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Ionic with NodeJS: Build a Full Mobile Business Rating App

Build A Complete Ionic 4 (formerly Ionic 3) Mobile App From Scratch With Node.js REST API Backend

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Dec 2018

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What you will learn

Build a mobile app with Ionic, Node, Express and MongoDB

Use Mongoose to create schemas

Build REST API from scratch

Use Node REST API inside ionic app

Connect Frontend with Backend code

Learn ionic UI components, apis and native plugins

Use Ionic Storage Module

Use mongodb as database for storing data from ionic app

Use cloudinary cloud storage for files

Send images from ionic app to node backend through REST api

Build rating and reviews functionality inside the ionic application

Add Leaderboard and search functionality

Deploy backend app to heroku


Have you ever thought of building an application that uses RESTful API? Have you thought of building an application with both front-end and back-end connected by RESTful APIs all created by you? Then this course is designed specifically for you.

In this course, you will build a mobile application using Ionic 4 (formerly Ionic 3), Node, and Mongodb database. The front-end of the application is built using the ionic framework while the back-end is built using Express framework. The front-end and back-end are connected via HTTP through the RESTful API created from scratch.

The REST API used in this course is build completely from scratch.

This Ionic and Node.js course will guide you through building your own mobile business rating app from start to finish.The course uses tools like Express, Mongodb, Mongoose. This application is an employee to business app (Or we can say as well it is a business to business rating app) where an employee of a company (or another company) rates a business based on experience with the company's business dealings.

This course is project based.

During this course, you will learn to

  1. Build a mobile app with Ionic, Node, Express and MongoDB

  2. Build REST API from scratch

  3. Use Node REST API inside ionic app

  4. Connect Frontend with Backend code

  5. Upload images from Ionic app 

  6. Use Cloudinary cloud storage for images

  7. Create ionic providers for communicating with back-end

  8. Use Ionic UI components, apis and native plugins

  9. Build reviews and rating functionality inside ionic application

  10. Use third-party rating component

  11. Create custom components

  12. Use Ionic storage

  13. Use MVC pattern to build REST API

  14. Create custom functions to be used inside ionic template files

  15. And more...


Ionic with NodeJS: Build a Full Mobile Business Rating App
Ionic with NodeJS: Build a Full Mobile Business Rating App
Ionic with NodeJS: Build a Full Mobile Business Rating App
Ionic with NodeJS: Build a Full Mobile Business Rating App




Source Files

Install Node and Angular

Install Ionic and Cordova

Install MongoDB

Ionic 3 Project Setup

Install VS Code

Create Ionic Project

Create Node Project

VS Code Workspace

Create Home Page

Create Login Page

Style Login Page

Add Register Page Inputs

Signup and Login Authentication

Install Express

Start Mongodb Server

Create User Route

Create Register Provider

Install Cors

User Model

Passport Signup - 1

Passport Signup - 2

Signup New User

Add Loading Controller

Add Alert Controller

Add Validations

Task Solution

Passport Login - 1

Passport Login - 2

Ionic Storage

Save Email in Storage


Company Section

Company Inputs

Automatic Login


Company Form

Sidemenu List

Add Create Company Link to Sidemenu

Company Schema

Company Route

Company Provider

Import Company Provider

Add Field to Company Schema

Add Home Route

Get User Data

Exclude Password

Add User Id to Create Company Method

Create Test Company

Validate Company Data

Use View Did Enter

Get All Companies

Display All Companies

Add Style to All Companies Page - 1

Add Style to All Companies Page - 2

Home Page Elements

Add Styles to Home Page


Reviews and Rating Section

Style Create Company Page

Add Reviews Page - 1

Add Reviews Page - 2

Add Company Profile Page

Display Name on Review Page

Update Company Schema

Add Review Route

Add Review Method

Send Review and Ratings to Back-end

Update Company Document with Ratings and Review

Review Fields Validation

Add Toast Controller to Review's Page

Ionic Rating Component

Style Rating Stars

Create Average Method

Company Profile Page

Create Rating Sum Method

Custom Rating Component - 1

Custom Rating Component - 2

View Company Reviews - 1

View Company Reviews - 2

Fix Review Typo Error

Display Average Rating

Display Sidemenu Icons

Sidemenu Elements

Sidemenu Styles

Use Moment Library

Use Substr Method

Employee Role Alert Box

Update User Company Schema

Send Employee Role

Save Employee Role

Add Toast Controller For Employee Role

Ionic 3 Image Upload

Create Settings Page

Populate Company Array

Display Settings Elements

Display Companies


Cloudinary Config

Provider Upload Image Method

Camera Options - 1

Camera Options - 2

Cloudinary Upload Method

Save Image Id

Display Profile Image - 1

Display Profile Image - 2

Upload Logo Method

Display Logo

Rounding Method


Search and Leaderboard Section

Search Page

Search Input

Search Route

Search Results

Show Search Results

Add Click Method to Result

Leaderboard - 1

Leaderboard - 2

Display Name on Home Page

Error Fixes

Get User Email Using Async/Await

Use Get User Email Method - Part 1

Use Get User Email Method - Part 2

Deployment Section

Install Helment and Compression Modules

Create Database on Mlab

Environment Variables

Git Push

Create Heroku App

Install pm2

Replace Localhost with Heroku App Url

Add Heroku Port

Try App on Browser

Add Gradient to Login Page

Install Android Studio and Try App on Emulator

Show Scroll

Migration from Ionic 3 to Ionic 4 - New Section

Section Introduction

Github Link for Ionic 4 App

Ionic 4 Overview

Ionic 4 Changes

Ionic 4 Installation

Create Ionic 4 Project

Start Servers

Create Login Page

Login Page - Part 1

Login Page - Part 2

Change Login Button

Signup Page

Create All Pages

Add Home Page

Add Side Menu

Display User Image

Create Company Page

All Companies Page

Company Profile Page

Add Review Page

View Reviews Page

Leader Board Page

Settings Page

Search Page - Part 1

Search Page - Part 2



Joshua26 November 2018

Very good course, sometimes hard to find mistakes. But very good, I would like to know how I can generate scss for ios and android since the ios does not work at 100% scss

Daniel16 November 2018

Too monotonous, and you need to explain what these different technologies are, what part will they take in the app.

Ícaro7 August 2018

It was an amazing learning experience. Good speed, good flow of developmet... It all worked all well. The only negative point was that the captions is not accurated at all.. the text-to-speech engine got it all wrong.. That was not an issue for me because I (brazilian) was able to understand.. But for others might not be like that.

Laurence29 July 2018

The course is very good. It's both pushing forward my knowledge to do something new that I need to do (node js) and consolidating existing knowledge (ionic). Eddie is very clear and thorough and responded very quickly to my request for help. Thanks!

Louis4 June 2018

Nice continuation of previous Ionic Weather Project...hoping more Ionic Classes will be created by Eddie. Instructor is very responsive to questions and is very helpful.

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