Lean Six Sigma White Belt course: Training and Certification

Upgrade your career with Lean Six Sigma. Practical Lean 6 Sigma White Belt course: Training and Certification

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Master the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma: DMAIC, DMADV, Lean, 8 forms of waste, Sigma Levels, 7 Quality tools, and much more

Land a new job / get promoted / cash in the yearly bonus with valuable Lean Six Sigma White Belt training and certification

Download a recognized L6s White Belt Certificate of Completion, valid worldwide, upon finalizing this course

Receive useful and actionable insights from a certified Lean Six Sigma Belt

Significantly transform projects and processes with Lean Six Sigma (L6s White Belt) tools

Get new ideas, strategies and approaches from a real-world L6s certified project! All L6s phases included: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control

Test your knowledge with a Course Quiz

Get LIFETIME access to all course materials (HD video tutorials, downloadable and printable course files)


Discover just how PRACTICAL this Lean Six Sigma White Belt course can be.

This is the only course with a dozen of practical ideas, presented straight from a real-world L6s Green Belt certification project.

We switch between face shots videos, study cases, and powerful visuals to make this Lean Six Sigma White Belt course an engaging experience.

This course teaches you exactly how to be a Master of the Lean Six Sigma fundamentals in a three-stage high-level process:

  1. get a profound understanding of the L6s concepts

  2. learn how to navigate and thrive in the L6s certification process: stakeholders, different requirements for different certification levels, 20+ must-know tips

  3. get actionable ideas and deepen your L6s awareness with 20+ tools presented in a real-world L6s project

This is the most straightforward path to learn and get certified for Lean Six Sigma White Belt.

Upgrade your career with a highly-wanted skill: Lean Six Sigma.

Imagine now applying the benefits of this course: 

- you will become more productive

- you will get better projects and processes

- you will enjoy enhanced visibility to your senior stakeholders and management

- you will get more job opportunities with a Lean Six Sigma White Belt certification

- you will become more competitive

- you will get a better pay

This is how you can win in your professional life.

Start to see value from the first minute of this White Belt training

This White Belt course is only about relevant, powerful, and effective tools that L6s Professionals regularly use to work faster and boost productivity while meeting the data quality requirements.

As a result, right after the first video, you will be already in the position of using this knowledge in your daily work. This is a productive start in your Lean Six Sigma journey with a Lean Six Sigma White Belt certification.

By the end of this course, you will be confidently using various Lean Six Sigma tools (from all the five phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) to significantly improve your work.

We will cover 50+ concepts and ideas. Here are some examples of what you will learn: 

  • Six Sigma levels

  • Variation, standard deviation, defects

  • Cost of poor quality - Toyota study case

  • LEAN

  • 8 forms of waste

  • DMAIC: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control

  • DMADV: Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify

  • Stakeholders and their involvement

  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt certification vs other levels - requirements

  • Tips to get certified faster for higher levels (Yellow, Green, Black Belt levels)

  • 7 quality tools

  • How to build a Pareto graph (chart) in Excel

  • Minitab

  • Explore DMAIC with a real-world GB project and much more

You'll Also Get:

  • Downloadable additional files to expand your L6s White Belt awareness

  • Lifetime Access to course tutorials and materials

  • Fast & Friendly Support from an engaging instructor in the Q&A section

  • Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

This Lean Six Sigma White Belt course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee - so there's no risk to get started.

Go ahead and hit the "Take this course" button to start working faster, get more job opportunities, and upgrade your career with Lean Six Sigma!

See you there!

-Valentin (Founder of VeryFastExcel)


Lean Six Sigma White Belt course: Training and Certification
Lean Six Sigma White Belt course: Training and Certification
Lean Six Sigma White Belt course: Training and Certification
Lean Six Sigma White Belt course: Training and Certification


Introduction to the Lean Six Sigma White Belt Course: training and certification

Course overview

How to get the most out of this course

Lean Six Sigma White Belt

What is Six Sigma

Cost of poor quality: Toyota - study case

What does it mean for you? Is the goal really 6 sigma?

What is LEAN? Learn the forms of Waste

Lean Six Sigma White Belt and ALL other L6s Belts

Practical differences between Six Sigma White Belt and other levels. Study-case

The DMAIC approach

The DMADV approach

Who is involved in a Lean-Six Sigma certification? - part 1

L6s stakeholders - part 2

L6s stakeholders - test your knowledge

Seven quality tools - part 1

Seven quality tools - part 2

Assignment - build a Pareto chart in Excel

Overview of MINITAB for Six Sigma White Belt

L6s insights from a Real-world Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt Project

Get insights and ideas a L6s Green Belt project!

DMAIC: the DEFINE phase of the real-world project

DMAIC - the MEASURE phase

One major take-away of Define vs Measure

The ANALYZE phase

The IMPROVE phase

DMAIC - the CONTROL phase

White Belt: Master Quiz

Lean Six Sigma White Belt course conclusions

Congratulations! Get the Certificate for completing Lean Six Sigma White Belt


Julie8 October 2020

This was a great course to introduce me to Lean Six Sigma and complete a certification in a short amount of time. Thank you

Neilya6 August 2020

Thank you, Valentin so much for such an incredible course!! The explanation is understandable, the topic is so important. I think it will help me in managing my time , my work, my life! ?? I recommend??

Florin20 July 2020

Good information about process improvement. Good knowledge and very well structured course. Congratulations!

Razvan22 June 2020

Very good , easy to learn, and if you just think a little, we can adopt in the work of every day. I find myself in the situation of visualization of a flow of production and delivery of goods, and ,,Downtime" - is the best ,,word" that explain the gaps......!! Thank you!!!

Lakhpat22 June 2020

It’s a good cause about the introduction on lean six Sigma and the concepts explain by the author are very convenient and easy to be understand

Alexandru19 June 2020

Thank you! A very well made course. I learn a lot of it. Explanations are clear and all concepts are explained in detail.

Camelia9 June 2020

I strongly recommend this training, because it is very useful, very well described and concise. This training is good to be followed by the people which are new to LSS methodology, but also to the ones which are already LSS certified, because it could be a very good refresh. Many thanks for offering this great training!

Andreas9 June 2020

Its not the first time attending courses from Valentin. He did a great job on the Excel Macros course and I am sure he has done it again. Looking forward to kick off this course, but also the upcoming ones. Keep up the good work, thank you for sharing high class material!

B9 June 2020

It's a well tailored course for the people who aspire to achieve Lean six sigma certification. You will get to see all fundamental aspects here. Great job Vali :)

Florian4 June 2020

This course is perfect! Everything is explained in an understandable way with a lot of practical examples. The Six Sigma principle is really something everybody in a corporate environment or even in a smaller business can take advantage from. I am already looking forward for my yellow belt!!!

Nadia3 June 2020

I definitely recommend this course to anybody starting out on Lean Six Sigma! I really appreciated the introduction to this management approach and how the instructor gradually lead us throughout the course. I liked the pace, the numerous practical examples and the overall structure! 10/10 would recommend!!!


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