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Learn how to bake layer cakes

Step-by-step chocolate cake

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Learn how to bake layer cakes


35 mins


Oct 2020

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What you will learn

How to bake a delicious chocolate cake that looks like from a pastry shop

Lots of tips and techniques related to cake baking


Learn how to bake an amazing Chocolate Cake with this Cake Baking Class!

If you are new to baking layer cakes or you just want to improve your skills in the area, this class is for you!

You will see all the steps to make a Chocolate Cake: batter, frosting and cake assembly. You will learn why we are using certain ingredients in that recipe and what is the necessary equipment to have at home in order to bake layer cakes.

You will also learn some important baking tips.

This class is for home bakers who are willing to get better with layer cakes. No professional equipment and no special ingredients are required.

The goal of this class is not only to help you to bake this particular cake but also to give you general knowledge about cake baking so that you can succeed with any layer cake recipe. It is a class for beginners but also people with some baking experience could benefit from it.




Before starting to bake

Equipment Needed


Cake Base preparation

Cut circles of baking paper

Make the batter

Transfer the batter to the pans

Remove the cakes from the pans

Assemble the cake

Make the frosting

Assemble and frost

Simple decoration

Slice the cake

Cake baking checklist

Bonus Lecture - Healthy Red Velvet Cake

How to make a red velvet cake with healthier ingredients


Veronica27 May 2021

I enjoy the fact that she was right to the point and didn’t waste time on meatless details but I hope to see that frosting recipe it looks divine

Diana13 October 2020

This is an extremely pleasant, consistent and comprehensive course for beginners! I highly recommend it to anyone like me who wants to quickly get into the secrets of baking cakes. The tutor explains everything in detail, and her instructions are easy to follow.


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