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Your Guide To Memory And Learning Skills

Discover how our memory works and how to stimulate your brain, from newborn over teenager and adulthood to old age

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Understand the different types of memory

Follow the different laws and principles guiding your memory

Apply a whole range of strategies to help you remember better

Assist others, regardless of age, in developing their memory and learning skills


If you are keen on developing your memory and learning, this course is for  you.

Most of us don’t know how our memory work, let alone how to optimize it. We don’t know how to help our children to stimulate their memory, we fail at helping our parents to stay young at heart and in their brain. And ourselves, we’re just too busy to realize we could be way more effective...

The purpose of this course is to offer an overview of our memory throughout our different periods of life. 

We are going to explore its evolution during the course of a life time. Each lecture will include exercises to improve our memory, advice to help other people and finally also explanations to allow us to better understand how our memory works.

The Science behind the course...

Since antiquity, philosophers and orators try to understand the functioning of memory. They had already developed techniques that we still use successfully today.
In the 19th century, Ebbinghaus began scientifically studying memory and discovered the laws of how we forget and William James was the first to propose to split the memory into several distinct functions.

Today, we distinguish dozens of specific types of memories. In this course, we will focus on the main 3 memory systems, which are: The Sensory memory , the short-term memory ( or working memory) and the long-term memory

This course has the ambition to be extremely complete. We'll cover everyone and everything:
From babies and toddlers, over teenagers, to adults and old age.
From remembering names and numbers, over techniques to give presentations, to memory hacks
From theories and studies, over practical exercises and tasks you will be asked to perform

My personal experience

You have to know that as a student, studying for me looked more like a battlefield. It was something I was forced to do. An obligation. Needless to say I didn’t fare well. Through my journey into the brain, I started to understand what I was doing wrong. Long story short: pretty much everything. I remember how, in the beginning of my career, I was constantly forgetting the names of my clients, the details of the projects I was working on. I was constantly getting into trouble with my boss because of it.  

Today, I can say, without the shadow of a doubt, that my brain and my memory have never worked better. And I want to share all my insights with you.

  • Understand the different types of memory - and gain insight in how we remember
  • Follow the different laws and guidelines - and find harmony with your brain
  • Apply a whole range of strategies - and improve your memory
  • Help others - and regardless of their age, help them maintain and/or develop their memory and learning skills
  • And So Much More... such as babies, language, infantile amnesia, working memory, screens, drugs, the amygdala and hypothalamus, remembering names, numbers, songs, and so on ... 

Course overview

The first part of this course is dedicated to a few basic concepts: the different types of memory and the process of learning. These first lectures will be used to have a common basis and the same vocabulary.

From there onward, the course is divided into four parts: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.

Part 1: Childhood and memory

Children are little concerned with memory. Yet from the youngest age their brain operates at full speed. It is thanks to memory that a child learns to speak, to move, to act in the world that surrounds him. In this part we will explore several themes:

  • How does a childs’ memory function,
  • Why do we forget our first memories,
  • How to foster the memory of a child in school and in life,
  • Discover and even create some memory games yourself.

Part 2: The discovery of the world, memory of adolescents

With puberty, a series of changes appear, not only in the body, but also in the brain. These changes are also reflected at memory level. Between 10 and 14 years old, the memory of the child evolves into a new version which foreshadows that of the adult. A teenager discovers gradually the process of memory that will fully flourish a few years later. To illustrate this transformation, we will explore the following topics:

  • The discovery of the power of memory and its laws, 
  • How to anchor a memory in the long term, 
  • How to find back, what was stored up there
  • The effects of television and drugs on memory.

Part 3: At cruise speed, the adult.

In this part, we will explore a series of tips and tricks to remember in a more effective manner. It is here that we will dive deep into the methods of storage. Diving deep, also means to better understand the biology of memory which goes along with it. We will be exploring the following topics:

  •  The biology of memory,
  • How to remember as an adult,
  • The hygiene of memory,
  • Different Tips and methods for memorizing a list, a story, a number or an anniversary…

Part 4: The Autumn of memory

We often associate old age with the loss of memory. In reality, things are more nuanced than that. There are more fears and myths than a real degradation of memory, provided, however, that we respect certain rules. That is what we are going to explore in this part.

  • The decline of the memory, so what is it about?
  • How to keep an active memory.

Throughout this course, there are tons of exercises, practical tips and tricks, as well as strategies and advice to strengthen your memory. Dive in deep right now and take control of your memory and learning skills.


Your Guide To Memory And Learning Skills
Your Guide To Memory And Learning Skills
Your Guide To Memory And Learning Skills
Your Guide To Memory And Learning Skills




Theoretical Framework

Implicit vs Explicit Memory

A 3 Step Memory

Types Of Memory

Theory Quiz


Baby Memories

The Early Years

Infantile Amnesia

The Age Of Reason

Memory Games

Childhood Memory Quiz



To Help Them Remember

Teenagers Memory Quiz


The Biology Of Memory

Memory Lifestyle

3 Memory Laws

Memorize Your Agenda

Remembering Names

Sing A Song

Remembering Numbers

Adult Memory Quiz

Old age

The Autumn Of Memory

What To Do

Elder Memory Quiz



Final Memory Quiz

Thank You

Certificate of Completion


Gina21 September 2020

Wow!! This course was truly amazing and fun to take! Of course of bit lengthy since note taking was essential to pass the quizzes but worth it! Instructor made it interesting and humorous to learn the concepts of memorization and how the brain works throughout one's life as well as taking care of it. There were interactive and challenging exercises which were also tips in helping me understand them. I truly needed this course since I'm in my mid 50's and want to maintain a good healthy brain and have good memory throughout the years to come. Thanks for this course Dr. Gregory Caremans!

Manohar13 September 2020

Like other courses from Gregory this is also a superb course. I really liked the course because the concepts were explained in a very simple and concise manner.

Dolveen4 September 2020

it is going great. Any course by Gregory Caremans is worth the time spent on it. Great work. this is my second course with him. And I am happy.

Dawn24 August 2020

Review of material was clear and concise. I like how it was organized, from infancy to senior adults. Very interesting!

Benjamin9 August 2020

A great course that really puts you on a journey of memorization! Not only that, it gives you knowledge of how to handle memory from babies all the way to the elderly. I feel not only that I'll be able to benefit greatly myself and continue to do so in the future, but also will be a better son, future parent, and person. A huge thank you and most sincere recommendation from me! The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars from me, is because I've experienced some better course layouts, more professional visual images and better delivery. Nonetheless, amazing knowledge!

Greg26 February 2020

The course was very beneficial for me. Not only did it explain how/why our memory works but it shared ways of increasing ours.

Namita26 February 2020

It was an amazing experience while going through this course. Thanks to the instructor. I recommend this course to all seekers of learning to learn.

Donalyn24 February 2020

I enjoy the course content and the flow of the sections. The instructors voice is pleasant and the graphics are current and attention grabbing.

Arthi15 February 2020

Yes it was a great learning experience really! The course helped me in changing the perspective that I had on my own memory capacity. Probably now I understood that those were only the results of my negative thoughts and under estimation of my own skills. Hoping forward to learn more with more curiosity and attention.

Mariel10 February 2020

The course is very easy to follow with clear and relevant information with every day examples. I can apply what I'm learning immediately.

Tonisha21 January 2020

I'm only on the third video in the course and I already love it. Very informative and easy to follow. I also like this guys accent lol.

Bo15 January 2020

This is an amazing course. It is worth of repeating. If someone doe not understand the materials properly he/she should repeat again. The quizzes are great. The author should put more questions. I highly recommend this course.

Vicki30 December 2019

Easy to follow. Explains well and his voice makes it easy to listen to. The one thing I don’t like is he talks to fast.

Wynette23 December 2019

I think it is going to "out match" me. It is interesting but I am 81 and I have to take things really slow

Valentina6 October 2019

Very nice course, really interesting information regarding memory and on how are memory process works. Really appreciated the way the course was delivered and the exercises to improve the learning skills


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