoDB -Csharp Part1
MongoDB -Csharp Part2
MongoDB -Csharp Part3
PHP with MongoDB
MongoDB -PHP Part1
MongoDB -PHP Part2 Installation
MongoDB -PHP Part3
MongoDB -PHP Part4
MongoDB -PHP Part5
NodeJS with MongODB
MongoDB - NodeJS Part1
MongoDB -NodeJS Part2
MongoDB & Python - The Simplest
Python with MongodB. Enjoy it
Bonus Section -MongoDB in Less than 50 Minutes - To get a Quick Bootstrap
MongoDB in Less than 50 Minutes - Part 1/5
MongoDB in less than 50 minutes - Part 2/5
MongoDB in less than 50 minutes - Part 3/5
MongoDB in less than 50 minutes - Part 4/5
MongoDB in less than 50 minutes - Part 5/5
Bonus Section: MongoDB the key topics in a short time. A Quickie todo.
MongoDB the Recent Changes and Updates - Please update yourself
Nov 2017 -Part 1/5 - MongoDB the Recent Changes and Updates
24 October 2021
Sezhian explains he topics in a very easy language and transitions from one topic to another in a very smooth and seamless manner. His quizzes are interesting and help to further strengthen the knowledge and improve understanding. I find his narrative useful in learning key concepts and build an end-to-end, exhaustive concept of MongoDB Thanks so much for the super-helpful training session!
24 January 2021
The course covered all the necessary topics such as 1. How to write queries 2. Features of MongoDB 3. Many advanced topics such as Sharding, Replication, Capped collection, Indexing, MapReduce, Aggregation Pipeline. I feel confident with MongoDB now.
6 May 2020
best mongodb tutorial but isn't best tutorial because to bit slow, the good news the teacher he has a lot knowledge
5 June 2019
Thanks to share your best knowledge. I highly recommend you to other Udemy students. This course very useful for beginners and intermedia learners. Thanks again :)
15 May 2019
The instructor is repeating, videos are far too long. It's better to read docs or blogs to quickly get familiar with Mongo. Introduction is awful - just waste of time. Teacher has poor accent, sometimes it's hard to understand.
6 March 2019
I appreciate the Instructor, for the amazing explanation. I can't believe this is a free offering on Udemy.
8 February 2019
Si es una buena eleccion, solo que para un hispano hablante que esta acostumbrado al ingles americano se le hace un poco dificil entender algunas palabras del instructor
14 August 2018
The course is focused on mechanics of how to use MongoDB instead of explaining concepts behind the components of mongoDB and then applications. Also they spend too much time talk talking about something that should take 5 minutes, but they do it in 1 hour. So it is such a waste of time to watch these videos. In addition, as assignments they send you to read about concepts that actually they should be doing. Like read the MondoDB manual, or read Wikipedia, than why am I paying for if I have to go to all kinds of website to learn.
22 February 2018
A lot of unnecessary information for a beginner looking to get up and running in a business environment. Found the MongoDB courses more direct and focused on getting a person ramped up quickly.
31 December 2017
its all in one for all level all roll if you DBA or developer iam devops and work with mongo for about 4 years but these course help me to make farther progress in the area
29 November 2017
Well satisfied with this course, course was well structured, I had previously enrolled with mongodb university and could not complete the course within the time frame, this course fulfill my needs.
27 November 2017
Materials and slides are easy to understand and easy to follow. Instructor is precise and direct to the point. Instructor explains the core fundamentals, the "what", "why" and the "how" of MongoDB. For improvement of this course, I think it's also better to explain the "when" to use MongoDB in such data models. Example when creating a E-commerce application, what data is best to place in MongoDB (e.g. Product Catalogue), what data is not good in MongoDB (e.g. Financial transactions).
15 November 2017
Tutor is very passionate about what he is doing and genuinely want the students to learn something out of his lectures. Took lot of efforts and the contents are thoughtfully prepared. Could see lot of hard work into what he did. The only area of improvement is to reduce the repetition of topics.
9 November 2017
Very Good Thalaivaaaa :) Your technical concepts JS are very fast and Confusing Please update video with Pipeline Operator for Mongodb.
7 November 2017
Instructor spent a lot of time showing what is going to be taught and lesser time on the actual content. There is too much repetition of easier topics and advanced ones have been left out for self reading. He has assumed a lot of prior knowledge on Databases. Also,Keeps shuffling between different tools and the reason is not always clear as to why the tool used in earlier tutorial is not currently being used.


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