Service Desk Analyst Crash course for beginners.

Service Desk Analyst | IT Help Desk Professional | L1 IT Support | Global Service Desk (GSD).

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Service Desk Analyst Crash course for beginners.


2 hours


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Windows 10 Operating system Installation.

Windows 10 32bit vs 64bit / Windows 10 Different Edition.

MS Office 2016 Installation/Uninstallation.

Outlook 2016 troubleshooting.

Request/Incident Ticket Creation using Service Now ticketing tool.

Service Desk Analyst Interview Question and Answer.

Service Desk Call Handling Demo Call.

Use of Citrix Director and vCenter Console for Service Desk role.

Bonus: Career in Service desk or Career after Service Desk Analyst Job.


Do you want to start your career in the IT world? Then You are in the right place!

I just wanted to tell you guys first, I have only added those important videos in this course that will help you with Given JOB Roles.

Service Desk Analyst | IT Help Desk Professional | L1 IT Support | Global Service Desk (GSD).

This course is designed to help you crack the Service Desk Analyst/ IT Support/IT Service Desk interview.

When you want to become an IT specialist, you have to start from the basics, how they work, how to install operating systems and software, how they communicate, how to manage them, and of course, troubleshooting all that.

The instructors' experiences sum up to more than 9 years in total in this field, so you will get all the necessary information which helps you to start your career in the IT world.

We structured the course from the most basic knowledge required, Installing Windows 10 OS and basic software installation.

This is completely job-based training, we have covered all the topics in this course which help you to Crack the interview, but yes you should need to have the basic knowledge of the computer to start this course.

As more than 70% of the course contents are practical demonstrations, we highly encourage you to have a test PC to apply and practice to maximize your learning experience outcomes.

please let me know if you want me to upload more videos that you think should be part of this course, I will happy to upload them.

also, if you want to have Windows 10 machine for the practice you can let me know I will arrange it for you online.

Are you ready to get into this world? Do you want to land your next IT job? Here is your key for that, enroll now in this course, and let’s begin the journey.

All the best! Join now! and please please provide your feedback that really matters for us.




Course Overview.

Windows 10 OS Overview.

Recommended Hardware for Windows 10.

Windows 10 Different Edition.

Windows 10 32bit vs 64bit.

Windows 10 Installation inside PC using VMWare Player.

Software Installation.

MS Office 2016 Installation.

MS Office 2016 Uninstallation.

Adobe Reader Installation/Uninstallation.

Users and Computers Active Directory tool overview.

How to reset the User Password and Unlock the account.

Service Now Ticketing Tool.

How to Create Incident.

How to Create Request.

MS Office Troubleshooting 2016.

What is Outlook ?

Outlook Email rules features explained.

How to fix if Outlook keep Hanging ?

How to fix if Mail stuck in outbox ?

How to fix if user unable to send receive emails ?

How to fix missing add-ins in outlook ?

Service Desk Analyst / IT Support Interview Question Answers.

Interview Question & Answers. Part -1

Interview Question & Answers. Part -2

Course Conclusion.

Career in Service Desk Analyst.


Gabriele3 June 2021

I love that you gave free course, it is my first on this subject and I am loving it! But as a new person to this knowledge I had some issues understanding certain concepts or as simple as keyboard shortcuts. Regarding concepts, it was lacking repetition and sometimes more in depth explanation that would give me better understanding as a new person in field what is all about. Also, in some videos auto subtitles were really inaccurate and some keyboard shortcuts I couldn't understand - so if subs under very important phrases likes this would be correct it would help tremendously. All in all, found really good tips and clearer understanding of the profession and it's progression. Kind regards, Gabrielė

Rayees31 May 2021

The way you explained is very easy and good I leaned every section easily. I liked it. thank you. just a small suggestion: if there were some Networking parts added in this course it would be much better and interesting. There is separate course for that one I don't know, if yes please let me know. I would love to join also that course. Thank you once again and stay safe.

Weldai6 May 2021

this course helped me to understand how to start in IT services. Thank you for your help and appreciate that help and really I enjoyed the course and thank you.

Abhijeet4 May 2021

Hey Nihal, Great work. This course helps a lot of youngsters like me to shape our career in the IT industry and gives insights into how Service Desk works. Kudos to you for your time and efforts in making this course.

Danny12 April 2021

Sorry but you are solving little things without explaining why you chose this example and why you chose this course of action I have watched about 10 vidoes and pretty sure i wont be watching anymore

Moises19 March 2021

It's good, no complaints really as I wasn't really sure what to expect. I was looking for something that would include more hands on troubleshooting but maybe that will come later in the course.

Aniket14 March 2021

Initially the course seems to be too slow, but it move fast from section 5.Course is great for a person entering first time in this field. Looking for more sessions from your side. Thankyou

Miguel25 February 2021

Very information and positive. Good to see great information especially during these difficult times. Keep up the good work.

Faye15 February 2021

It was good because you put in some examples. It would be great to have some more examples and situations.

Okoro1 February 2021

This has brought back the basic IT service desk knowledge and has increased my confidence in my job capacity. Thank you so much

Peter19 December 2020

for me, it was really an added value, awesome presentation, and every detail has done practically. Really appreciated efforts

Anantveer16 December 2020

It was awesome learning experience, the good thing is trainer has experienced in service desk and all the videos are very realvent to interview. Thanks..

Roshan26 November 2020

It was Good and briefly Explanation about all Topics step by step and guidance toward career role and responsibility too. Thanks Roshan


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