Learn How to Use the Slider Revolution Plugin for Wordpress

Everything You Need to Build Custom Sliders!

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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Learn how to build sliders for website

Learn about WordPress plugins

Customize your WordPress Website

Build a Website with the Slider Revolution plugin


Learn how to use one of the best and most technical plugins for Wordpress - The Slider Revolution Plugin

In this video, we will show you how to:

  • Customize your website with sliders

  • Create your own sliders

  • Use videos, animations, and create layers

  • Build a website

  • Create custom transitions

By the end of this video tutorial using the Slider Revolution Plugin for Wordpress you will become an expert.

This video covers everything from beginning to end.

  • For beginners and advance users (all levels)

Learn where to get the Slider Revolution and how to install and upload it.

We'll give you a tour of the Slider Revolution Dashboard and how to navigate your way around the entire plugin to make sure you learn everything. The best part about this video tutorial is that its free to enroll and learn. Watch it and see if it covers what you need. The chapters are below.

Lecture 1: What We'll Be Covering (introduction/overview)

Lecture 2: Get the Slider Revolution Plugin

Lecture 3: Tour of Slider Revolution Dashboard

Lecture 4: Exercise #1 Build A Slider From Scratch

Lecture 5: Add Slider to Webpage

Lecture 6: Exercise #2 Video Slider + Add-On Effects

Lecture 7: Adding 2nd Slider

Lecture 8: Installing Add-Ons

Lecture 9: Exercise #3 Build a Website with Slider Revolution

Lecture 10: Global Layers

Lecture 11: Adding Timers and Countdowns

Lecture 12: Add Website to Wordpress

Lecture 13: Congratulations

Anyone that uses WordPress will be able to provide more value to their own website and their clients by learning how to use the Slider Revolution plugin. I hope you enjoy this course!


Learn How to Use the Slider Revolution Plugin for Wordpress - Screenshot_01Learn How to Use the Slider Revolution Plugin for Wordpress - Screenshot_02Learn How to Use the Slider Revolution Plugin for Wordpress - Screenshot_03Learn How to Use the Slider Revolution Plugin for Wordpress - Screenshot_04



Tutorial Overview
Getting the Slider Revolution
Install Plugin
Tour of Slider Revolution

Slider Exercise #1

Exercise #1 Creating a Slider From Scratch
Add Slider to Webpage

Creating a Video Slider and Use Animations

Exercise #2 Video Slider and Add On Effects
Add Second Slider
Activate and Use Add-Ons

Create a Webpage with the Slider Revolution Plugin

Exercise #3 Create a Website (Use Templates)
Global Layers
Timers and Page Counters
Adding Your Website


Congratulations on completing this tutorial!

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