Real Estate Agent Lead Generation

Lead Generation with little to no cost

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Real Estate Agent Lead Generation
31 mins
May 2022
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What you will learn


Google Ads

MLS/Opcity Verbal Instruction(Real Estate Agents)

Sphere of Influence

Reverse Prospecting


Learn how to generate consistent leads to your business. Leads can be expensive, and untrustworthy. Develop a system and schedule that will drive leads to your business without breaking the bank. I experienced that myself, and felt lost as a new 1099 employee. I constantly reflected on what lead generation sources have produced the most results, and have come up with the following main sources of income for my business.

I have developed a system that has generated me 20 clients in 6 months. The system works, it is up to you to take advantage and put in the time.

Learn how to develop leads through the following systems:

1. Facebook

2. Google Ads

3. MLS/Opcity (for real estate agents or investors)

4. Sphere of influence

Facebook- how to filter through content on facebook to identify clients that align with your business and avoid spam.

Google Ads- how to optimize results with Google Ads, using the features google provides, get the most traffic and reach your goals for income for your business.

MLS/Opcity- Experience with Opcity, and brief overview of how to find FSBO, expired, and investor deals using MLS.

Sphere of Influence- How to create a referral business through your "sphere." How to not overdue it, and avoid being a salesman to family members.

Reverse Prospecting- using the MLS tools to get more people seeing your listings, and more deals closed.

Tired of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on marketing to drive leads to your business? This is the course for you. No one can develop leads and knows your business better than you do. Easily scalable solution to lead generation that can be taught to employees and other sales team members. Take advantage of my course, and feel free to reach out with any questions. Feedback is always appreciated.


Lead Generation with little cost for your business

Google Ads
MLS/Opcity (For Real Estate Agents)
Sphere of Influence/Common Lead Gen Questions
Challenge to Produce Results for your Business
Reverse Prospecting on MLS
Network Opportunity



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