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How to Influence Your Kids - Parenting Teens and Tweens

Get your kids to want to cooperate with you.


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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Strategies for influencing reserved kids.

Strategies for influencing unmotivated kids.

Strategies for influencing defiant/manipulative behavior in kids.


Do you want to be an amazing parent, but somehow, conflicts with your kids always turn into nagging or yelling?

Are you tired of punishing, incentivizing, micromanaging and other faulty strategies that don’t work?

What if there exists a perfect combination of words and phrases that, when spoken to your kids, will get them to willingly cooperate with you?

That is the power of influencing. It’s the art of getting someone to want to do the thing that you want them to do using your words.

Granted, that might sound a bit shady, and in any other circumstance, that might be the case, but not when it comes to parenting.

Influencing is an absolutely necessary skill when it comes to raising kids. They literally depend on your guidance, even when they’re rejecting it.  In fact, when they’re rejecting it is probably when they need it the most.

You need to be able to know how to get through to them effectively, because no matter how much you try to protect them, you’re not always going to be there to shield them from everything.  When you’re not around, the only thing in your power to play any sort of role in their decisions is your influence.


My name is Ava, I’m an influencing expert and a mindset coach for kids.

In this value packed course, you'll learn:

  • some of my best tactics and strategies for:

    • breaking the ice with shy kids,

    • inspiring and motivating unmotivated kids,

    • behavior correcting and accountability.

  • powerful and applicable examples, such as:

    • how to get kids off their tech devices amicably.

    • how to handle manipulative behavior.

    • how to get kids to do their chores willingly.

  • Case studies,

  • Tips for academic motivation, and more!

So, if you’re ready to learn how to position yourself as a leader your kids want to follow, sign up now.


How to Influence Your Kids - Parenting Teens and Tweens
How to Influence Your Kids - Parenting Teens and Tweens
How to Influence Your Kids - Parenting Teens and Tweens
How to Influence Your Kids - Parenting Teens and Tweens



How to Use This Course (Start here)

The Key to Influencing.

Breaking the Ice

Example 1: Getting shy kid to come out of her bubble.

2 Influencing Tactics for Breaking the Ice

Inspiring and Motivating

Example 2: Trying out for the Olympics

2 Influencing Tactics for Inspiring and Motivating Kids

Example 3: Getting kids to do chores

Example 4: Talking to kids about suicide prevention without normalizing it

Behavior Correcting

Example 5: Getting kids off their tech devices without the big blowout

3 Influencing Tactics for Behavior Correcting

Example 6: Dealing with entitled behavior

Building Trust

Example 5: Influencing a lying kid

2 Influencing Tactics for Building Trust

Holding kids accountable

Example 7: How to handle manipulative behavior

2 Influencing Tactics for Holding Kids Accountable

Examples of Win-Win agreements



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