Kano Analysis Expert - Basics to Advanced [2022]

Understand Kano Model to prioritize customer needs. Get the tools and templates required to do a detailed analysis.

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What you will learn

Using Kano Model, you will be able to understand the customer needs and expectations

You will be able to prioritize customer needs that will lead to higher customer satisfaction or lower dissatisfaction

This course goes beyond basic theory and provides you with the tools (Microsoft Excel template provided) to conduct Kano Analysis at a bigger scale.


Note: Students who complete this course have an option to apply for the certification exam by Quality Gurus Inc. and can achieve the Verified Certification from Quality Gurus Inc. It is optional and there is no separate fee for that.

This course is NOT just a basic introduction to Kano Model. This course explains the basic concepts and provides tools to perform a detailed analysis of customer needs and expectations.

1. Microsoft Excel and Google Forms are used to collect customer feedback on various product features.

2. Microsoft Excel is used to analyze customer responses.

The survey questionnaire consists of the functional and dysfunctional questions for each feature. Based on the response to these questions, a feature could be classified as:

1. Must-be Quality

2. One-dimensional Quality

3. Attractive Quality

4. Indifferent Quality

5. Reverse Quality

A summary table is created for each feature based on multiple customer responses. This helps in understanding which category a feature belongs to. To prioritize features and to present the summary in graphical form, a Better/Worst Plot is created.

Performing all these steps using a pen/paper format of the form and manually classifying the features is a time-consuming and boring process. If the survey is conducted on a bigger scale the manual calculations are impossible and impractical to perform. For this, we will be using Microsoft Excel and use some advanced features (INDEX, XMATCH and COUNTIF functions) to perform the analysis.

This tool is widely used by product development professionals to decide what features should be implemented in the new product or in the upgraded version of the product.

Six Sigma and improvement professionals also use this tool to decide what improvement initiatives should be prioritized.


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0 Welcome
1 Introduction to Kano Model
2 Five Categories of Product Features
Kano Model Basics

Performing Kano Analysis (Understanding the Concepts)

3 Identify Customer Needs
4 Design the Survey Form
5 Interpretation of Survey Results
6 Evaluation Matrix
7 Summarizing Survey Responses
8 Better Worst Coefficients
9 Understanding Better/Worst Plot
Performing Kano Analysis

Performing Kano Analysis (Implemementation using Microsoft Excel)

10 Using Forms to Collect Data
11 Feature Category Using Microsoft Excel
12 Summarizing Customer Responses
13 Create Better Worst Chart Using MS Excel + Course Conclusion
Download Excel Template and Slides


November 9, 2021
Great course, right pace and good explanation of utilising Excel to analyse and report on the outcomes.



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