English Grammar Launch: Upgrade your speaking and listening

Learn English grammar through lectures and listening and speaking practice, so you can confidently speak English.

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English Grammar Launch: Upgrade your speaking and listening
8 hours
Feb 2022
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What you will learn

Speak English more confidently.

Better understand spoken English.

Have a deeper knowledge of the structure of English grammar.

Produce the target structures confidently and accurately.

Why take this course?

🎓 Course Title: English Grammar Launch: Upgrade Your Speaking and Listening 🚀

Course Headline: 🤓 Master English Grammar with Expert Insights, Engaging Lectures & Practical Practice!

Unlock the Secrets of English Grammar with Confidence!

Are you ready to elevate your English fluency? Look no further! In our comprehensive intermediate course, English Grammar Launch, Anthony Kelleher, a native British English speaker and experienced educator, will guide you through the intricacies of English grammar. 🗣️

With Anthony's expert tuition, you'll learn the target grammar structures not just on a superficial level, but at a deep level, enabling you to sound more native-like when you speak English. This is your opportunity to refine your English pronunciation and intonation, ensuring that your spoken English is as clear and natural as that of a fluent speaker.

Why Choose English Grammar Launch?

🚀 Lectures for the Target Structures:

  • Engaging video lectures designed to clarify and solidify your understanding of complex grammatical concepts.

👂 Listening and Speaking Practice:

  • Real-life scenarios where you'll practice every single grammar structure you learn, ensuring retention and fluency.

📈 Future Updates:

  • The course is constantly evolving to include even more content, so you'll always stay ahead of the curve with new material.

📑 PDF Transcripts:

  • Clear, written transcripts for every lecture to aid your comprehension and serve as a handy reference.

🎵 MP3 Downloads:

  • Learn on-the-go with our audio files, perfect for those moments when you can't sit down with your laptop or tablet.

Your Learning Journey Awaits!

Each section of this course is meticulously crafted to focus on one, two, or three target structures at a time, allowing you to master each one. By doing so, you'll be able to produce them accurately in everyday conversations and become more confident in your spoken English. 🌟

Take the Next Step Towards Fluency!

Whether you want to speak English more clearly, sound more like a native speaker, or simply take your English to the next level, English Grammar Launch is tailor-made for your success. With Anthony's guidance and a wealth of resources at your fingertips, you'll be well on your way to mastering English grammar and achieving your goal of improving your English. 🎯

Enroll now and start your journey towards English fluency today! 🎉


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Our review

Course Review for English Grammar Mastery

Overview: The English Grammar Mastery course has received an overall high rating from recent reviews, with a global average of 4.58 out of 5 stars. The consensus among learners is that the course offers clear explanations, valuable resources, and is beneficial for both understanding English tenses, vocabulary, and pronunciation.


  • Clear Instruction: Teacher Anthony is commended for his ability to explain English grammar in a way that is understood by learners with varying levels of proficiency.
  • Comprehensive Content: The course covers a wide range of topics within the English language, including specific examples of grammar usage and concrete explanations that aid in learning.
  • Pacing and Clarity: Anthony's slow and clear pronunciation is appreciated by learners, making it easier to grasp new concepts and vocabulary.
  • Quality of Instruction: The instructor is described as top-notch, with a teaching style that breaks down complex grammar into smaller, more manageable sections.
  • Engaging Material: The course videos are designed to be clear and easy to follow, which assists learners in applying new words correctly within contexts.
  • Versatility: Suitable for beginners to intermediate learners, the course is seen as a refresher for those revisiting basic grammar or delving into more complex aspects of English.
  • Positive Impact: Many reviewers report a noticeable improvement in their English communication skills after completing the course.


  • Course Level Expectation: Some learners expected a more advanced curriculum and felt the course was intended for beginners or those with intermediate level proficiency.
  • Resource Limitations: A few users pointed out that additional interactive elements, such as the ability to embed images into note fields, would enhance the learning experience.
  • Content Progression: While the course is well-explained, a few reviewers felt that it did not start at the very basics, which could be challenging for complete beginners.

General Feedback:

  • The course is highly recommended for those looking to clarify and restate English concepts, especially for individuals who have some foundational knowledge of the language.
  • The teaching approach and the pace of the lessons are perfect for learners returning to English or those needing to build their grammar skills from the ground up.
  • The quality of the speaker's tone and speed is just right for beginners, making it an excellent choice for those starting their English learning journey.
  • Learners appreciate the course's structure and the way lessons are broken down, which makes them easy to learn and apply in real-life conversations.

Final Thoughts: English Grammar Mastery is a well-regarded course that offers clear instruction and valuable learning resources for English language enthusiasts. While some may find it more introductory than expected, its quality of content and teaching makes it an asset for beginners to intermediate learners looking to enhance their understanding and use of English grammar.



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