Improve English by Listening Movies – 1b

Listen movies and better understand spoken English in real life.

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Better understand people by listening

Better listening on the phone

Better speaking without hesitation

Better pronunciation like native speakers


Are you feeling so much difficulty to understand people in real life?   

Can’t understand exactly what that guy is telling you on the phone?  

Not able to understand the speech when you are watching the video on the web?  

You can easily understand a piece of text by reading, but you are not able to understand people by listening, have you been suffering from this problem since you started to learn English? If so, the solution is right here, right inside this course. Give it a try!  

This course is the second part of the movie Parry Hotter and the Sorcerer’s Rock. That’s why this course has a 1b phrase at the end of its name.  

You are going to listen to the speech of people from the movie Parry Hotter and the Sorcerer’s Rock. This course is starting from the scene where the first year students are sorted into their houses. The Sorting Jacket is doing the job done.  

There is only listening in this course. Only Listening.  

The goal of this course is to give you a better understanding of real life speech. You will listen to the subtitles exactly as they are spoken in the movie.  

Listen movie speech and better understand people in real life.  

Good Luck.


Improve English by Listening Movies – 1b
Improve English by Listening Movies – 1b
Improve English by Listening Movies – 1b
Improve English by Listening Movies – 1b


Welcome to Houses Scene - 1

Listen to Subtitle 332

Listen to Subtitle 333

Listen to Subtitle 334

Listen to Subtitle 335 and 336

Welcome to Hogwarts Scene - 2

Listen to Subtitle 337

Listen to Subtitle 338

Listen to Subtitle 339

Listen to Subtitle 340a

Listen to Subtitle 340b - 341 - 342

Listen to Subtitle 343

Welcome to Hogwarts Scene - 3

Listen to Subtitle 344

Listen to Subtitle 345 and 346

Listen to Subtitle 347

Listen to Subtitle 348 and 349

Listen to Subtitle 350

Listen to Subtitle 351

Listen to Subtitle 352

Listen to Subtitle 353

Listen to Subtitle 354

Listen to Subtitle 355


David21 December 2020

Each "video" is a static picture with a one-line text, and a very, very strange voice reads that text over and over again for a few minutes... Sadly I can't rate lower than 1 star.

Mohamed20 December 2020

I learning the engilish very well . I was match this courses to improve my speak engilish. that is why i was match

Daniel31 May 2020

Uno de los peores cursos que he visto de inglés. Perdí dinero, lamentablemente no sabía lo de las devoluciones.

Vicente20 August 2018

This is awful. You will not learn anything here. The course just repeats a sentence from the Harry Potter film. It's totally a joke. For example, one video course can spend 5 minutes just repeating some phrases, always the same one! I'm not kidding, 5 minutes hearing the same thing: "Welcome to Hogwarts", quite slowly so that the student can repeat... "Wel co me to Hog warths"... In conclusion, DO NOT JOIN THIS COURSE.

Heinrich6 August 2018

Es ist eine Zumutung. Das so schlecht, da kann man gar nix finden was man eventuell verbessren könnte.

Usman25 June 2018

The instructor has a great knowledge on what absolutely works for English learners when it comes to challenging listening. These videos convinced me that I am able to resolve the speech from the movie now. And I am pretty sure that I will make it better than ever as I listen this kind of speech. With these examples, listening will no longer be my concern.

Thapelo25 June 2018

Wonderful listening of movie subtitles. Please add more subtitles from the movie. These really great.

Ariba24 June 2018

A wonderful course. Super clear. I really appreciate the effectiveness of those listening exercises from the movie. Highly recommend this course. It really gave me the right idea of how to study a language by listening movies. Thank you.

Carlos20 June 2018

Very nice! Simple and straightforward way of putting yourself into the world of sounds. Awesome course from one of the masters. No laboratory theories, only practical knowledge that you can immediately see and feel. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Daniel14 June 2018

Very nice. It is very informative without being overly complicated. If you have been suffering from fluency in speaking for a long time, then, this course will definitely help you on the way to the success in both listening and speaking.

Emily14 June 2018

Very useful course. Easy to follow along and super clear. Movie listening exercises are really great benefit. Many thanks to Udemy for providing us such beautiful course. Totally recommend.

Lisa14 June 2018

This is an excellent piece of course for somebody who wants to improve their English with movies, especially by listening. I learned a lot from this course.

Fabrizzio13 June 2018

This course has the best movie listening exercises I have ever seen. These awesome videos are really making my journey of English listening easier than ever. I highly recommend this course. Thanks for crafting such amazing ideas for us.

Georgi12 June 2018

I'm not even sure how this course got approved to the Udemy platform... Definitely the worst "course" I've ever seen here! Totally not recommended!

Rubina11 June 2018

Please make more videos like these in this course. These are very useful listening exercises from the movie.


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